Lachlan Denton Keeps Writing Songs

Lachlan Denton has to be one of the most prolific songwriters this year. He’s already released one album with his friend Emma Russack; he’s got a new record coming our way with The Ocean Party…and now he’s let us know he’s got a solo effort coming out at the beginning of June. This first single is fairly relaxed, with Lach working his voice over careful guitar work; I’ve always loved his voice, so you win right away here. Just after the 1 minute mark a simple drum line enters, adding an extra layer to the track; still, the warmth of his voice carries on, aided by a comforting backing vocal from an unnamed friend. Osborne Again Music will release Two Months in Ben Woolley’s Room on June 1st.

Bill Baird Drops Another Single from New Album

Long time Bill Baird supporter here, with a new tune from his forthcoming record to share with you. Interestingly, this tune definitely has a Bill vibe to it, though I can also see striking similarities to mid-period Beck; he’s got that same casual bravado, partly cool and partly captivating. Plus, the chorus is a sunny bit, aided by the joint vocals between Baird and Jesse Woods. Nightly Never Ending is already sounding like it will be your typical journey through sound, and we can’t wait for it to drop; luckily, it comes out on June 22nd via Super Deluxe. Pre-order the album HERE.

Temporary Eyesore Readies New Cassette

Temporary Eyesore is the brand new project of Zoe, who also plays in power rockers Halfsour. This time, she’s turning to flexing her musical muscles, constructing songs in a different fashion than what she’s done in her other projects. She says these songs are informed by aging and looking back on relationships and things that form your identity when your’e younger. I love how close one feels to the music in this single; it’s as if she’s recording in a room right behind…always an added charm. Plus, she has teamed up with two incredible labels in Anxiety Pop and Lost Sound Tapes for the release of the cassette on June 1st. Look out on the webs (PTrash specifically) next week for the stream of the tape, or pre-order it HERE.

Get On the Tancred Hype Train

It seems that the hype train for Maine based artist Tancred is leaving the station so I better get on board before it’s too late. For me, it’s easy to like an artist who combines pieces of straight forward grunge rock with gritty, yet still refined vocals. Imagine if bands like Joy Formidable and Garbage blended only their best qualities equally to create a female fronted rock opus. That’s what you’ll find with this new single called “Something Else”. Seriously, what’s not to like about this?

Tancred will release new album Nightstand on June 1st via Polyvinyl.

Another Alex Dingley Tune for You

Not too long ago I offered up my thoughts on the first Alex Dingley single from his forthcoming LP, and today I return with another offering a slightly different image of Alex. The first single was very much in the vein of Drinks/Cate Le Bon, but Dingley’s operatic tones amidst the steady strumming recall more of a Dirty Projects vibe. It’s definitely an experiment in sound, allowing Alex to work his voice as the primary instrument, while the music almost seems like its been repurposed as a metronome. Not sure there are a lot of artists crafting this sort of sound, so that alone (and I like it) gets my seal of approval. Libertino Records will release Beat the Babble on June 15th.


Drifting Off to Bjorn Torske

I’ve spent my mornings trying to wrap up assignments with my students, and now that it’s my off-period, I’m just staring aimlessly at the world outside my classroom window. What’s the soundtrack to that longing gaze of freedom? It’s that new tune from Bjorn Torske. It opens with this ambient collage, but then kicks it in with a groovy shimmy, so I’m bobbing my head and shaking it a little…as my mind wanders beyond the walls. It’s the perfect afternoon treat, equal parts melodious and upbeat. You’ll find this tune on his new LP, and first in 8 years; it’s titled Byen, and drops on July 6th via Smalltown Supersound.

Circling Back on Grand Veymont

Seems like Stereolab references are meant for any electronic based music with a female singing over it, so you may as well lump France’s Grand Veymont in the mix. But, for me, the driving similarity, and something they also share with fellow French act Air, is that the construction tends to build and overlap, eventually capturing you in this electronically-induced loop. Also, should be noted that their new latest album (it came out earlier this year) is filled with these little song pieces, 3 of which stretch beyond the 10 minute mark, and then there’s this delicious little gem to satiate you today. And then go grab Route du Vertige HERE.

Golden Dawn Arkestra Drop New Tune

For awhile now, Golden Dawn Arkestra has captivated Austin (and beyond) with their live performances. Their latest single from their forthcoming LP seems to capture that spirit in the video; they somehow manage to capture the bizarre in the most splendid fashion. Musically, this seems like the apex of their powers, bringing a sort of acid-infused psychedelia that rises and falls in all the right spaces. As the song fades away, the lyrics almost seem like an afterthought, with the slight occurrence of brooding pop lurking just beneath the song’s surface. The band will drop their latest Children of the Sun via Nine Mile on June 1st.

The Color Forty Nine Release Storyteller

The self-titled album from The Color Forty Nine is only 7 songs long, but there’s so much depth to the recording that one is apt to find the record stretching beyond expectations. Their latest single has singer Phil Beaumont stretching operatic tones over the musical craft of his support. The rest of the band, particularly the violin work creates this forlorn Western vibe; it’s a brand of Americana that largely goes overlooked…somewhere between troubadour and sea-shanty. They’ll be releasing the s/t record on June 15th via Darla.

Still Trying to Turn You Onto Henrik Appel

A few weeks ago I tried to get you into Henrik Appel, and it seems a few folks are catching onto the vibes, though not nearly as many as there should be. His music has this vibe akin to Morby or Sonny Smith, channeling a classic pop vibe, while not trying to do too much. Sometimes your bread-and-butter moves are all one needs to make a good song work, and Appel seems to have that knack worked out…he even throws in some discordant chords just to harken back to his days in the garage scene in Sweden. Burning Bodies will be out on June 29th via PNKSLM.

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