ATX Spotlight: River Jones Tune Blows Up

riverI’m not going to say Lorelei Linklater’s participation in this new River Jones song helped make this song blow up (though it might have helped) because the song’s just one of those tracks that’s too good to ignore. It’s the sprawling sort of indie rock that reminds me of the last Girls LP; the vocals by both performers really fit the emotional pull of the song…Jones has a cool drawl while Linklater has this dreamy R&B touch. You’ve also got to take note of the production itself, there’s not a single musical touch that oversteps it’s place in the song, knittingthe musical textures together for maximum pleasure. No idea where or when this will appear, but it’s a damn good track, and sometimes that’s enough.

Yesterday’s News: New Magic Trick

magictrickI feel like the Fresh and Onlys are one of the most vital bands around today, hyperbolically speaking. First, the band’s great, consistent and still grows with each release. Second, the members such as Wymond Miles are great songwriters on their own…and now we have new Magic Trick, the long-time project of Tim Cohen. His latest LP is informed by his move to the Arizona desert and travels on the road, but it still wears the influences you’ve heard on his previous releases. The female backing vocals add this really haunting touch to the track, placing you in the world Cohen has envisioned. His new record, Other Man’s Blues, will be released by Empty Cellar Records on August 26th.

Spring King Release Album in the U.S. !

unnamed-49Now, we’ve posted about Spring King in the past, but their debut album just came out earlier this year in Britain, and it’s been blowing up big time. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce thatTell Me If You Like To, has been released for us here stateside. Below is a track from that album, aptly titled “Summer,” and it’s a glimmer of rock and roll fun that Spring King is all about. You get gang vocals and hooky choruses that beg you to sing along. You also get bombastic percussion and bouncy synths. Make sure you jam along with these summer vibes here and then go pick up a copy of their newly released album from Terrible Recordsright over here.




Scream Along With This Post Punk Jam From Jaala

For those of you who don’t know, Jaala is a group out of Melbourne, Australia making post-punk tracks that are as wild as they are detailed and ornate. Yesterday they shared the new video for their track “Ticket,” and let me tell you, it’s a post punk gem that will have you hooked right from the start. The vocals on the song are the main event, at one moment jazzy and the next moment snarling and roaring in a raucous shriek. Personally, I’m also digging the way the track kind of meanders along through its start-and-stop journey of post punk. Check out the video below and then go check out Jaala’s debut album, Hard Hold, which is out viaWondercore Island.





Summer Pop from BOYS

boysIt’s great when a relatively new band comes out swinging, as is the case with this single from BOYS. They have their debut headed our way later in the summer, but this single should give you reason to look into the four-piece, if you love pop music. It’s got just enough angular jangle in it, with breezy vocals riding atop the song’s mix. I think the holding of notes during the chorus is what really got me stuck on this track, and now I can’t get it out of my head. Maybe it’ll be the same for you today!

Stream The Suncharms Retrospective

suncharmsIt’s Friday, and everyone is hustling for those new releases, so I figured I’d bring a release that’s “new.” The Suncharms retrospective has just been put out by Cloudberry Records, and in a digital format by the band themselves. If you listen closely, and you adore indiepop, then you’ll surely hear the beginnings of everything you hold dear…from the guitars, the distortion and a need for it all to be held together by great melodies. Rumor has it that the band has also gotten around together and started writing brand new tracks for the future…we should be so lucky. Go ahead and enjoy the jams below; it’ll make your Friday a better place.

ATX Spotlight: Meet Tooantuh

tooantuhWhile we’re fighting for venues and cultural districts, one thing that won’t ever change is the consistent influx of talent into Austin, even if we lose some talent to Lockhart. Tooantuh is one of my newest discoveries. Mike Teague, hails from the same high school that produced Orville (OBN IIIs) and Jason Smith (Jonly Bonly), so you know he’s got songwriting in his heritage, though he’s taking on a more folk element than his fellow alumni. As a fan of the genre, I think the songs on the Yesterday, Today EP benefit from added percussive elements and backing vocals. Take a listen to the EP, and pick up the limited CD version that Mr. Teague has hand drawn and colored.

Nice Psych Rock From Raccoon Fighter

unnamed (9)Queens based Raccoon Fighter came on my radar a few years ago and since then I’ve been intrigued by their ability to craft a brand of psych rock with blues and garage rock overtones. Fans like me will be pleased to hear that the band has plans to release a new EP entitled Hover Craft on August 26th via Papercup Music. As always, the announcement comes with a new single and this one, “LVLR”, is sure to perk up your ear drums today. Once again the band has taken psych rock and added their own flair with hints of old school alternative rock and blues.

Powerful Shoegaze From Kestrels

unnamed (10)Sometimes when a song hits you at a certain time, you find yourself saying “hell yeah” in your head and jamming right along with the track. I’m finding that mood today with this new track “No Alternative” from Halifax based pop group Kestrels. This is some parts shoegaze, some parts noise pop, and even a little bit of retro rock music similar to Dinosaur Jr. Hit play and maybe you’ll get the same feeling.

Kestrels will release their self-titled debut album on September 30th via Sonic Unyon Records.

Show Preview: Fear of Men @ Barracuda (7.23)

Fear of MenI’ve been anxiously awaiting this show for some time, knowing that the show we threw at SXSW with Fear of Men on the bill was just a slight tease…a musical appetizer if you will. They’ve recently released the stellar Fall Forever, building upon everything they exposed us to with Loom by adding extra layers and pushing those dreamy vocals. Pop fans have no other place to be but at Barracuda on Saturday night. The group will be joined by Puro Instinct and Typical Girls, so there’s even more reason to clamor for this evening. Grab tickets for $12 bucks right HERE.

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