Wilco Cover Woody Guthrie

wilcoWilco just recorded a cover of Woody Guthrie song “Jolly Banker” and they are giving the song away for free on their website.  The only catch is that the band is asking that you make a donation of at least two dollars to the Woody Guthrie foundation.  This song reminds me of the old days when Wilco had more twang to their sound and weren’t a jam band yet.  Wilco also recently put out a live DVD called “Ashes of American Flags” which you can buy here.

[audio: https://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/wilco_jollybanker_256.mp3]

FT5: Songs with the Word Valentine

0213top5coverSeeing as the Hallmark Holiday is hours away, I thought I would browse through my collection and throw out my Top 5 Favorite Songs with the word “valentine” in the title. Sure, one would think that songwriters have better things to do than sing about a nonsensical holiday with little or no meaning, but then again, they are just love songs in the end, aren’t they? Some of these bands have made appearances on our lists before, and some you might not be aware of, until now that is. So here is to you and yours on this most sacred of holidays. I hope your Valentine’s Day is as good as these songs.

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Free Album From Jay Bennett

Jay Bennett, most well known for his work in Wilco during their rise to stardom, has a new solo album you can download for free from the Rock Proper website.  The new album entitled Whatever Happened I aplogize is the 5th solo release by Bennett after his 2001 departure from Wilco.  Some people in the music world say Bennett has never receieved enough credit for creating the unique sound heard on the stellar 2002 Wilco album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.  Don’t get us started on the current state of Wilco…  Here’s a track from Bennett’s new album called “The Engines are Idle”.


Download: Jay Bennett – The Engines are Idle [MP3]

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