Stream Life from The Yellow Melodies

Spain’s The Yellow Melodies have been on my radar for quite some time, thanks to our friend Wally at The Beautiful Music. I think I first fell in love with their tribute album to the Television Personalities back in 2012, but they’re back with a brand new album titled Life. I’ve been jamming it quite a bit the last few weeks, and today you get your chance to get your hands on the LP. If you press play below you’ll find an album filled to the brim with charming melodies and indiepop delights; it’s a complete gem from start to finish. I could go on and on, but who needs my words…you just need the songs below!

Smut Share Bones of Summer

I’m fascinated by Smut. They’re probably lumped in with the mass of acts taking up the remnants of shoegaze/dream pop, but they claim that’s unjust. Sure, you can hear those touchstones, but they also have this tenacity that a lot of that genre fails to capture. There’s this sense of urgency, even in the vocals of Tay Roebuck as notes fall off that signal; there’s a need to unleash these songs on the masses. And at the center of it all lives just a faint hint of pop sensibility, enough to make them endearing. You’ll want to spend some quality time with the group’s End of Sam-soon, dropping October 27th via Broken Circles. They’ve also got a little South/Midwest tour in December, including an Austin date.

Banger From Oh Joy

Man of us here at ATH have a soft spot in our hearts for Irish bands and the incredible music they’ve created in the indie world. Make a quick search for something like Ireland, Irish, or Dublin and you’ll see what I’m talking about. My latest Dublin, Ireland obsession comes by way of this song “So Swell” from Oh Joy. It’s like some of the best rising bits of WWPJP clashed with the brooding moments of early 90s alternative rock. Sounds wild, but you will definitely enjoy yourself.

Fresh Fits Music

Fits is an act that seems to be on a lot of people’s go-to list as of late, and with the band’s latest single, they carry the hype along with a message. According to singer Nicholas Cummins, they wrote the song trying to capture the spirit of ‘losing your voice, getting caught in the throat, and missing an opportunity to stand up for yourself and who you are.’ This tune wraps up in just under a minute, hinting at frivolous college rock from long ago; I can just picture the band bouncing as they stomp on their pedals and up the noise…just before settling back in to their groove. The band will release its debut, A Belief is Paradise, via Father Daughter Records on November 17th.

Upbeat Ditty from Gaffa Tape Sandy

I always enjoy interesting vocal inflections. The sort that almost sounds like a hiccup, but instead is a purposeful vocal delivery…like the vocals that open this new Gaffa Tape Sandy tune. The first 45 seconds are playful and energetic…and then we’re off. Pace is picked up, guitars are turned up and we’re in the midst of an infectious little rock n’ roll number. Even more interesting is that things seems to almost go off the rails as the track progresses, with vocals taking on more of that natural growl. It’s always great to keep an eye on the up-and-comers from the UK scene, so keep your eyes peeled for more from this act.

Show Preview: LSD and the Search for God @ Cheer Ups (10/21)

There’s a special show awaiting Austinites on Saturday evening over at Cheer Up Charlies: LSD and the Search for God. The band is probably one of the quintessential modern shoegaze bands; they’ve garnered praise since their inception in 2005, with the release of Heaven is a Place further cementing their status. But, don’t rest on your laurels here, as the rest of the line-up is fleshed out with some of the finer shoegaze/dream pop acts in town. You show up, as you should, and you’ll get sets from She Sir, Single Lash, Krista Van Liew and Ringo Deathstarr…might not be a better place to be on Saturday night. Stream Heaven is a Place below. More show info HERE.

Upbeat Jangle from Puzzles y Dragones

I’m completely fascinated with the world of Spanish indiepop; we admittedly owe a debt to Morrissey on this one, as his influence throughout the culture has led to some wonderful music. Today we’ve got this jam from Puzzles y Dragones…the first taste from the new long player coming in November. The guitars have that dreamy jangle to them, popular with our friends in Tres Oui; the song steadies due to the rhythm section, allowing the guitars to dance around in the distance. There’s a purity to this sort of pop, and I’m going to spend my day devouring it all; you should see the release of the LP next month via Discos de Kirlian.

Digging on Operator Music Band

Not sure I’m wholeheartedly on board with the name here, but I’m definitely hitching on to the Operator Music Band hype train. Their latest single has this almost jittery start before settling into a nice little groove with doses of electronic flourishes jumping up and about. The vocals stay home, spoken more than sung…though there’s a touch more of that as the song carries. Bouncing a bit at the end, the song encapsulates the concept of art pop. They’ll be dropping their new Coordination EP on December 1st via New Professor Music.

Have Fun with Trudy and the Romance

Remember when you could have fun listening to your rock n’ roll? Well, Trudy and the Romance have dropped a new single for just that. A little barbershop quartet opens the song, before they jitterbug their way into your eardrums, shuffling with catchy percussion and a vocal hook that uses a guttural growl to make sure to keep things cool. This UK trio always makes me get out of my seat and rush to turn the speakers up louder; it’s pure fun, and that’s okay. The group are set to release their Junkyard Jazz EP on November 17th via B3SCI.

Show Preview: Protomartyr @ Barracuda (10/20)

Friday night is nigh approaching and if you’re like me, sometimes you need a little bit of darkness to bring you to the weekend. The bringers of this darkness this week are Protomartyr, who will be joining us for a lovely night of dark wave, post punk tunes over at Barracuda. While there are quite a few great local bills you can choose from on this Friday night, if you’re in the mood to spice things up and jam along with distortion, you’ve gotta go check out Protomartyr playing jams from their latest release,Relatives in Descent, which came out at the end of last month. The album is filled with grumbling, heavy riffs, which will get you raging along into the rest of your weekend. Openers are Sweet Themes and Flasher, who will open the night with their grunge and shoegaze on steroids, respectively.

Get your catharsis on and and pick up your tickets before this one sells out–scope out some tunes from each group below.

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