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Kiwi Jr Share Final Single Before New LP Drops

This Friday you’ll be able to get your hands on Football Money, the new record from Kiwi Jr, and the band thought it would be a solid move to drop one final track before sending you to your record store. Here you find the band looking back on the slacker-pop of the 90s, though spun through their own wheelhouse; it sort of sounds like Pavement, with [dare I say] a better vocal. Those chiming guitars twisting and turning high up in the mix are likely to make folks swoon, or at least folks of my ilk. Football Money should be on your radar, and your shopping list; it drops Friday via Mint Records.

A.A. Bondy Finally Returns

Man A.A. Bondy is one of my all time favorite songwriters to come out during the rise of our website. He has always had a knack for simple, yet emotional and powerful songs capable of evoking real feelings. For eight long years we haven’t heard much from Bondy, until he dropped two new singles late on Friday afternoon. The first one, entitled “Killers 3”, is just an absolute beauty in songwriting. It’s Bondy at his best with a slow burning, atmospheric track featuring some sick organ playing. He’s also released a new song called “Images of Love” with a bit more of a dancy vibe to it which is certainly a cool change from the songwriter.

A.A. Bondy will release new album Enderness on May 10th via Fat Possum Records.

Check Out Matt Surfin and Friends

Pedro the Lion came back this year, and if David needed an up-and-coming young act to turn to on tour, then he should look at Matt Surfin’ and Friends. On this number Matt has his friend Rui Gabriel singing the verses in Portuguese, but it’s his whispered tones that seem most like they were meant for a fireside chat. In the music you have the same vibe; it simple and understated, though it carries this natural melody that ultimately endears it to listeners. You want old school Pedro? Go here instead, and look for the self-titled LP via Community Records/Muscle Beach.

Tugboat Captain Share Be Strong Smoke Less

London’s Tugboat Captain should pop up on everyone’s radar real soon, having already established themselves as a strong live band overseas. None of that matters, of course, unless the group can charm with their written material, like on the latest single “Be Strong, Smoke Less.” It’s party lounge crooner, part indiepop ditty, with the trading between male and vocal females definitely perking my ears right up to the pop sensibility. There’s a little bounce from the keyboard lines, but the joint vocal harmonies are guaranteed ways into the hearts of an pop fan. Keep an eye on this outfit, as their star is in the ascendency.

Fresh Pop from Blue Jeans

Love waking up and finding catchy ditties sitting in the old inbox, especially when it’s a group that’s already been on my radar for sometime, like Blue Jeans. The Michigan outfit are sort of scatterbrained, but always knocking about in the realms of indiepop…as they are with this new single. It’s got a nostalgic pop lean to it, though it’s woven through a light jangle and playful male/female vocal trade. It’s simplicity gives it this timelessness that listeners will keep coming back to, if they need a fill up on saccharine sweetness. Look for the groups new LP, Adult Hits to drop on Mary 17th via Bobo Integral.

Monnone Alone Shares Do It Twice Video

I warned you back in February about how great the latest single from Monnone Alone was, showing off Mark’s songwriting chops with a fuzzy guitar wound tightly around his pop sensibility. I mean, really, all you need is to hear that chorus and it’s “do it again” refrain by the backing vocals, and you’d be sold. So, with slow Monday’s, why not share with you the band’s recent vid of the track, just to be sure to keep it on your radar. For the most part, the video is live footage of the band, spliced atop found video footage from the past; it must have been windy too because Mark’s hair is all over the place! Just watch the band jam out in the song’s latter half and tell me pop bands can’t rock it out.

Stream Ways a Season by She Sir

We’ve been operating the label here now for half a dozen years, and each year, I’m forever grateful to the bands that let me put myself behind their music. And for years, I’ve fawned over She Sir, one of Austin’s most underrated acts; I bugged them enough until they finally agreed to let me release their new Ways a Season EP. You can grab a copy of the limited orange vinyl HERE, but I also wanted you to be able to stream the EP with a little bit of commentary by yours truly. There are not enough words to say how proud I am of the label and this release, so please go down and listen to everything below.

Austin folks can catch the band at End of an Ear on March 31st for a free in-store performance.

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Banger From Nightwatchers

I’m keeping things crazy today with a slow instrumental track posted earlier, but now I”m changing things up with some sweet rock n roll. This punk/post-punk song called “Fellah’s Temptation” comes by way of French based rockers Nightwatchers. I love the driving guitar sound with the heavy bass and the almost bark like vocals. I’ll be adding this to my weekend playlist and jamming it non stop.

Nightwatchers will release new album La Paix Ou Le Sable on April 12th via Lovely Records.

Atmospheric Track From Heron

Pennsylvania based instrumental outfit Heron made a name for themselves back in 2017 with their impressive debut LP You Are Here Now. Not to go quietly into the night, the boys now have a new single called “Splashdown” to continue the hype train moving on their music. Those who know me, probably realize this track is perfect for me because it blends equal parts Appleseed Cast and Explosions in the Sky. Both two of my all time favorites.

Flying Fish Cove Share Blow a Candle

In listening to At Moonset, the debut LP from Flying Fish Cove, perhaps one of the biggest changes I hear from their EP is the expansive sound. Any indiepop band can sling those jangling guitar chords and bouncing rhythms into ear candy, but the true greats are the ones who spin things in a new direction. Their latest single is more of a churning pop ballad, with Dena’s voice setting itself up alongside peers Elizabeth Morris or Molly Rankin, but don’t pretend like I can hear the soft underbelly of that jangle in the guitar chords. Not your average indiepop gem, and that’s the best thing about it! You can grab your LP when it drops on April 5th via Help Records.

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