Show Preview: Deerhoof @ Mohawk (2/1)

Date 2/1/11
Location Mohawk
Doors 900p
Tickets $13 @ Frontgate

Indie superstars Deerhoof are making a stop into Austin at Mohawk on Tuesday night.  The show is getting kicked off pretty early, with a start time around 9:30 for the headliners, so you working stiffs should still be able to make it out.  Opening support is provided by Ben Butler and Mouse Pad, Fingaar Bangaar, and Nervous Cop.  Those looking for even more music should stick around for the after show inside with local music provided by Zorch, Cartright, and Sunset.


Download: Deerhoof – The Merry Barracks [MP3]

Show Preview: Field Music @ Emos (9/29)

Date Wednesday, September 29th
Location Emos
Doors 900p
Tickets $10 from Ticketweb

Field Music is a band from England who’ve been putting out some significantly creative music over the last several years.  Their first album, Tones of Town, has a little bit more of a pronounced sharp edge, but they completely went off into the realms of exploratory post-punk with their latest record, Measure.  Honestly, had they not been smack in the middle of the Pavement and GBV shows, then this would have been the show of the week, but it very well could still be–these cats are that good. You will also be able to see Zorch and Gentlemen Rogues; each no slouch in their own right.  So, if you can’t make it to other shows this week, sell your 30 Seconds to Mars tickets and go see these bands!


Download: Field Music – Measure [MP3]

Great Nostalgic @ Hole in the Wall (7/16)

Date 7/16/10
Location Hole in the Wall
Doors 8pm
Tickets $5 @ Door

A couple of our former A2W bands, The Great Nostalgic and The Sour Notes are getting things going at Hole in the Wall Friday night.  Those two ATH faves will be joined by relative unknowns (to us anyway) Zorch and Row Zero.  For 5 bucks, you can’t find a better lineup of local talent.


Download: Great Nostalgic – Spirit World [MP3]

Le Loup @ Waterloo & Mohawk (11/2)


Date 11/2/09
Location Waterloo & Mohawk
Doors 5pm & 9pm
Tickets Free & $8 from FrontGate

Recent Hardly Art signee Le Loup is making a stop in town on this fine Monday and you’ve got two chances to see them.  The first is a free Waterloo Records in-store at 5pm with the always nice free keg beer.  After that, head over to Mohawk for a full on set with Nurses and local boys Zorch providing the opening support.  ¡Feliz día de los muertos!


Download: Le Loup – Forgive Me [MP3]

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