Kramies Share Owl and the Crow Video

If you’re looking for that emotionally transportive tune for your day, then might I suggest you invest a little bit of time in this new track from Kramies. Both the video and the song begin in sort of a dense fog, a sort of blur on the edges of an acoustic strum, setting you up for a track that will weave its way in and out of your speakers. An emphatic chorus gives off a heavenly little buzz, aided by an accompanying vocal accent; it allows for the song to push the limits of your expectations, feeling the tune swell through your speakers despite the intimate nature of the acoustic strum. There’s something haunting here too, particularly when listened with the accompanying film, as you never seem able to completely focus, like you’re just barely holding the song in your consciousness before it seeps into the inner-workings of your mind. If you dig, Kramies, the band’s new LP will be out on September 9th via VanGerrett Records.

Cool Sounds Drop 6 or 7 More Video

First notes from Cool Sounds latest single definitely serve to remind us that the band has switched gears, digging out from the jangle pop side of the realm in order to give us a little more of a hip-shaking vibe. Pumping in a funky R&B groove right off the bat to set this song up is perfect, you’re instantly transported to a solid strut down the street, giving out high fives and hand shakes with confidence. Once the vocals kick to match up with the shuffling riffs, things continue to get funkier, almost spinning towards disco, albeit one with just a little bit of punk ethos thrown into keep the kids coming back. Add in that female vocal with its retro robotic nature and this song takes on futuristic and R&B and spins it into a new wile web. Like That will be out on October 7th via Chapter Music.

The Vacant Lots Share Thank You

The world of music is filled with juxtapositions, so when I turned on this track from the Vacant Lots, I expected the tune to really drive forward with the propulsive electronically manufactured groove. That’s the easy move, right? Instead, the group hold onto a more complex pop feel, morphing the sound into something that feels nostalgic, while simultaneously sucking you into this dance vibe. It’s the sort of late-night feel that twists and turns you about, more primal than danceable, and sometimes, your body just feels the moves and you flail about in ecstasy. You’ll find this tune on Closure, their new LP, out in September via Fuzz Club Records.

Rubblebucket Drop Earth Worship Video

Sure, I’m writing every day on this here site, but the real gig kicked off yesterday, so I’m gearing up to coach some 7th grade volleyball and teach some reading skills. For me, that means I obviously need a little pep in the step, which is where this Rubblebucket track comes into play. Honestly, once the vocal sample ends and the song slides into its groove, I was hooked. It begins with a soft spoken word over a thick beat, then spins itself off into a more euphoric pop burst; it reminds me a lot of that Methyl Ethel track from earlier this year, riding on the coattails of commercial pop, but unique enough to catch old indie curmudgeons like myself. But, if you’re still holding onto the snobbery, just listen to the finer details, filling the crevices with jazzy inflection and effortless cool…so back off, enjoy yourself. The band will released Earth Worship on October 12th via Grand Jury.

Welcome Strawberry Share Harvest Apartments Video

In a little over a month, Welcome Strawberry will release their debut LP via Cherub Dream Records, just adding to the great things going on in the Bay Area music scene. On the group’s latest single, they to you with you, bouncing back and forth between a traditional wash of shoegaze and a more stripped down blast of mellow pop. The shoegaze moments are heavy, swirling and feeding back, as you’d want, but it’s the almost-chorus where the noise gets teased into something almost childish; the vocal delivery sounds like a schoolyard cheer, while distortion bursts through in the distance. Another cool listen, if you ask me; the band will be dropping their self-titled album on September 2nd.

Old Fire Announce Voids LP, Shares Don’t You Go ft. Bill Callahan

John Mark Lapham has teamed up with a bunch of our favorite vocalists to flesh out his latest Old Fire project, with participation from the likes of Adam Torres, Emily Cross…and as you’ll see below, Bill Callahan. While the song is a cover of the underrated John Martyn, I think the composition, film work and Callahan give the song a complete makeover. For starters, the black and white imagery leaves you emotionally naked while watching, as if it’s you being buried beneath the dirt in the video clip. The piano and string work add to the drama, but ultimately Bill’s voice just hits you. There’s something about those deep tones, a sweetness whose melody seems like a light turned on in the darkest of tunnels. I get the feeling we’re in for a moving collection when Old Fire releases Voids in November via Western Vinyl.

Kay Odyssey Share Tomorrow’s Girl

Austin’s Kay Odyssey have been relatively quiet since their excellent Knockout LP in 2020, and today it looks like the band is gearing up for another stellar release, sharing a fresh single with us. This new tune has a striking elegance to it, with Kristina’s voice majestically soaring over the baroque backdrop carefully crafted by the rest of the group. Subtle piano lines walk us along, with Liz Burrito’s careful drum work and Geannie Friedman holding the rhythm section in place to help build the song towards its delightful apex; it all comes together like a crash between indiepop and Medieval Times…and I mean that as a compliment. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more, but for now, relish this sweet jam.

Enola Share Strange Comfort Video

Really digging on this Enola vibe at the moment, so wanted you to be in the know as I jam it out. The Naarm/Melbourne project just dropped this read single, and I love the cinematic nature of the tune, tied into the concept of the video. The song’s exposition trickles, with vocals seemingly picking up pace as cymbals are heard echoing in the dense environment, but then they fade, almost evaporating. Suddenly the action rises, with guitars stabbing and dancing into the frame; the energy picks up, honing in on the post-punk nature. Vocals come emphatically through the rest of the song, with these industrial guitar lines snaking their way through; it feels like a dreamier version of Blank Dogs. Buen proveche.

Stella Donnelly Share How Was Your Day

I love the dynamism in the way Stella Donnelly handles her vocals on all her work, but especially on this song. It begins with a matter-of-fact delivery, rushing at times, stern at other points. But, it gets peeled back for the chorus to kind of drift in angelically, hanging ever so lightly in the air while the guitar does a sweet dance behind. Then, as the song draws towards its end, Donnelly offers another tone, melodic but softened, almost like a midpoint between the spoken word and heavenly notes filtering through. Flood is out August 26th via Secretly Canadian.

Peel Dream Magazine Announces Pad

With two striking releases on Slumberland, it’s high time Peel Dream Magazine go for the trifecta, and it looks like that’s on the agenda, as the band today announce Pad. That said, those looking for a repeat of early successes will find the sound’s pushing in an entirely different direction. There’s still that faint hint of a synthetic backbone, though it hangs as more of a backdrop on this first single. In exchange, we get something that feels a little bit like our own frolic in a world created by the artist; in a sense, it feels like an adventurous take on a symphony, adding a bit of playfulness to the art. Definitely will be interesting to hear how the rest of the effort shapes up; Pad drops via Slumberland/Tough Love on October 7th.

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