Robber Robber Share Sea or War

There’s always going to be a ton of people clamoring for something that feels like the next Broadcast, or something adjacent in sound; I think I’ve hit on one band to keep an eye on with Robber Robber. They’ve just dropped this brand new beat, and it’s a stunning adventure into the rolling textures of advanced pop music. There’s a vibrancy in the rhythmic pulse of the tune, singularly moving you sway and shift all on their own. They take that and wrap it around these bedroom vocals, then continue to accentuate the groove with these great guitar lines; the guitars get a little angular and dangerous as the song progresses, making the tune all the more intoxicating, if you ask me. Excited to hear more from this Vermont outfit!

Brunch Shares Big Bird + Drop Parasocial

If you are living in the same head space as me, you likely hit the ground running today, only to crash a few hours later. I’ve been sitting back and relishing the latest track from Vermont’s Brunch, which is this slow churning bit of indie rock, perfect for trying to wrap your head around a Monday. There’s a mixture of guitar tones, some with fiery sharpness and others with a bit of a growl, all of it leaving plenty of space for the vocals to maneuver in and out of the foreground. All of it blossoms into a huge crash of noise, rustling the feathers of your neighbor if you turn it up just loud enough. If you’re digging on this, we suggest you check out Parasocial, the band’s latest release.

The Smittens Share New EP

If you’re in need of your early morning pop dosage, well, be sure to check out the latest Wanna Go Dancin (So Far Away) EP from Vermont’s The Smittens. The EP opens with a brand new tune commissioned by Burlington City Arts for their Bubblegum Pop Exhibition; the tune’s got tons of vocal layering to craft an undeniable hook that will have you clapping your hands spiritedly. “Year of Happiness” is a lost tune that was recorded during the band’s 2014 sessions for Love Record Breaker, but somehow didn’t make the cut. There’s a few remixes too, and another unheard tune from the band’s early days, and in the end, all the tunes are going to get your day going right. So start here. Courtesy of Fika Recordings.

Have Another From Bleach Day

It’s a dreary day here in Austin and I think I’ve got just the thing to fit in with, and hopefully improve, your Monday mood. It’s called “bbs in the grass” and comes by way of our friends in Vermont based outfit Bleach Day. This one has a bit of a groovy vibe to it, with tons of pop sounds to really engage the listener and catch onto all the subtleties of the music. A little R&B, a little funk, and tons of pop goodness.

Bleach Day will release their sophomore album as if always on March 6th via Birdwatcher.

J Bengoy Offers New Music

J Bengoy is an old-school feeling act, though they’re a fairly new band from Vermont. They grabbed my by offering up a Beulah comparison…a sure fire way to get me to listen. I can definitely sense that style in their work, especially in the way the chorus is delivered, heavy on hooks and harmony. There’s a slight twang to the vocals on display, though they hold just enough melody to keep your ears close to the speaker. Something wicked awesome is brewing up their in Vermont, so stay tuned as I hope to bring you more news from this act in the near future.

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Single Premiere: Apartment 3

IMG_2896After enjoying their last single “Winter is Over” for the last month or so, I was more than excited to share another new track from Vermont based band Apartment 3 today. Entitled, “Sunshine”, the latest track from the band offers some serious bite to it. What does that mean exactly? Well, from the second you hit play, your ears will be blasted with a wall of guitars and a heaviness best described in my own words as “hell yeah”. As Nathan mentioned earlier, this is a band sure to be on the rise moving forward. We’ll drop more details on future releases as we receive them.

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Song Premiere: Apartment 3

Apartment3stooppicbetterJust the other day, Burlington, VT based Apartment 3 reached out to me in hopes we’d premiere their latest single here on ATH. After you hit play on this new track “Winter is Over”, I’m sure you’ll immediately see why I jumped at the chance. At its core, this is a garage rock tune with some elements of psych rock and penetrating vocals unlike other typical bands from the genre. I’m sure many of you out there can agree that this is clearly a talented band that we all need to start paying attention to. Better start now before they hit it big.

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