Last Week’s Jams (10.16 – 10.20)

We’re gearing up for Levitation this week, so we had some coverage that worked towards that end, with new music from Wishy and Video Age, plus an interview/new track from Font. Plus, we did the usual coverage of great tunes from the likes of the Serfs, Say Sue Me and Spllit. Tossed out that new Idles tune, kind of feeling on the fence, but interesting to see James Murphy be part of that new project, so we’ll see what the final LP sounds like. We were also able to throw some love to Dot Dash, who released a compilation this last week on vinyl for the first time, including the cover below of “Jackanory Stories.” Stream and jam and have a great day!

Stream A Bad Dream in a Raging Sea

The last several years, the mysterious Waves of Dread have teased us with single after single, walking that line between dream pop and shoegaze, consistently creating these tunes that wash over us with emotion. And now, we’ve finally got the debut LP from the group, fulfilling all the promise they’ve left us with through the years. Just take a listen to the opening tune; it opens with this trickling bit of pop, careful not to show its cards…and then it drops in and hits you with a wave of dread (see what I did there!). Throughout the entirety of A Bad Dream in a Raging Sea, you’re confronted with your own tastes and opinions…would you like them to sink into the melody or would you like them to step on the pedals? Either way, we all win; stream the LP below!

Last Week’s Jams (8.21 – 8.25)

There continues to be an unreasonable amount of great music coming out nowadays, and I’m absolutely baffled at how it just never ceases; there’s been nothing but week after week of tunes for me to fawn over. This week’s a little all over the place, with a little bit of rock, a little bit of pop, a little bit of songwriter and back again. Wanted to begin with the great cover of “Rock n’ Roll” by the Feelies, then jump right into some of my favorite tracks of the week. I mean, new Tony Jay and Red Pants make all of us winners. Plus, there’s a new Lewsberg tune floating about, which I definitely have included in other playlists. And, I got back on that review game with a track by track breakdown of Holy Wave’s latest. So spend some time looking back at last week!

New Single from Waves of Dread

I’m always down to get behind a Waves of Dread single, so here we are with the band’s latest tune, “Forevermore.” Honestly, when this song opened, I immediately jumped to the JaMC comparison, but that didn’t last long, as the vocal entry marks an adjacent touch. There, the calmed cool feels a bit like classic Pains of Being Pure at Heart, albeit through the lens of a heavier wash of guitars in the distance. Even with those nods, the band manages to turn a chorus into something entirely their own, which is a great marker for the band’s songwriting; they can bring you nostalgia and familiarity, then churn it into something that feels completely fresh. I’m sure we’ll hear more soon!

Last Week’s Jams (7.24 – 7.28)

We may have gone a bit overboard last week, as I see that we covered over 25 different tunes last week. But, that being said, we also ran some gosh-darned freaking hits. I loved that new jam from Split System, and have played it well over 50 times at this point. That, and that new track from Prewn pretty much made my week. I mean, there’s new stuff from Woods, Night Drive and all sorts bonus EP coverage for Death Bells and Bedroom Eyes. Plenty of stuff to dig into, so why not get on it, eh?

Waves of Dread Return with New Single

Having been on a rapid release schedule a few years ago, Waves of Dread suddenly went quiet, keeping to themselves…until now. They return with a new single that feels like the dark beauty that crested in the late 90s; it feels like Far or Hum in a way, hitting you with really softened vocals while the volume of guitars pushes your ears towards bursting. Still, while they flirt with melodic tendencies, they’e never been afraid to kind of up the ante and create extracurricular layers of noise and sound to build in texture, which is evident throughout this song’s latter half. A joyous listen if you get to know this tune.

Waves of Dread Share Day I Did Nothing

Feel like we should open up Friday’s listening with the most aptly titled Friday tune, “Day I Did Nothing.” I know you’re sitting there staring out the window, dreaming up weekend plans and what not, so why not let Waves of Dread carry you that way. Up until now, the Newcastle outfit have been purveyors of heavy shoegaze, offering up walls of guitars, but this go round they turn to some slightly different territory. This has a bit more of an organic pulse to it, something that would seemingly fit right into any Radio Dept. record; there’s still the dark brooding atmosphere, but it’s definitely been smeared by the band’s approach this go round. Enjoy the listen, as the band are going into the studio to record their debut, so might be a minute before we get to hear from them again!

Waves of Dread Release Endless EP

Since they began a few years ago, I’ve been increasingly pleased by Waves of Dread; they seem to operate outside the confines of traditional indie media, instead building their name on their mysterious online presence. They continue to build momentum musically too, having just dropped this great Endless EP; it opens with this epic 7 minute experimental tune, wavering between tradition and nuanced pop. Traditionalists in the shoegaze arena will likely find their pleasure in the closing track “Twilight,” but as for me, I’m staking my claim to “Way It Is;” I loved the guitar sounds that quickly peel back for this seductive, soft vocal portrayal. You can’t go wrong listening to these tunes.

Waves of Dread Share New Single, Stars

It’s really great to watch the evolution of a band’s sound over a few years, like we’ve been fortunate enough to do with Waves of Dread. They’re still churning out these tunes that likely fall under the realm of dream pop/shoegaze, but it’s clear that they’ve pulled back the shattering wall of noise, or perhaps just covered it up with a nice little throw blanket. In doing so, the song’s seem to have this resonance, like this echo of beautiful noise that truly does make create an astral quality that matches the title. Though, I must admit at one point my mind went to an image of my running at dusk amidst a heavy Spring shower…it was slow-mo and very cinematic. This song has those feels.

Waves of Dread Share Another Single

Not too far off from the release of II by Waves of Dread, and with that, we get the next single as promised. This one begins in the band’s more traditional fashion, screeching guitars shattering that noise barrier from the get-go. Still, the vocals sink back into the mix, pulling back the covers on the band’s pop sensibility. The band still find some room for sonic experimentation too, though I’m quite partial to those high-noted sparkles around the 1 minute mark. I think the promise of this EP comes with all the toying around; the band still feels very young in the grand scheme of things, so they’re all about exploration within the confines of their musical tastes…and as of now…Im right there with them.

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