• Rock n’ Recipes: European Sun

    A little over a week ago European Sun released their self-titled LP on one of my favorite labels WIAIWYA. But, despite being a relatively new band, the pedigree of the

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  • Rock n’ Recipes: Emma Kupa

    We return to Rock n’ Recipes features with one of my absolute favorite musicians, Emma Kupa. I first stated my fandom with Standard Fare, but she’s gone on to her

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  • Rock n’ Recipes: Thibault

    Hopefully you’ve caught me news of the forthcoming Thibault record on our site over the last few months, and we were fortunate to reach out to Nicole to have her

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  • Rock n’ Recipes: Pop Filter

    The story of Pop Filter as a band is quite long, although Banksia is their debut LP. But, that story is easy to find for those who wish, so instead,

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Wicketkeeper Share Thunderous New Single

Wicketkeeper hadn’t been on my radar until they united with one of my favorite labels, Meritorio Records, for their new Shonk LP. It was a good discovery, as I was able to go back and enjoy the band’s early EPs too…equally as awesome. But this new single my friends, this is what you need in your life. Jumping in immediately with infectious rhythm and swirling noise, I couldn’t pull myself away from the stereo. It’s this huge wall of sound that opens up the door perfectly for the softened melodic vocals, sitting like a boat in the storm as riffs crash and drums pound all around. Shonk will drop on October 16th. Excuse me while I go punch dance around my living room.

Los Blenders Release Mazunte 2016

Los Blenders are a group of young men from the Mexico City borough of Coapa who have been making music together for close to 10 years. Thought they’ve spent quite a bit of time together, the band has maybe flown just a bit under your musical radar. Tomorrow, September 25th, the band will drop their 3rd full length LP Mazunte 2016 via all streaming platforms and for purchase on bandcamp. I was fortunate enough to speak with the band about the new album and you can read the Q&A after the jump. We’ve also been given a new song to stream from the album prior to the release date tomorrow. Check it out!

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Gabriel Bernini Shares White Room Video

Earlier this year, I was super high on Sweeties, the latest LP to drop from Gabriel Bernini via Dadstache Records. It was a solid listen, with Bernini grappling between his natural pop tendencies and his love of a hard rocking sound. Take the standout “White Room,” with its video below; it uses a heavy riff, but somewhat muted, allowing this sugary nugget to seep into your soul…you want to tap your toes and bob your head…yet still rock out a little. These moments fill the record, and gives it this sort of playfulness, tying into the video version you’ll find at the end of this. The video features Gabe stalkers chasing him through the streets to his apartment where they find success whilst stealing his guitar. Its good fun with a great song, all of which you can still grab from Dadstache!

Give Austin Albright a Listen

Magically came across this short little collection of songs from Austin Albright, and I’ve really been digging what he brings to the table. There’s almost a nostalgic pop sound here, sort of clear of all the modern trappings of following others…in the end making it quite refreshing. His steadied delivery comes across as a little unsure of its power, which makes it all the more endearing to me. Plus, if you come to this page from time to time, you’re likely a fan of records, so the lyrical storytelling might also hit home for you; though I might disagree with Austin’s final conclusion on the matter. If you dig it, there’s a couple other songs on the Well, I Guess That’s Okay EP.

Steven Van Betten Shares Flame In Your Eye

Undoubtedly, the pandemic/quarantine has changed a lot about the way artists are recording and communicating with one another. For LA’s Steven van Betten, who plays with Fell Runner and Kidi Band, recording in his living room seems perfectly fitting for his voice; it’s that intimate sound, barely crackling through your speakers as your mind drifts to wherever it wants to head. This is that shared whisper between artist and listener. Some days you just wake up and you want something comforting, and for me, this song speaks to that sentiment. Plus, it’s part of the Future Unknown Series, which is donating proceeds from all releases to Black Lives Matter LA.

Daphne Tunes Organizes Covered

Our good friend Santiago has been a big part of our site and our label; the label released an LP from his band Growl, and last week we released the Pelvis Wrestley tape, a band of which he is a part. But, he’s really been focusing the last few years on Daphne Tunes, and this time around he’s organized a bunch of friends to throw together some recordings of their favorite tunes; the release is aptly called Covered. There are some other ATH Records alums on here in the form of J Halp (of Marmalakes) and Most Likely (Sam of Growl), but also some great locals we love like Emily and Al of Van Mary or Teddy Glass. Just wanted to give a shout out to the release, with all proceeds going to Urban Roots Initiative. Stream it, love it, buy it, enjoy it.

Driving Tune From Famous Letter Writer

It is highly likely that you have never heard of New York based duo Famous Letter Writer, but I am here today to offer an introduction of sorts. For me, the best sort of introduction is to simply offer a tune for your ears, and surprise, here’s the latest from the band called “Warhol/Warhola”. Upon first listen, I was immediately struck by the unique and engaging vocal delivery style of leading man M.I. Devine. Those sort of jerky, powerful vocals paired with electronic, garage rock music have somehow melded together perfectly to create something sort of strange, but all together something the band can call their own.

Eggy Share Johnny Whoop and Announce Bravo

We all know by now that Melbourne is a hot bed of incredible tunes, but now Eggy are ready to make their mark with their debut LP, Bravo! They’ve got this sound that seems like its part grungy psychedelia, but then it sort of has this proto pop feel. It’s like they’ve taken the exploratory nature and jammed it up with a bunch of jittery pop nuggets, particularly the way the vocals fall in the chorus. There’s just this unmistakable cool to it, this undefined bad-assery that just makes you want to throw your credit-card down and pick it up. I’m pretty sure that’s a smart idea based on this single alone. Bravo drops on November 13th via Spoilsport Records.

The Parson Red Heads Announce New LP

Over many years time, I have grown to love the musical stylings of Portland based geniuses The Parson Red Heads. Somehow the band has continued to evolve from what I considered a fairly straightforward indie rock band into a more alt-country, bright folk sounding ensemble. With a new album on the way, TPRH just dropped this new single called “All I wanted” and I am yet again impressed by the maturation of this group. This song has so many beautiful elements involved and it progresses so nicely that I’ve decided you simply have to listen to it right now. Ok go.

The Parson Red Heads will release this song a new album entitled Lifetime of Comedy due out on November 13th via Fluff and Gravy Records.

Rock n’ Recipes: European Sun

A little over a week ago European Sun released their self-titled LP on one of my favorite labels WIAIWYA. But, despite being a relatively new band, the pedigree of the members is really special for all the indiepop fans (Heavenly, Talulah Gosh, Short Stories)…enough heavy-hitters to pique your interest I would reckon. We caught up with the bunch via email to chat a bit and a recipe for “Steve’s Daal.” Click on below for a great read…and be sure to listen to the entirety of the self-titled LP.

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