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It’s Friday, and you obviously know that Bandcamp has the goods; I myself have already spent a nice little amount on things, with probably more I’ll need to grab as the day goes on. So, with that, here’s a few albums that popped up today that we’ve mentioned already in our single coverage, but hope you’ll spend a little bit of time with today…or maybe you’ll call them our Bandcamp Friday Recs. Do whatever, just enjoy some great new music on Friday.

GaadgeSomewhere Down Below (Crafted Sounds)

Annie HartThe Weight of a Wave (Uninhabitable Mansions)

DippersClastic Rock (Goner Records/Tenth Court)

Annie Hart Releases What Makes Me Video

As a founding member of Au Revoir Simone, one would think that Annie Hart would be brimming with confidence as a songwriter. But, like all of us, Annie was plagued with self-doubt, wandering what she was truly good at…and feeling a bit down and out. So, what better way than to create a song that’s completely the opposite of that solitude? Her latest single instantly springs to life, with sparkling keys and percussion delivering a snappiness that’s insanely catchy. Her voice definitely sounds like its found its place, playfully toying with the listener as notes seem spaced out to deliver the proper emotional tug. In the video, an impromptu recording with friends, shows a spirited Hart, hopefully finding her power and she grins and dances for her audience. She will release The Weight of a Wave on August 4th via Uninhabitable Mansions.

Even More New Music From Dead Stars

deadstarsOkay, short and sweet here.  We’ve already shared new songs “So What” and “Waste Away” from Brooklyn based outfit Dead Stars so it’s clear that we enjoy the rock n roll mentality of this group.  Today we have a 3rd new song by the band called “Fractured” that should give you one hell of an idea as to what this band is all about.  Power chords, heavy choruses, and rock n roll.  I can get behind that.

Once again, new EP High Gain is coming out physically on June 4th via Uninhabitable Mansions.


Download: Dead Stars – Fractured [MP3]

More New Music From Dead Stars

deadstarsJust last week, ATH shared a new song from Brooklyn based outfit Dead Stars called “So What”.  That track perked up our ears towards the band and now we have another great tune from the guys entitled “Waste Away.  You’ll notice that it’s cut from the same loin with rockin’ guitars and a power driving force behind the all too catchy chorus.  Anyone not paying attention to the band last week, better get on board now.

New EP High Gain is coming your way on June 4th via Uninhabitable Mansions.


Download: Dead Stars – Waste Away [MP3]

Straight Rocker from Radical Dads

raddads-za800crop2.145244.120753I’ve always liked Radical Dads.  They’re not necessarily trying to reinvent the wheel musically, they’re just focusing on delivering solid rock tunes, much as they did with their first effort Mega Rama.  Now that they’re back, let’s focus on the fact that the group is growing increasingly consistent at providing chugging guitar lines and hooks galore in the vocals.  Not only does this make the band enjoyable, but it illustrates that we’ll all have our hands full when their newest record, Rapid Reality, is released in May by Uninhabitable Mansions.  Sometimes simplicity is the best formula for success.


Download: Radical Dads – Mountain Town [MP3]

Pursesnatchers – A Pattern Language

Rating: ★★★☆☆

When Dirty on Purpose broke up, I was a bit saddened, thinking I’d never get to hear their blend of sharp-edged indie pop again. Luckily, Doug Marvin and his wife, Annie of Au Revoir Simone, had other thoughts in mind, forming Pursesnatchers at home in their bedroom.  They’ve since fleshed out a full band and completed A Pattern Language, giving all the old DoP fans something to hold onto.

“Forever Ahead” opens with this angular stuttering guitar, just before Marvin enters with his whispering vocal, barely floating atop the rest of the band.  It’s a powerful song, built on the backbone of those noisy guitars and steady drum beats. You’ll find a similar pattern with “Mechanical Rabbits” as the song again opens slowly before bursting into the meat and potatoes, those discordant guitars crossing from ear to ear, balanced out by Marvin’s voice.  The dichotomy between Doug’s vocals and and the music is precisely what one would hope for from A Pattern Language.

