SXSW 2015 Interview: Moon Duo

SXSW 2015 Interview: Moon Duo

Read More Moon Duo is prepping the release of their new album, Shadow of the Sun, and with that, they'll also be coming into Austin...

Rock This Upbeat Lazeyes Tune (SXSW Artist)

blazyeyesYou needed something in the middle of the week to pick you up, right? Why not try on this angular new post-rock from Lazyeyes! It’s got these knifing guitar parts that cut back and forth through the song, almost creating a dancing euphoria, though the track’s pacing and vocals throw that a bit off-kilter. It’s filled with a hook, but it’s brevity makes it perfect in that you never grow bored, pressing play over and over again…just like this asshole. This is a brand new track, but if you like what you hear, then grab the band’s New Year EP…and see them at SXSW if you’re here with us.

Holly Miranda Has It All

hollyInstead of going on about how Holly Miranda is a female songwriter with looks and songs, let’s just enjoy listening to this great new single of hers.  I love the nonchalance in her lyrical display here, not to mention the coated fragility that seems to seep through.  And, instead of just giving us a singer-songwriter touch, she adds some atmospheric flourishes behind it all, strengthening the heart of the track; it puts her in a league where few other live…female or not.  Look for her self-titled LP to hit on May 19th via Dangerbird Records.

Jimmy Whispers Still Uses a Casio

jimHmmm.  Did Jimmy Whispers really bust out that old school Casio to serve as his background for his latest single?  Yeah, he did…and honestly, after my initial WTF moment, I’m definitely intrigued.  It’s his really his vocals that have won me over with his last few singles, so since those shine here, it’s still got me hooked.  I think some might be dissuaded by the song’s simplicity, but there’s something special in the oddity and audacity to just throw this track out.  Look for Summer In Pain, his new record, to hit stores on March 24th.

SXSW 2015 Interview: Gengahr

gengGengahr is building upon the hype they’ve been awarded in the UK, and now that they’ve got some acclaim overseas, they’re looking to make it big this year at SXSW…introducing themselves to US audiences.  We caught up with the band briefly for a little history on their name and some other points that should get you ready to catch one of the hottest new acts in Europe.  All answers come from Felix.  Read More

Digging This New Van Dale Jammer

vandWhen you press play on the tune below, you’re going to think it’s your run-of-the-mill indie rocker; it’s got a decent pace, but it’s mostly relaxed college rock (not that that’s bad by any means).  Still, you’ve got to hold on as Van Dale unleashes some crunchy guitar that brings a boisterous bit of noise to the typical affair.  It takes on a tone of what I always dreamed and hoped Weezer would become…they didn’t…so we’ve got these guys to bring it instead.  On March 31st, the trio will release their self-titled album via Fleeting Youth Records.


SXSW 2015 Hip-Hop: E-40

In an interview during last year’s SXSW, California bay area rapper G-Eazy likened E-40’s influence in the bay area to Jay-Z’s in New York City. In terms of originality, innovation, longevity, relevance through several eras of hip-hop, and business prowess, it’s hard to argue 47-year-old E-40’s importance in hip-hop. This influence even includes E-40’s 27-year-old son Droop-E, who has been successfully producing for a bevy of west coast artists since 2004. One of my favorite revelations about E-40 came in 2014 when it was discovered that E-40 used more unique words in his work than Shakespeare in a side by side comparison of the first 35,000 words used in each artist’s work (he wasn’t the only rapper who out did Shakespeare, but definitely the only rapper in his genre of hip-hop). E-40 has been putting out a minimum of two albums per year since 2010 with his most recent album including guest spots from Dej Loaf, Ty Dolla $ign, Kirko Bangz, and others. And we all heard E-40’s verse on Big Sean’s break up anthem from 2014 “IDFWU”. E-40’s presence at SXSW is a huge deal and should not be missed. He’s scheduled to perform at The Roosevelt Room on Friday, March 20, 1:20 a.m.-1:50 a.m. E-40’s “Tell Me When To Go” from the height of the Hyphy movement is below.

Brand New Joanna Gruesome

grewsumThis new Joanna Gruesome has to be one of the hottest commodities not yet out there; I feel like everyone is talking about it…and no one is saying a bad word.  So, when a band and a record like that comes along, the best thing we can do is to turn up the singles, and prematurely (possibly unjustly) make up our mind. This tune has a real soft side, which is one of the reason’s I’m in love with it. Still, the band brings  their tenacity, switching between that softness and a brash bit of rock n’ roll.  Look for Peanut Butter to hit on May 11th via Slumberland Records/Fortuna Pop.

TV Colours Finally Get A US Release

tvcLooking for a good rock n’ roll record? Well, you’ll finally be able to get your hands on the great TV Colours album, Purple Skies, Toxic River. The Australian group released this killer LP back in 2013, and there’s a real raw energy in it that just blows out your speakers.  It’s rare when you can find something that harnesses the energy and tenacity of a group on a vinyl format, but I feel like this little gem will win many over.  It hasn’t really been available in the US as of now, but on April 14th, Comedy Minus One will be releasing 500 copies over here, so be on the look out to add this one to your collection.

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