Soliti Welcome Kaspar to Their Roster

We love when our friends Soliti Music reach out from Finland to offer us a glimpse of what’s going on in their scene, and today, we’ve got a tune from their latest signing Kaspar; the duo will release a AA single this Friday via the label, with a sneak peek below. For all intents and purposes, the song’s a slow-moving pop ballad, but it was the way they crafted the soundscape behind the vocals that caught my ear. Early on it’s a rolling synth line, with the faintest heartbeat bubbling beneath; I love how the empty space leaves a lot of room for the melody to kind of build and grow, like a rolling ball of snow gathering mass as it moves down the mountain. Give a listen, and look out for the new single on Friday!

Variety Share The Light + Play the ATH vs SOTO Party

Last week we announced our annual SXSW Party with our friends over at Side One Track One, and one of the acts we wanted to be sure was on the show was new act Variety. They’ve just released a fresh track, with a nice little hint at their sound, and what we can expect from future singles. Although brief, there’s a frantic nature in the guitar work, trying to maneuver with as much movement as possible within the song’s time frame. The vocals seem to work in the opposite direction, keeping you off kilter a little bit as you try to keep up with the furious drumming…which I can attest is phenomenal in the live setting. Give it a whirl will ya.

Billy Bonbon Share Paradise Video

Somedays you wake up and you just need a song to run along side you, something to carry you to the next level; I definitely needed Billy Bonbon today, as I crawl out of a Thursday funk. This one caught me instantly, playing that sort of surf meets indiepop vibe, using quick rushing guitar lines to introduce the track; I loved the bubbly nature that just had my toes tapping beneath my desk. When the vocals join the fray, they’re coated a bit, giving them that sort of misty wash that alludes to a dreamier tendency in the group’s songwriting. Just watch the video, as they’re definitely embracing the joy in this tune, and I hope you do too!

System Exclusive Share Click Video

I’m a huge sucker for an easy hit, but that’s not what you get when you turn on a System Exclusive tune, like their latest, “Click.” Sputtering electronics and crawling vocals bring you into the track, waiting for the guitars to glide underneath the mix, met by drums and an electronic wash. Ari B’s vocal performance remind me of an early Karen O when she felt super dangerous, yet you can’t pull yourself away here. Throughout, the song moves in and out of its organic nature, letting tension build as it plays with the negative space behind Ari’s voice, always rolling in with this pulsing groove. Really stoked on this tune. Click is out on Mt. St. Mtn.and Le Cepe Records on May 17th, with a big Spring tour working through the US.

Bolis Pupul Shares Ma Tau Wai Road Single

For an album centered around family, it makes perfect sense that Bolis Pupul gives his sister an appearance on his latest single from the record dedicated to his mother. This go round, the groove carries a natural bounce to it, almost springy. That’s all juxtaposed with Salah Pupul’s voice, which has this bedroom pop dreaminess to it, almost crafting like a more pop-oriented version of a Fever Ray tune…which I don’t mind one bit. There’s lot of samples that also feel like they naturally fit into the scenery of the video, furthering Bolis storytelling in the album, which can sometimes be difficult in this genre. Letter to Yu is out on Mach 8th via DeeWee.

Unwed Sailor Announce Underwater Over There

Having spent my college years in Oklahoma, I have always had an affinity of the work Unwed Sailor (there were only so many weird kids in the state in the 00s). While post-rock stylings of late seem to mostly mimic the quietloudquiet formula, this single has the group operating on more of a vibrant horizon; they’re offering these riffs that seem to rise and fall, like a light Spring shower continuously falling atop your head as the sun shines on in the distance, which seemingly matches up with the visuals from the video that accompanies it; I’m pretty sure that the vid was shot in Eureka Springs too, a nice little nod to those of us who spent time in that part of the country. It’s nice to hear some instrumental jams that just bring a natural warmth to the songwriting. Looking forward to Underwater Over There, out on May 10th via Current Taste.

Kelley Stoltz Returns with Reni’s Car + New LP

Sadly, it sometimes we take our greatest artists for granted, and such is the life I fear for Kelley Stoltz. The songwriter has definitely been lauded, and maybe the fault is mine, so every time I hear new stuff, I circle back and jam out to Stoltz for a few days; I mean, honestly, the dude’s never written a bad tune, that I’ve heard. Hopefully we’re all hope on that train as we await La Fleur, a brand new LP from Kelley, dropping this Summer. For my two cents, there’s something in the songwriting that feels like a mixture between Glenn Donaldson and Robert Pollard, though with a bit more of a psychedelic bend on the guitar vibes. Plus, the song got a cool backstory, as he recants a tale of spending the day in the car of Stone Roses drummer Reni. Sounds like another classic jam if you’re asking me…La Fleur is out on June 7th via Dandy Boy Records/Agitated Records.

Kindsight Share Tomorrow Video

Danish outfight Kindsight have happily been dropping brilliant pop songs for the last several years, and it looks as if they’re set to return with an absolute stunner of a new record. A few singles have trickled out with the lead up to No Shame No Fame, but nothing quite blows you away nearly as much as this ridiculously powerful pop number below. I’d even go so far as to say that this might top anything from the indiepop realm this year; I love how even when they spin about with these sparkling melodies that they’re doing it with a bit of bombast, sort of channeling the best pop rock of the 90s. Cinematic and yet intimate; look for No Shame No Fame on April 19th via Rama Lama Records.

Maria Chiara Argiro Announces Closer

I need to admit, I was initially drawn to this new track from Maria Chiara Argiro because of the striking contemporary dance performance; there was something both unsettling and intriguing, which led me deeper into Argiro’s track. It opens carefully, almost tip-toeing into the beat and piano lines; when Maria describes her new record as ‘a dream I’m sort of walking through,” you can almost feel that in the first minute. Then, the vocals began to crawl through the cracks, layered with little backing notes that out this otherworldly element matching up with the video portrayal. If you’re looking for something super cool, something you can sink into, then look for Closer; it drops on April 26th via Innovative Leisure.

Babehoven Announce Water’s Here In You + Share Birdseye

Perhaps its the lingering Winter weather or just great songwriting, but I’ve definitely been indulging in some really mellow stuff lately…and this fresh Babehoven fits in there perfectly. The circuitous route of the strumming kept drawing me into the tune; it’s so light and careful, filled with an emotional draw when the strings sweep in for accent marks. Maya Bon hits these certain high notes too, pushing her voice to the max, only to pull it back as the verses require a more feathered texture. This single comes with the announcement that they’ll be dropping Water’s Here In You via Double Double Whammy on April 26th.

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