ATH @ X Games Austin 2015

ATH @ X Games Austin 2015

Read More ATH was invited to attend X Games and we agreed based on the strength of he local lineup that graced the big stage during...

New Snow Tha Product mixtape

Since her 2010 mixtape debut, Snow Tha Product has consistently proven herself to be one of the best rappers of the most recent era in hip-hop. She even gets my vote for the best active female rapper, without a doubt. Snow Tha Product’s most recent outing, The Rest Comes Later, is more of the consistency we’re used to from her: solid beats, incredible delivery, thought provoking song content, and the usual smattering of English/Spanglish/Spanish stemming from her Mexican-American upbringing in San Diego. She kicks off “The Rest Comes Later tour” next week, and the last leg of the tour has her coming through the Parish in Austin on August 14th. The Rest Comes Later can be streamed or downloaded for free via DatPiff. The video for her lead single on the mixtape “Bet That I Will” is below.

Show Preview: Jacco Gardner/EZTV @ Red 7 (7.4)

Panache Booking July 4th Event 2015

Date 07.04
Location Red 7
Doors 9 pm
Tickets 10$ Here

So you’ve been invited to three different barbecues and four different Fourth of July parties, and you simply can’t choose which one to go to. Solution: hit up Red 7 with me and some of your friends and rock out for ‘Mericuh Day. Here is your chance to catch not just one or two great acts, but four. Jacco Gardner is riding high off his trippy psychedelic folk release, Hypnophobia, while EZTV are sure to melt your face with their crisp and angular guitar playing. Dinner, another Captured Tracks artist, will mix things up with his trippy new age electronica, while Lonely Life will start the evening off with a little hardcore punk. Since doors are late, swing by those parties and then head on over to catch this great lineup. What is more american than celebrating your love of the jams for a low low price? Nothing, that’s what. Except maybe apple pie. Maybe.


Spastic Rock from Hierophants

11406892_873158592739142_6444236918764143221_nI don’t really no too much about Hierophants, other than they’re based in Australia and on Goner Records.  Both things are pretty much a guarantee of my own personal enjoyment but I want you to be the judge on your own.  The song opens up in a stutter of garage rock, but it doesn’t stay there for too long, instead blasting off into a spastic land where few bands dare to go.  The end of the track is something all together different from the opening moments, closing in this oddball bounce then moving to a crunchy outro; it all makes for a listen that you don’t get every day, which is well enough in my book. Parallax Error, the album, will be out in September.

Quiet Tune from It Hugs Back

10339324_10153356917913502_2714167228139630560_oIt’s been some time since I’ve heard from London’s It Hugs Back, but perhaps that’s my own ignorance.  The group was one of the first acts that I caught on to when shoegaze came back into the spotlight, but for their new album, it seems like they’re stretching the sound quite a bit.  Personally, I was drawn immediately to their lead single, “Somnolence,” which stretches out into five minutes of really elegant, yet soft, pop music. I love the way the vocal carefully sits atop the entire track, as if its just resting there. If you’re into it, you can grab Slow Wave now.

More From Jack + Eliza

jack:elizaLush male/female harmonies and retro surfy guitar? Sign me up. Jack + Eliza may have already grabbed your attention with their single “Oh No,” that Ray shared with you a little while back, but if not, now is the time to discover these two and get on board. I’m loving really everything about this track; the way the vocals seem to dominate the whole track with one harmony crashing into the next effortlessly while the guitar riffs give you that ‘boat dock at sunset’ vibe. I can’t stop spinning this song and now I’m properly excited for the band’s debut full length release of Gentle Warnings, which is out August 7th.


Los Colognes Bridge Country and Indie

loscoloLos Colognes are a group of gentleman from Nashville who have been around for quite some time, but in recent years redirected their focus on to refining their sound. They’ve got a new album on the horizon called Dos which is due out September 4th via Theory 8. From the sound of this single below, “Backseat Driver” it sounds like we can expect the band to walk the fine line between jangly indie rock and bluesy alt country. The vocals are slightly Dylan-esque while the honky tonk piano blazes through and trades off with the electric guitar.

Painted Palms Deliver Another Hit

paintedpalmsI am getting behind this new Painted Palms record in a big way. The previously released track had a slower groove to it, quite reminiscent of Jagwar Ma. “Tracers” brings more of the dance party using beachy vocals and digital pop goodness, quite reminiscent of Cut Copy with Yaz‘s synth punctuations.

Horizons was recorded with some former-DFA wizardry from Eric Broucek and will land on September 4th via Polyvinyl

Shelf Life Sounds Pretty Stellar

shelfsFor the last several years I’ve had a penchant for bedroom pop, wrapped in warped tape sounds, mixed with oddity a la Coma Cinema. This project from Philly’s Shelf Life reminds me of that, though the recording is a bit stronger, relying more upon the craftsmanship of the songwriting than on the process of lo-fidelity. The project is set to have its debut, Everyone Make Happy, released in September via Lefse, and this first single indicates a pretty remarkable start.  Tracks like this don’t just spring up every day, which is why I’m going to fawn on this all day long. You with me?

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