Ribbons Return with Total Loss

Over a decade since they’ve been away, Ribbons return with an EP of reworked and remastered songs, all of which are unavailable in any format…until now! Honestly, I’m totally in love with this “Total Loss” tune; it sounds a lot like the post-punk that RVG is brandishing at the moment, only with a slightly softer blanket on the vocals of Jenny Logan. The drums roll along perfectly to match those dangling jangling guitar licks, all perfectly lined up to lead you towards an emphatic smash of a close. Those of you wanting to grab the band’s new Ribbons: Total Loss EP will have to wait until February 5th, but it sounds like it’ll be worth our time.

Rachel Love Releases Primrose Hill Video

You might remember Rachel Love when all of us were clamoring to get our hands on one of the few copies of her band Dolly Mixture‘s remastered works a few years ago. Now, Rachel’s out on her own, and she’s offering up this really powerful pop ditty. It’s the sort of pop that borders on the edges of classic doo-wop and chamber pop; it’s the super hard not to get swept up in those string arrangements and light vocal flourishes (which feature her son David btw!). I have a feeling this song will be playing over here for the rest of the day! Look for Primrose Hill to drop later this summer via Cow Chow Records.

Indoor Creature Announce Living in Darkness

Our friends over at Indoor Creature have been hard at work prepping for the release of their new LP, Living in Darkness. Just this past weekend they dropped the debut single from the release, an upbeat pop swing that pulls in some R&B influences that are undeniably catchy. Lyrically, they’re definitely taking aim at the masses, taking to task all those seeking greed at the expense of their fellow citizens. Just be sure to save up your energy for the great little horn solo mid track…one of the many highlights in the band’s performance here. They’ll drop the new LP in May via the Record Machine.

Hotels on Mars Share the Worst Year on Record

Like many an artist in 2020, Mat Weitman found himself under lockdown at home, struggling to come to terms with a global pandemic and his growing depression. What is one to do? Well, as we know, you write a debut record for your project Hotels on Mars like Grief Museum, and you pour your soul into your songwriting. The first single to leak out into the world offers a glimpse at the world we’re hoping we can put beside, with Weitman and the guitars both lamenting in their own designed fashion. You can hear the anxiety and loneliness bending through your speakers, but hopefully that experience serves as a catharsis for so many of us, carrying the weight together as we say goodbye to the “worst year on record.” Look for this song to open up the debut LP, out on February 12th via Styles Upon Styles.

Allison Lorenzen Shares Vale (ft. Midwife)

You might be familiar with Allison Lorenzen‘s work as a member of School Dance, but our focus here is on her incredible single under her own name for her solo work. Honestly, I just want this song to play throughout the rest of the day; it perfectly captures the balance between light and dark that makes this brand of pop so perfect. Opening with this almost gothic guitar chord, bringing in this shadow to start us off, you’re set up perfectly, to enter the caverns of Lorenzen’s creation. At first Allison’s voice, while perfectly sharp, still carries an almost heavy tone to it, matching the musical element. But, as that moves along, and we enter the chorus, the vocals evolve into something stronger, almost angelic in nature; it’s absolutely captivating. Just press play and don’t forget to thank me later!

Stream Brisbane Radio from Stephen’s Shore

We’ve got to start off Friday by putting some spirited bounce in your step, and I couldn’t think of a better way than to share this bright new Brisbane Radio EP from Stephen’s Shore. Almost immediately, you’re met with the crisp jangling guitars of the album’s title track, featuring vocals that roll so melodically like the gentle waves at high tide washing over you feet as you stare into the horizon. From there you get more joy from “Midvert,” a mostly instrumental tune working with minimal vocal harmonies in the distance to add in nice pop texturing. “Skogen” brings in more wistful vibes, though I feel as if they’re channeling a sort of paisley psychedelic vibe, akin to the Papercuts or Clientele, if you’re into that…though obviously spun through an indiepop kaleidoscope. Then they close it off with the ever charming “Up to No Good,” which might actually be the record’s standout tune. I can’t say enough about this lot, so please please please stream it below. You can grab the 7″ EP from our dear friends at Meritorio Records!

Fake Fruit Announce New LP

If you thought post-punk was heading down the middle of the road as of late, then maybe you need to turn towards Fake Fruit today. The band draw inspiration from the likes of Pylon and Wire, and you can definitely hear that sound burrowing through the guitars on this new single. But, Hannah D’Amato solidifies the group as a powerhouse with her performance; I love how she’s got this huge booming voice, but she’s capable of softening it up to draw in that slight dash of pop sensibility into play…just watch out when she decides to let forth an emphatic howl. Can’t get this jam outta my head! Look for their self-titled LP to drop via Rocks in Your Head on March 5th.

The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness Share Rose Tinted Glass

We’re only a few weeks away from the release of Songs from Another Life, so the Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness have tossed us one final single to entice your ears. If you haven’t already heard the crisp pop rock sounds the band have to offer, then please, indulge us by clicking play below. Just imagine Teenage Fanclub peeling off their masks Scooby Doo style to reveal an even poppier version of themselves; this is what you get back. The pacing and vocals are pretty spot on comparison, but there’s this lightness that comes with the Boys presentation, something in the riffs just feels a bit more airy. Plus, they’re dropping the new LP via Bobo Integral on February 5th, and you know we love the label, so its a win-win!

Talk Boy Share Wrapped In Blue

It’s always a lovely day in Austin, TX when we are finally seeing the end of our four year reign of idiocracy in America. Though they may be from across the pond, Leeds based outfit Talkboy has shared the perfect tune for the day. Yes, “Wrapped in Blue”, seems like the perfect, upbeat, and fun tune to commemorate this joyous day. It’s sort of like an early Killers sound if they decided to throw in more elements of super bright indie pop. Enjoy and celebrate!

Talk Boy will release an EP entitled Wrapped in Blue, featuring this title track, on February 11th via Come Play With Me/LAB Records.


Dark Tea Announces Self Titled LP

It’s been a couple of years since the release of the Dark Tea‘s last LP, and now we’ve got news that a brand new self-titled effort is on its way this April. Amidst all my jangles and post-punk tendencies, I’m still drawn to the balladeers that encourage that sense of Americana longing. Gary Canino’s voice on this single just seems like he’s out there with hope on the horizon, giving himself up to the graces of the world. On the surface, it’s a great pop song, but if you want to dig in deeper, just listen for the all the careful arrangement work put into the background of this tune; it’s something that Gary put great care into when recording this latest LP, grabbing 20+ musicians to aid in fleshing out his songwriting. Damn, its hard to turn this song. Dark Tea will be out on April 30th via Fire Talk.

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