Stream Kukulkan, the New LP from Uay

I will always do my best to rep the Mexican band’s that get sent my way, and it’s an easy thing to do when you listen to Uay and their new album, Kukulkan. The simplest way to label the record would be to submerge the sound in the revival of psychedelia, and sure, those elements exist, but in the corners of the songs, that’s where they manage to really captivate and move beyond. For instance, you can almost feel the psychedelic turn to cumbia if you take on a song like “Inexplicable,” which seems to meld into something similar to the “chicha” sounds. You still get those classic numbers of fiery guitar sounds and mind-melting vibes on a track like “La Llorona,” though I’ve grown partial to album closer “Recado.” This tune sort of takes on a space trance, that eventually makes way for a sort of slow burning fire dance that wraps up Kukulkan. If you dig, and you should because its better than King Gizzard, grab the LP from Half Shell Records.

Last Week’s Jams (3.27 – 3.31)

For some reason I felt like we were nursing a SXSW hangover, just a week later than normal. But, in all that, still found tons of great tunes to write about and share. Good to see personal faves like Lachlan Denton and Greg Mendez popping up (with that Greg tune getting tons of love), plus some videos from the likes of Low Praise and 7ebra gave us a chance to revisit some singles we’d been keeping an eye on. Also, some local love for Troller and Houston’s Alien Eyelid, so trying to keep it Texas ya’ll. Stream on!

Uay Announce New Album

Really excited to get to feature a new track from Gualajara’s Uay, as it gives me a chance to kind of step outside of the Americanized psychedelic world, and into that of the vibrant Mexican scene. The group just announced a new LP for Halfshell Records titled Kukulkan, and I’m totally in love with this tune, which is capable of carrying you into a universe all your own. There’s a penchant for the use of a lot of Latin elements, particularly in the percussive area, which loosely ties the band to acts like Os Mutantes. But, I love when they leave some areas for breathing in the song, letting the guitars twist and turn throughout as the vocals bring in a slight melodic touch to texturally lift the tune. It’s a chance to listen to incredible musicianship and step-outside our Anglo-centric psych scene, so keep an eye out for Uay when they drop the new LP on June 6th.

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