Pete Astor Shares New Religion Video

About a month back, legendary Pete Astor (The Loft/The Weather Prophets) dropped a new record, Time on Earth, which received great praise from all over the indie sphere. Today, we’re here to share the video for “New Religion,” which is features footage of Astor, layered atop other video samples, with a mix of common objects. It brings to mind what Pete has said about the track, tossing out the line “we have all sorts of things to believe in…Johnny Thunders…Golden Dawn…I just sing about it;” it’s a sort of hodgepodge where we’re all actively seeking to find our footing in the world. Musically, you’ve got to stick around for the chorus, as it’s worth the price of entry alone. Astor’s heavy tones in the verse quickly spin into this more ethereal melody, churning out a hook that you’ll be humming throughout the day. Time on Earth is now available via Tapete Records.

Robert Forster Shares Tender Years

Our first glimpse into Robert Forster‘s new album was the heartbreaking “She’s a Fighter,” which detailed Forster’s wife current battle with cancer. On this new single, Robert takes on that personal level all over, yet in this instance, it feels like something that could aptly be applied to any listener’s life…it’s that timelessness that always draws me into Robert’s work. The video reveals Robert dancing and singing in his kitchen, and perhaps my favorite moment comes right after the 3 minute mark. Robert takes to soloing, and form there, the song ventures into familiar Forster territory, where you get to hear the past and present of his songwriting all collide into this beautifully warm pop track. I’m not going to lie here…this might be one of my favorite post-GB Forster tracks, period. The Candle and the Flame is out on February 3rd via Tapete Records.

Shaki Tavi Share Crime Video

A few weeks back, LA’s Shaki Tavi dropped their Shaki Tavi EP, a collection of 8 scalding rock tunes that were likely to burst a speaker cone or two, should you turn it up too loud. But, lurking deep in the heart of the EP was this striking bit of solace, a melodious piece of pop that sort of crafted a moment of balance if you were listening from start to finish. It clung to the darker edges of the group’s sound, yet it never went beyond the jangling notes that hung in the air. Today, we’re really stoked to be able to offer you a visual glimpse of the tune, as the group have just released this new video. The video hits on this solitude that I think comes through in the meandering notes that drift in and out of the tune. You’ll find this track inside the Shaki Tavi EP, now available through Mutation Records.

Dog Park Shares Sunny Decadence

After that brash morning ripper from Shake Chain it feels only apt that I should caress your ears with a little sweetness, this time from French outfit Dog Park, the newest pickup from Howlin Banana Records. Immediately, the guitars grab at you, wrapping you in this blanket that’s warm and dreamy, just hinting at a churning jangle to let you drip off into happiness. Ultimately, the warmth of the song resides in the voice coming through your speakers, allowing you to really immerse yourself in its own brand of decadence…the sweetness notes you might hear today. It’s a fairly new act, so hopefully we hear more real soon!

Seazoo Return with Beaten by the Rain Single

It’s been a few years since we last heard from our friends Seazoo, but we can all rest easy today, knowing the band are back with a fresh single to tickle your pop fancy. I love the way the band build in arrangements immediately, overpowering your speakers, but then pulling it back to let the vocals take the focus; you get to feel a little pop back and forth in the band’s songwriting. But, when the chorus drops, there’s some vocal accompaniment, and those arrangements are back to building in a subtle hook that surely sneaks a smile on your face. Strangely, the song feels supremely adult, in a fashion, like indiepop fans all grown up…maybe its me that’s grown up, but happy to have Seazoo back along for that ride.

Marlody Shares Summer Video

Skep Wax is on a tear as of late, with reissues for Heavenly, and now they’re prepping the debut album for Marlody, coming at you early next year. Today they share the lead single, leading us down a path or ornate keyboard playing and soothing melody work from the vocals. While the tune definitely hangs in this realm of ballad work, there’s something meditative in the way the keyboard patterns seem to overlap, lulling you into some sort of trance that forces your attention on the voice and lyrics. It’s video accompaniment takes on this sort of ghostly atmosphere, as if we’re in some sort of earthly purgatory, stuck between two worlds that seem to trip upon one another. If you’re into it, Marlody will release I’m Not Sure at All on January 13th via Skep Wax.

En Attendant Ana Announce Principia

Following on the heels of the ATH approved Juillet, French outfit En Attendant Ana announce their third long-player, Principia. With that news, we’ve got the album’s first single (and title track); it gives us a slight departure from previous singles, though deep dives into the band’s catalog illustrates the magic that’s been there all along. Mostly, this song is a drifter of sorts, floating back and forth between your speakers, matched by the slow-motion video footage accompanying the tune; it’s carefully plotted around the melody, letting the song rise towards a climactic moment, which may or may not be out of reach. What’s interesting is the way one decides to interpret the title, both of the album and the tune. In Spanish, it could mean begin or beginning, referencing the fact that it’s a slightly new evolution of the group, or the first track. It could also look to French where it mostly likely means principle, establishing a new way of viewing the band. Either way, we’re hearing something fresh from the group, and that’s never bad thing. Principia is out February 24th via Trouble in Mind.

Nada Share Juego Video

I only recently discovered Mexico’s Nada, but I’m deeply thrilled by the music they’re crafting. They’re latest single picks up where the first left off, taking this sort of dreamy pop realm and just twisting it into this incredibly dark brood. Everything on this tune feels like it’s anxiety-inducing; you feel as if you’re running from something, being filmed as you scream for your life…only there’s this beautiful little pop moment cruising through. The video of this tune matches up with the vibe, offering a sort of found footage that feels like its fresh from the new Paranormal Activity films. If you’re digging it, they just dropped Fin, their debut LP last Friday via Registros El Derrumbe.

The Men Return with New York City

Man, this was the jam I didn’t really know I needed, but I’m so grateful there’s a rocking new tune from The Men. They’ve just announced New York City, their ninth album, and with that, seems only fitting to drop a pummeling number to remind us all what they bring when they’re at their best. With “Hard Livin,” the band are definitely channeling the musical history of their town, feeling like a revamped version of the New York Dolls, just driving out furious punk rock vibes, with just a little bit of snotiness added in. Fuzz Club will release New York City on February 3rd.

Rooms Share Moon Signs Video

You might have heard of Rooms previous, as Beshele Caron has previously operated under the I Make Earthquakes moniker…but now here we are. In preparation for the release of Don’t Be Yourself, a new video has surfaced bringing Caron’s down-trodden bedroom pop a cinematic feel, washing shots of Caron with earthly images, creating a collage effect. The song relies on a steady little snare bouncing happily, giving just the faintest pop indulgence to the tune, all the while awaiting Beshele’s voice drifts in and out of focus…like the wash of the imagery; there’s a nice little backing vocal too, adding a slight push to the tune’s hook. If you’re digging it, Don’t Be Yourself is out December 3rd via No Sun Recordings.

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