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    ATX 2016: The Christmas Gift Guide

    As year-end lists get more and more arbitrary, I decided I didn’t really want to play that game with our local Austin scene. Instead, I wanted to celebrate the excellent

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    Top 50 Albums of 2016

    You’ve all been waiting, anxiously. Waiting for our arbitrary list of the opinion of four folks who run this site, and what we think were the best albums of 2016.

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    Slack Capital Is Here!

    When I was preparing to release Big Bill’s Weird Walk/Mainly Manly 7″, I began to talk to Eric Bill about the idea of creating an Austin compilation. Well, we released

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  • The Spook School

    SxSW 2016: Welcome to the Jangle

    Thank you, Spider House. Thank you, Mother Nature. Thank you, bands. The weather was absolutely perfect. We were given blue skies, the occasional cloud, a lovely breeze to pair with

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  • The Crookes

    SxSW 2016: ATH Takeover @ The Nomad

    Next bucket of awesome comes fromRayRay’s neighborhood bar, Nomad. A friend owns the place and we were ready to take things on the road at a place that we knew

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Fresh Track from Dag

dagIn keeping with a bit of our Australian focus today, we’ve got another tune from Dag to toss out into the world. A short and sweet number, calmly flowing with deep vocal tones from the start. As the song moves along there’s a little bit of back and forth between male and female vocalists, keeping the harmony centralized as you tap your feet along to the track’s end. The usage of string arrangements in the background adds a really nice touch to boot, so give it a listen while you await Benefits of Solitude, which hits on February 24th via Bedroom Suck Records.

Powerful Vocal Performance from Timberwolf

timberI guess Australia just doesn’t stop putting out music during the holidays, so I’ll oblige them by keeping you in the loop on what’s new in Oceania. Timberwolf‘s already received some accolades on our side of the pond, and it’s sure to continue with this stunning track. While I tend to gravitate towards a more visceral vocal, the voice of Christopher Panousakis is remarkable. It lives somewhere in the world between Antony and Jeff Buckley, with a glittering production around him to accentuate his gifts. This is his second single, so expect his debut album to come early next year.

New Music from Jade Imagine

jadeDon’t you guys worry, there’s still a few great songs left to come out in 2016, like this Jade Imagine number. She’s working with Courtney Barnett’s Milk Records to release her What the Fuck Was I Thinking EP, and you can hear a few similarities in the songwriting, though I also hear a bit of a nod to Juliana Hatfield. The balance between voice and instrumentation is perfect here, giving each ample space to hold the listener’s attention. It’s a steady pop hit, and one that I think will gladly help ease you into the weekend’s slumber.

New Music from Crushed Stars

toddTwenty plus years and Todd Gautreau is still as enchanting as ever, and his new Crushed Stars release sounds like the perfect warmth, emotionally. Pacing here is rather slow, allowing various chords and notes to glimmer in the front of the mix, all the while Todd softly soothes you with his voice. It feels like it’s meant for a person to indulge in repeated listens while seeking solace in dark caverns of their mind; there’s something reflective and introverted, yet overwhelmingly beautiful. Displaced Sleepers, the new record, will be released on February 10th via Simulacra Records.


Mild Rocker From Family Scraps

famscrapsIt’s possible you may know Matthew Johnson, the man behind the moniker of Family Scraps, from his work with The Hookworms and Suburban Home Studio. If you aren’t familiar with the gentleman’s work, take a listen to “Mistakes” below, which will acquaint you with his grunge meets alt-rock sound. The song seems a bit gritty and garage at first, but as it progresses the vocals lighten things up with their lush harmonies. Keep your ears ready and waiting for more from Family Scraps–looks like this 7″ is a precursor to a full length album.

“Mistakes” is taken off of theToo Pure 7,” which you order here.

Sonic Visions Take You On Kraut-Rock Journey

sonicWe don’t get too many six minute songs these days, and with the abundance of music out there, I guess (?) that’s a good thing. But, every now and then, you want a journey, like this Sonic Visions track. The propulsive rhythm section opens the tune, setting the pace early, but when the vocals come in, it looks upon the heroes of 90s Britpop…even Oasis. They employ other elements like cascading atmospheric guitars for layering purposes, then close the song out emphatically. If you’re looking for something that can hold your ears for longer than a minute, journey with us my friends. Look for the band’s Lost in Between EP in early 2017 from Soliti.

Hear the New Wax Idols

waxWe’ve been huge fans of Wax Idols for quite some time, and while I may be partial to some of the early hits, it’s definitely an extreme joy to have been able to watch the growth of this band. Hints of pop always lurked beneath the darkness, and with their last album, Hether Fortune was slowly making room for what we have with this new single; this is the pop music we all wanted our friends to make…dark lyrics polished by a huge pop sensibility. I don’t know, just don’t feel like they make hits like this anymore, and I’m so glad that the band has Happy Ending coming in Spring of next year.

Sorry I Missed This: Personal and the Pizzas New LP

pizzaI got so wrapped up in the nonsense of year end lists that I missed the release of the new Personal and the Pizzas LP last Friday! I know the band’s fascination with leather jackets and rock n’ roll make it easy to compare the band to the Ramones (and that’s there!), but I think the music within their self-titled LP has a lot of leaning to an almost 70s psychedelia, though spun with a little more love for rock n’ roll; they slow things down to maximize the melody, and I’m in love. You can grab the LP from Slovenly right now, if you know what’s right!

New Hit from Dominic Angelella

dominicIt looks like we’re heading towards the end of the year with a whole bunch of great guitar pop, which seems to be what I’ve been digging lately. This time around we’ve got the new single from Dominic Angelella; he’s offering up a style that seems to hold true to troubadours of every musical cycle, though there’s more punch in his guitar. It’s a hook-laden track for sure, but I can feel the groove blasting through my speakers over the smoky vocals. This track appears on his next record, Goodnight, Doggies, which hits on February 3rd via Lame-O Records.

Day For Night Interview: Night Drive

Night DriveRegular readers know that we love the synth-pop jams from our friends at Night Drive. Day for Night will include the Austin/Houston based outfit and I figured I would do a little Q&A action to help preview the awesome festivities. Rodney and Brandon took some time to deal with the usual list of things about life, fests and jams.

Click through to read all about it including some tips for stuff to listen to and the story behind the band…


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