Top 50 Albums of 2014

Top 50 Albums of 2014

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Get In The Xmas Spirit With Chris Mastheim

So we’re now a week away from the big Xmas, so you’re already probably tired of the music that’s been playing since the middle of November. However, singer songwriter, Nicholas Krgovich, has a new Christmas album, Chris Mast Style, out under the fitting moniker Chris Mastheim. While some of us here at ATH abhor festive music usually, we agree that the song below works. “Children Go Where I Send Thee,” is nothing like you would ever really imagine it to be– a sleek synth pop recreation of a classic holiday tune. It’s pretty catchy actually, and if this is your bag, or you’re looking for sweet tunes to play at your Christmas Party, Chris Mastheim’s Christmas album is available for free right over here on his Bandcamp.

SQÜRL Covers The Velvet Underground


It’s a Thursday, so naturally I’m ready for any kind of track that’s weighty, and it’s a good thing that SQÜRL, the band formerly known as Bad Rabbit, are back– they released a track a few month ago from their third EP and now they’ve got this sweet cover of The Velvet Underground‘s, “Ocean.” Normally covers, let alone covers of legendary songs make me want to run in the opposite direction with my hands over my ears, but when I had a listen to this one I was simply entranced by the sonic heaviness of this track. The squalls of feedback and layers of instrumentation hit you in wave upon wave of noise and take you elsewhere. Enjoy the cover below and go order their EP #3 here.

Show Preview: The Honor Farm Kickstarter Kickoff @ Cheer Up Charlie’s


DateTONIGHT (12.18)
LocationCheer Up Charlie’s

Austin-based filmmaker Karen Skloss has a new project, The Honor Farm, which is a thriller set on prom night. To celebrate this new film and kick off it’s fundraising in style, head over to Cheer Up Charlie’s tonight in your best getup to go to the mock prom you wish your prom was, with spiked punch as well as some sweet bands. Playing tonight for you to get down to are: Wil CopePanoramasJohn Wesley Coleman, and DJs RT and Ray. Get on your dancing shoes and prom best and go have some fun while supporting your local film scene.

Stream a New EP from Connections

connectionsOne of the great little-known bands I’ve come across in the last few years has been Connections; I got turned onto them by a friend at the record store. They had a great effort, Into Sixes, that may have been drastically overlooked this year, but this new EP deserves a lot of attention. It’s a short little EP, offering up some more gems for fans of catchy power pop fans; it was just released this week by Hozac Records. I promise, you’ll love every song on the 5 Imaginary Boys EP.

Dark Jam From Pinecones


pinesPinecones are a band that have been in the works for several years, but crafted their first album, Sings For You Now, as a group earlier this year in April. The group combines previous experience with grindcore and punk influence, but before you nail them down to these two set genres, have a listen to what they’ve got for you in “Sleep is Forget,” below. The band is based off of the writings of Henry David Thoreau and Walt Whitman, so really, what more can you want? Jam with the band below and pick up their album over at the band’s Bandcamp page or from Arrowhawk Records. 

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Stream This NO/NO EP


NO/NO are a group from Milwaukee that has apparently risen from the ashes of former band The Delphines and are now all about making new wave shoegaze pop music. A few months ago, they released their debut EP, Drag, and are already back again with this EP, X.O. These four songs combine all the things you love about the aforementioned genres, and each one seems more infectious than the one before it. I’m really digging this whole EP, but especially the third track, “Red Flag,” which has not just the twee synth riff that carries the song, but a cutting and matching guitar part. The vocals combine both high and low, and that chorus should get those toes tapping away. If you don’t listen to this EP you’ll be sorry when this band is huge. Shoot, their sound is already pretty huge to me.

Get Grunge With Evans The Death

evans Evans The Death, if you haven’t heard of them, are a group of indie rockers currently from London who are at the cusp of putting out their sophomore record. Expect Delays is expected to come out March 10th of next year on Slumberland Records, but you can have a listen to the track below right this instant. “Don’t Laugh At My Angry Face” starts with a ton of feedback and continues this trend with guttural guitars and precision pauses before the song really hits its stride. Then the percussion just hits with waves of cymbals as the band takes you through with their stop-and-go tune. This song will melt your face off. In the best way. Listen.


Hear The New Kath Bloom Track

Hamblin (SE) - 4Connecticut Folk icon, Kath Bloom is back at it again, further continuing her 35 year long career. She’s got a new album for the first time in five years that’s set to be released in February of 2015, and we’re lucky enough to have a track from that record to share with you below. “Criminal Side,” off the forthcoming record, Pass Through Here, has this sort of patchwork feeling to it, where the emotive quality of Bloom’s warbling vocals come together with the acoustic guitar and the gentle oohs in the background to form a folksy, yet powerful track. Enjoy the track below and get ready for the new album out soon on Chapter Music. 

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