Font Share Brand New Single

I was asleep when this new Font track dropped yesterday, otherwise I would have been on top of it…but we’ve got to rep the ATX scene…particularly as the group are one of the most revered artists currently. While some singles have brought out their more jittery electronic bits, I love the reservation on this latest single. Sure, the electronic elements seep in through the cracks in the tune, but somehow they manage to kind of take some of the energy and hold onto it whilst still building that musical tension. For me, this just hints at what’s made the band so exciting, as you can hear their rock influences being warped by their incorporation of various electronic pieces; this song evolves patiently, never staying complacent, then erupts with these thundering beats. You’re in for a treat when the group drop Strange Burden on July 12th.

Enumclaw Sign with Run For Cover Records

There’s just something about the songs Aramis Johnson writes for Enumclaw that have the perfect balance between emotional indie rock and punchy rock. Their latest single, accompanying the announcement of a new album and their singing to RFC, encompasses that tightrope act, walking between these thoughtful moments that would fit on any modern playlist, all before bursting into these riff-oriented crashing waves; it forces you to find your footing emotionally, while also indicating the joyous nature that coincides with Johnson’s songwriting. Home in Another Life will drop on August 30th.

Ocelot Shares Brand New Single

We can always count on our friends Soliti to turn us on to great new stuff coming out of Finland , mostly because they’re the ones releasing the aforementioned “great new stuff.” Today, for instance, they bring about this dreamy new single from Helsinki’s Ocelot; they’ve been quiet since their 2022 debut, so hopefully this brings us promise of more tunes to come. I love the way it works with this incredible beat underneath; the guitar slides up and down, just as the drums snap, all of it working under this intoxicating groove. In the vocals, you get this sort of reserved calm, at times moving into a whisper that exposes just a hint of intimacy between artist and listener. Personally, there’s these great little nuanced moments too, little noise trinkets that sneak in from time to time, popping up to drag you beneath the song’s surface. Enjoy.

Fake Fruit Release Cause of Death Video

Another day, another great track coming out of the Oakland area, this time from Fake Fruit. The band are totally fucking with you here too, playing with your favorite post-punk tropes to suck you right into their world. At first you get those angular guitars (think Omni) branded with a pseudo-spoken word vocal display. Just as you think they’re ready to jettison off into stereotypical fun, they break it down real slowly and noise, hitting you with a wash of heavily distorted guitars and squawking horns, but pulled back so it rolls in like a dense fog. If you get sucked in, as you should, then wait for the burst of pop vocals from Hannah right at the 2:20 mark. What a great second single; they release Mucho Mistrust on August 23rd via Carpark Records.

Three Quarter Skies Drops New Single

If you haven’t heard of Three Quarter Skies, but consider yourself a Slowdive fan, well, this is drummer Simon Scott’s new project. Today they’ve shared the latest single, and it’s the perfect vibe to just lose yourself inside, if that’s your sort of thing. There’s this slowly ebbing wall of atmosphere that builds for the first minute (plus), anchored by a stark percussive element; you can almost see the melding of sounds and colors before you as the tune plays. When the vocals come into the picture, they take on this sort of shadowy quality, which can be a bit disorienting; it does feel as if it moves with the shifts that coincide with the track itself. Available today through Sonic Cathedral.

Golomb Announce Love + Share Take My Life

If, like me, Golomb wasn’t already on your list of acts to keep an ear out for, then, like me, you’ve made a grave mistake. This past week the band just announced their brand new Love EP, and with that, they’ve shared a thundering new single and video to capture your ear. They set the tune up with warbling and whaling guitar, set up to screech on the back of this harrowing beat that sounds like your neighbor pounding on your wall to get you to turn that noise down! As the rhythm section thunders away, the guitar takes its own route, locking in step at moments, ripping its own path at other turns. While the formula seems simplistic, its the execution and the band’s willingness to kind of forged its own destructive path from within that really makes you thirsty for more. The Love EP is out this Friday!

Immersion Share I’m Barely Here Video

Colin Newman and Malka Spigel need little introduction, but there Immersion project has enlisted Penelope Isles’ Jack Wolter (aka Cubzoa) for their latest single here. It begins simply, using this mystical cymbal work to establish some atmosphere, then begins to build. Casually, there’s a propulsive groove that slides into the frame, setting the mood for the vocals. Those vocal notes are almost like ghostly whispers, hanging in the balance between the constant tapping of cymbals and all the other nuanced notes that fill the space in your room. It’s a striking exercise in patience, letting the movement seep through your speakers, drawing you towards whatever noise your ears hear first. This is the final single before their new album, Nanocluster: Vol 2 drops this Friday.

Cola Offer Pulling Quotes Video

There’s a brand new Cola record coming out next Friday, and until then, there’s several singles for you to devour, like this brand new one and it’s accompanying video. This track began with Ben Stidworthy sending his bandmates the demo, using the groove to mimic the Uillean Pipes and their steadied drone. It initially didn’t grab Tim Darcy, but if you listen, you can hear how the openness of the tune forced him to take a different vocal approach this go round; it appears on our first few listens that his voice is almost taking on the approach singing to a ballad, though it still remains distinctive in nature. The tune’s latter half really has the band flexing their musical muscles as they break down into a steady jam that abruptly ends the tune. The Gloss drops June 14th via Fire Talk.

Kelley Stoltz Releases Hide in a Song Video

Fuck all the flair and glory of modern trends; I want good old fashioned rock n’ roll…the sort Kelley Stoltz is making. Don’t get me wrong, there’s something about Stoltz songwriting that continues to see him relevant, but the way he is playing within the confines of classic tricks really makes me love his work even more. You can hear the crunchy riffs, wether they’re offering that come hither feel or that anthemic burst that has arenas roaring, they just feel supremely huge to my ears. Extra little vocal hooks play into his charms too, which you’ll get in warm melodic doses throughout the latest jam. Just another reason to keep an eye out for La Fleur when it drops this coming Friday via Dandy Boy Records.


Cursive Return with Devourer

As an avowed Cursive fanboy, I feel obligated to tell you that they are returning with a brand new album that’s going to blow you away! Today, Run for Cover announce they’ll be releasing Devourer, their first album in five years! I love the new tune, and feel like it might possibly be some of the best stuff Tim’s done since the Ugly Organ; his vocal control throughout the single is as remarkable as ever, solidifying his role as one of the voices I’ll always carry with me. I don’t need to wax poetically here, as if you’re reading this site, you likely already love the band and their work; the new LP will drop on September 13th.

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