ACL Interview: Nightbox

ACL Interview: Nightbox

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Another Great Tune from Evil Arrows

evolMan, I’m really loving this stuff from Evil Arrows.  During the hours when I’m feeling the need for relaxation, I put on this act.  There’s something about them…something that reminds me of Superdrag (one of the most underrated acts in my opinion). They’ve got this spin that’s half-pop, yet a little bit out there in the world, filling space with cascading solos and crashing cymbal work.  Sure, it’s the softer side of rock n’ roll, but it’s right up my alley.  If you like what you hear, look around for the bands EP 4, which comes out today.

A Little Dream with Methyl Ethel

740088_718075458235398_671062281685800029_oAs I’m finally getting back on top of life, I’ve come across this gem from Methyl Ethel that I seem to have glanced over mistakenly, as there’s no other reason for that exclusion on our site.  Recently they gave this tune a live spin via THIS VIDEO, but I’m stuck on the swirling guitar work that casually glides like only the dreamiest pop songs can.  A nice little echo on the vocals smooths things out just a bit, completing my love of the tune. They’re wrapping up the finishing touches on their debut album, so I’ll keep you posted on the Aussie outfit.

More New Music from Cool Ghouls

socoolSome bands just get you. Their sound encompasses everything you’ve been enjoying over the last however long, which is where my infatuation with Cool Ghouls begins.  They’ve got this semi-folk feel to their sound, though admittedly, it’s been more folk than semi.  That being said, the newest single from the group has a nice touch to it that seems to amplify the band’s sound; I love the way the vocals hold onto a gang approach. If you’re looking for something that adheres to the current psychedelia cum folk realm, then check out their new album, A Swirling Fire Burning Through the Rye, when it hits on November 11th via Empty Cellar Records.

Furrow is my Jam

10575140_727232720682711_5461754013417150931_oUgh. I’m really in a rock n’ roll mood as of late.  I’m just tired of the indie rock tropes, so I just want something I can turn up really loud…today it just happens to be Furrow.  The UK act have recently released their West Felton LP via Bleeding Gold Records, and this tune is probably one of my favorites.  Starting slow, it picks up pretty quickly with this fuzzy riff and bouncing drum beat; vocals are shouted our way with a bit of ferocity. It’s simple in the grand scheme of things, but often those are the things that blow me away the most.  Give this a whirl folks.

ACL Interview: The Rosebuds

rosebudsWe’re just a few short days from the kick-off of ACL Festival, and we’ve been trying our hardest to support the acts we love.  We caught up with The Rosebuds, who released Sand + Silence earlier this year via Western Vinyl, for a quick little interview.  Here’s what they Ivan to say.

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Show Review: The War on Drugs @ Stubb’s 9/28

photo 4 Last night at Stubb’s was a night for a little hillbilly-esque rock and roll, as Philidelphia’s The War on Drugs made their way to Austin once again to play the hits off their stunning release, Lost In The Dream, which came out to great praise earlier this year. A fair number of folks eventually turned up for this Sunday night show, albeit, mostly after the opening band, Califone, were halfway through their set. Read more about how the night unfolded after the jump.

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Austin Spotlight: New Single from Genuine Leather

genwineThe last we heard from Genuine Leather was the group’s second album, Losers, but they’re back today with a crisp bit of guitar pop to help make your day.  If, like me, you love a good bit of guitar work, then this is going to be the perfect song for you.  They’re definitely  nostalgically leaning riffs, with a bit of crunch working to aid the hook in the vocal chorus.  There’s no word yet as to whether this single is a one-off or if it’s prepping for the group’s next release…expect us to keep you updated on that front in the near future.

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