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    The ATH Top 50 Albums of 2015

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    Top Austin Albums Of 2015

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    FFFX: Team ATH Recap

    There was a lot of talk this year comparing Fun Fun Fun Fest to ACL this. Perhaps it is the proximity with the second weekend, perhaps the tenth anniversary. FFFX

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ATX Weekend Show Preview

Austin_MuralThere’s never a dull moment here in Austin. We sometimes say that there are lulls in the year between festivals when the shows wind down, but let’s be real for a second– there’s always a show. Always. So, to help guide you through your Valentine’s day weekend, here’s a list of our go-to shows for the next few nights.

Friday, February 12th

Moving Panoramas, Telepods, Daniel Francis Doyle & The Dreams, Teenage Cavegirl – Hotel Vegas, 9pm

Tear Dungeon, Sweat Lodge, Lord Buffalo – Barracuda, 9pm

Zettajoule, Slomo Drags, Major Major Major, Star Parks, The Holy Child, Feline & Strange – The Blackheart, 8pm

Saturday, February 13th

Flesh Lights, Manhunt, Sweet Talk, Runnin’ with Pendejos, Mike Melendi, DJ’s Tweey and Sara O – Hotel Vegas, 9pm

The Eastern Sea, Good Field, Lomelda, Grand Child, Early Internet, Molly Burch, Scenery – Sidewinder, 8pm

Sunday, February 14th <3

Valentine’s Day Party @ Barracuda, featuring tributes to David Bowie, Olivia Newton John, The Pretenders, Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound…details here.

Fresh La Sera Single

laseraNot only does La Sera have a new record coming out, but the band, primarily the work of Katy Goodman, now has a new sound, courtesy of her husband, Todd Wisenbaker. On this single, we get a perfect view of the dynamic between the two as they trade choruses back and forth. Musically, the band seem to have removed some of the more punk-influenced riffs in favor of a broader, more classic sound; it’s feels like an old school MTV hit to me. The new LP, Music for Listening to Music To, will be released by Polyvinyl Records on March 4th.

More From Death By Unga Bunga

10421190_10152244032739607_7207164850591993273_nIt wasn’t too long ago that I shared with you a track from Norwegian garage rockers, Death By Unga Bunga, but they’ve just debutedanother killer number off their upcoming record. This number, “Lady Fondue,” will delight those who like their garage rock rambunctious and energy-charged, complimented withquirky lyrics that may bring a sly smile to your face whenever you’re not singing along. And just like any good fuzzy rock song, it’s complete with a sweet shredding guitar solo to round things out. Seriously, if you haven’t given this band a shot, your time is now. Be sure to catch their North American debut,Pineapple Pizza, which is out March 4th viaJansen Plateproduksjon.

Keep It Local: New Video From Holy Wave

Zuma_Holy_Wave_Home_720If you somehow haven’t caught psych rockers Holy Wave somewhere about town, then it’s time you sit on down and got up close and personal. The best way to do that is to watch this video that the band just premiered below for the track, “California Took My Bobby Away” which features what appears to be a night out on Dirty Sixth. The track is a hazy blurof psychedelic rock in the best kind of way. Their new LP, Freaks of Nurture, will be out March 11th via The Reverberation Appreciation Society. Preorder it here.


Fashionably Late To The Party: Cherry Crush

12072734_486961824797458_1193891941873060704_nI don’t know what the weather’s like in your neck of the woods, but here in the ATX we are burning our winter coats and donning our spring dresses and shorts for today’s perfect spring day. For me, this warming up in temperature always gets me hankering to listen to a hefty amount of shoegaze/ dreampop music, and lucky for me I found a great track from Cherry Crush. “Lights Out” is a burst of energy, the kind of song you blast through your headphones while you’re outside enjoying the warm sunshine. The percussion on this song is airy and lush, cymbal laden and light, while the guitars shimmer through and backup vocals join the lead for some “ohs” in the background. Turn it up loud and enjoy the weather…or at least pretend like it’s spring.


Sego Stream New Single

segoOnce Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around is only a few weeks away from its release, and this track here should definitely increase your interest in Sego. My ears play tricks on me with the latest single, trying to determine where the guitar chords seemingly go in and out of tune; it’s an interesting effect that’s buoyed by the precision drum work. This might not be breaking down any barriers, but it’s execution makes it an enjoyable tune you can spin again and agin. Look for the new album on Dine Alone on March 4th. The group will also be following the release up with a little tour, including some SXSW dates.

ATX Popfest Presents…Welcome to the Jangle @ Spider House (3.16)

welcome to the jangleSXSW is nearing, and ATH has been working with our friends at ATX Popfest to bring you what we know is THE place to be on Wednesday, March 16th. Welcome to the Jangle! Those of you who are pop fans need to come over to Spider House on that day, starting at 12 PM. It’s ALL AGES, and will go all day and night…filled with some of the best talent coming into town. Here’s a quick list of who all is playing: Summer Salt, Hockey Dad, Pinact, Mercury Girls, Wildhoney, Brothers In Law, Beverly, Expert Alterations, Rose Selavy, Fear of Men, September Girls, Diet Cig, Spook School, Dead Stars, Hibou, Tennis System, Literature, and Ramesh.

We’ll have more details as we get closer, but wanted you to plan on taking the day off to spend it with us.

ATX Spotlight: New Single From Growl

18103_564818663621073_9117292441382477635_nLocals Growl and their guitar driven rock have been on our radar for some time, so we’re pleased to see the band releasing a new single. This new song, “Overnight,” shows the band really meshing together, layering each element precisely to make a great garage rock song. It’s an even-tempered jam, not coming in too hot, but slowly simmering into a smooth rumble. Word on the street is that the band is prepping to release a new full length sometime this year… so get excited for that.

Power Pop from Jon Patrick Walker

jpwWhen I first played this track from Jon Patrick Walker I was transported to a simpler time. There’s not too much tinkering in the music, and just a short classic stomp coming through here. I love the natural energy that comes through the speakers; it’s just a sugary pop hit that I can’t get out of my head. It probably doesn’t hurt that Jon played the role of Bruce Springsteen on Broadway (in High Fidelity no less!), as you can definitely get that vibe from this track. He’ll release People Going Somewhere on March 11th.

Dance Hit from High Functioning Flesh

humanThe last few months I’ve definitely found myself gravitating towards some electronic tunes. Sometimes they’re of the experimental sort, and other times they’re like this new track from High Functioning Flesh, getting me ready for bedroom dancing. The vocals here are definitely dark, almost sterile, but it’s perfectly matched by the rhythmic vibe being let go with the electronic work. It’s a feeling the band are just beginning to explore within their own musical confines, which will hopefully play out on the duo’s new Human Remains 7″; you’ll be able to grab it from Dais Records on February 26th.

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