Adrian Marner Shares Too Young to Understand

If you’re a sucker for a distinctive vocal display, might we suggest you give a few spins to the latest single from Adrian Marner. There are moments when his delivery feels like its faltering, like there’s so much emotion he can barely contain himself; it has that fragility of early Conor Oberst works. As the the vocal steadies, he guides you with a light strum towards the chorus, where he turns the voice into something a little more angelic, stretching it into higher notes that fall perfectly when he draws out the pronunciation of “time.” Musically, there’s a classic songwriter feel, though there’s this careful attention to the supporting arrangement that gives the track just enough lift to keep the tune interesting, though it stays out of the way to let the magic of Marner’s voice shine. This tune brought to you by Zerowell Records.

Canalss Share $$$ Eyes Single

Florida’s Canalss have graced these pages from time to time over the last year, and with their debut LP on the horizon with Zerowell Records, I’m really stoked to share their latest single below. In a lot of ways, it sounds like the world of Bright Eyes circa Every Day and Every Night, but spun through the lens of the legend we call “Florida-man.” It’s got a bit of absurdity and outsider syndrome, but there’s something about the magic within the confines of it all that draws you into the intimate little corners of the song where secrets are revealed. If you’ve dug on anything from Coma Cinema to Elf Power to Conor Oberst, you’re going to really fall in love below. Done Sleeping is out March 1st.

Canalss Share Manateez

When I was younger, most of my friends were super into grunge, but that’s where my dads taste got me into Townes and Nick Drake, then my record store of choice turned me onto Elliott Smith; I just naturally gravitated towards singer-songwriters that embraced this sort of solitude. All this to say, Canalss reminds me a lot of that, albeit with a slightly more modern take, akin to early Coma Cinema stuff or Peter and the Wolf. It feels like it was made at home for home listening; you get the intimacy, but there’s this faint hint at absurdity in the lyrics, which personally makes it all the more endearing. This tune is brought to you by the kind folks at Zerowell Records.

Album Stream: Adrian Marner’s The College Years

Adrian Marner first popped into my eras when we covered his single “Cracks of Time;” it had the sort of innocence of Elliott Smith, albeit with a bit of a more of a pop sparkle to it. This approach sticks around for the College Years, bringing you bedside as Marner works with heavy strums and a voice that wears a bit of production magic. While standout singles like “The Unsaid Goodbye” and previously mentioned “Cracks of Time” are surefire hits; I’ve found myself gravitating towards “Rock Star Fatigue” and “My Best Friend” as other stopping points for those just popping in for a quick listen. Each song has its own little charms if you dig in, and in the grand scheme, it feels like Marner is setting the scene for what could be a very promising catalog. The College Years is out today courtesy of Zerowell Records.

Adrian Marner Shares Cracks of Time

This summer Adrian Marner will be releasing The College Years, and I’ve really been marveling at some of the singles coming from the record. His songwriting on the below single seems pretty simple, drawing on the magic of his voice; it reminds me of a strange cross between Elliott Smith and Matt Pryor, so it carries that elegant construction with the faintest hint of the emotive qualities that both those artists put into their voices. Plus, the heavy strum on the mix is something that always gets stuck in my head, as it brings in that level of intimacy that draws you into bedroom recordings and whatnot. My interest in Adrian is piqued, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for The College Years, which drops this summer via Zerowell Records.

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