Gabriel Bernini Shares White Room Video

Earlier this year, I was super high on Sweeties, the latest LP to drop from Gabriel Bernini via Dadstache Records. It was a solid listen, with Bernini grappling between his natural pop tendencies and his love of a hard rocking sound. Take the standout “White Room,” with its video below; it uses a heavy riff, but somewhat muted, allowing this sugary nugget to seep into your soul…you want to tap your toes and bob your head…yet still rock out a little. These moments fill the record, and gives it this sort of playfulness, tying into the video version you’ll find at the end of this. The video features Gabe stalkers chasing him through the streets to his apartment where they find success whilst stealing his guitar. Its good fun with a great song, all of which you can still grab from Dadstache!

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