While the quiet loud quiet dynamic made poplar by the Pixies is used excessively, there’s some differentiation between the songs.  “A Partying Prayer” applies the same construction, relying more on a forceful guitar sound, but it’s Marvin’s vocals that have a different tone to them (not as wispy).  There’s also an intricate closing to the song, built around carefully picked guitar lines.  Then there’s “Kissena Park,” possibly one of the best songs on the A Pattern Language. It’s the closest that Pursesnatchers come to creating a ballad, with cleaner guitar sounds, and Marvin going all soft. You’re likely to find this song sweeping you away for some time to come; it has such a pristine melody that you just can’t escape its magic.

What’s interesting about  Pursesnatchers is that they have this ace up their sleeve that they don’t seem to utilize enough; that ace being Annie Hart. Her first real audible performance comes as backing vocalist on “Baseball on the Radio,” and she really seems to balance out her pop inflections perfectly with Doug’s voice.  You can hear the cascading guitar chords chiming in and those powerful drums fills, but you can’t escape that her presence gives it the perfect essence of pop. She follows that up with her first lead performance on “Third Body Problem.”   It’s a wonder that she doesn’t make more of an appearance, vocally speaking, on A Pattern Language.  You can still have a dynamic song with her, but she brings a different balance altogether to the group’s sound. I’d be interested to see what the group can do using her more, as they seem to do on the latter half of this record.

Listening over and over to A Pattern Language you’re going to hear the ghost of Dirty on Purpose, and by no means is this a knock, as that band was vastly under-appreciated in their time.  But, it’s clear that Pursesnatchers have some tools in their arsenal that they haven’t quite brought to the forefront, so in the future we can only hope they grow, just a bit, making them something incredible.  For now, they’ll have to just settle for being really really good.


Download: Pursesnatchers – Baseball on the Radio [MP3]

More New Tunes from Pursesnatchers

I’m going to say right now, but one of my favorite records so far this summer has been the advance I got of Pursesnatchers, the group comprised of members of Dirty on Purpose and Au Revoir Simone. The combination of gentle melody and explosive indie rock moments.  The rising tides in the songs, much like those in the album, take you on a journey where you’re sure to get your money’s worth.  Their new record, A Pattern Language, will be coming out on July 19th via Uninhabitable Mansions, and I guarantee that you’ll enjoy every last instant of music living in the powerful songs the group have written. Here’s another great track.


Download: Pursesnatchers – Wet Cement [MP3]

New Track from Pursesnatchers

I’ve been aware of this band for some time now, anxiously awaiting the chance to introduce them to you.  Pursesnatchers began as the project of Doug from Dirty on Purpose, who I loved, but soon his wife Annie from Au Revoir Simone joined in to round out the project.  The band releases its debut, A Pattern Language on Uninhabitable Mansions July 19th, which based on this first single is going to be every bit as exciting as I hoped. It features the soft vocals of Doug, occasionally joined by his wife, and this rolling drum beat that allows for the guitars to build throughout the entire time, rising and crashing, creating a great bit of energetic sound scapes. Better get ready folks, this band is on to big things.


Download: Pursesnatchers – Baseball on the Radio [MP3]

New Single from Radical Dads

A month or so ago I tossed out a track from Radical Dads, a new up-and-comer who had caught my ears.  They had released a few tracks/singles, but now they’re premiering the first track from their upcoming album Mega Rama, which comes out June 14th via Uninhabitable Mansions.  This song has this cascading pop element, rising and falling all the way to it’s end.  Vocals have a bit of youthfulness, even when the screech of the climactic moment joins the track.  If this is any sign of what we can expect from Rad Dads, then sounds like we’re in for an enjoyable record we’re all sure to love.


Download: Radical Dads – New Age Dinosaur [MP3]

New Music from Radical Dads

Who could imagine that these two unassuming lads would make such potently driven music? Well, luckily, we’ll all get to experience that a bit more, as Radical Dads plan to release their debut Mega Rama on Uninhabitable Mansions on June 14th.  Recently, they tossed out their Reckless 7″, which features the track below, and you can grab those all for free over at the group’s page.  Listening to those guys sort of reminds me of the vocal moments of No Age, you know, if you got rid of all that extra bit of atmospheric noise that permeates the latter band.  Looks promising if you ask me.


Download: Radical Dads – Recklessness [MP3]

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