Stream Infinity Rock N Roll from Jack Lee

Jack Lee might be better known in the US as the frontman for Beef Jerk, who released the excellent (and slightly overlooked) Tragic on Trouble in Mind Records. But, he’s got several solo efforts under his belt, with the latest being released today via Beko Disques. Right now, I’m really enjoying the diversity of the listen, taking on several styles, kicking out varying moods. Personally, I’ve gravitated towards “What You Don’t Do” as my favorite, like a weird world where Dan Treacy tries to take on modern casual pop. Oh, and I’d kick myself if I didn’t throw out the name Stephanie Ohlback; she’s serves as the vocal foil to Lee on almost every song, but perfectly shines on her own on “Taps Aff” and “Pieces.” And there I go, changing my mind on what my favorite hit from this LP is. You should just stream Infinity Rock N’ Roll and figure it out for yourself!

Quiet Beauty From The Saxophones

Oakland based The Saxophones have received their fair share of coverage on our site over the years. All ATH staff members have been continually mesmerized by the quiet, yet still powerful feeling to all of their songs. I’m yet again pleased to share another hit from the band entitled “Aloha”. I suggest giving it multiple spins as each and every listen unfolds something beautiful to really enjoy.

You can purchase this song a new 7″ single by clicking here. Via Full Time Hobby.

Twain Was Made for You

Twain has already garnered huge interest on the Interwebs due to their biggest fan, indie darlings Big Thief. It’s high time you get acquainted, as you’re likely hear a whole lot more. Looped drums work beneath twinkling guitar notes, but the dynamism in the vocals, will win your heart. Be it cowboy croon, folk yelp or earnest delivery, every vocal note turned captivates the listener. This is what music was meant to sound like; it’s emotionally sweeping, yet sincere and personal. Congrats to our friends at Keeled Scales who will be releasing Rare Feeling on October 20th!

Fieldings Announce Debut LP

This song stuck with me immediately because of the looped piano bit that begins the track, then Lucinda Hearn entered…taking me over the edge. She has this fragility in the way her notes reach out, as if they could possibly fold beneath at any given time. As the song progress, pace is added with textured beats and guitar pieces. There’s almost an atmospheric nod to it as well, furthering the place for Fieldings in my listening rotation. Look for her new Soft Tissue LP to drop via Drunken Piano.

Tasty Tune from My Sad Captains

My Sad Captains will be releasing their new album Sun Bridge in just a couple of weeks (October 6th), but I hope you’ll take a minute to enjoy this new single before you move on with your day. There’s a really mellow vibe to the tune, with the vocals coming through your speakers like careful whispers in your ear; it reminds me of the Clientele in a lot of ways, though perhaps a bit less ornate. Those of you who haven’t yet listened to the group should take this pleasant number with you today; it’s bound to make the day infinitely better.

Beautiful Music from Lean Year

One of the great things about following labels is that you can identify certain sonic similarities in the work they put out, much like Western Vinyl who’ve worked with artists like Balmorhea (among others). Sure, Lean Year doesn’t have the exact same sound, but if you listen carefully, you’ll be absorbed by the band’s cinematic quality (perhaps owed to Rick Alverson’s participation). Every note seems to have been dropped perfectly in place, every vocal line placed precisely in position. Quiet throughout, you’ll likely find yourself immersed in the expanse the band has created for you. Their self-titled album will drop in your lap (I hope) on October 20th.

Reptaliens Dabble In Indiepop

I’m not sure exactly where Reptaliens are going with their album FM 2030, and perhaps that’s the most exciting thing about the band. Here, on their latest single, the band seems to be heading in the direction of casual indiepop, of which you know I’m a huge fan. The guitars seems slightly muted, yet jangly; the vocals are gentle and perfectly placed in the mix; you can hear little touches of horns and synths to flesh it all out. I mean, if you’re looking for a really chilled out pop song to spend your day with, then you’re going to want to take this one out for a spin. Look for the bands new LP on October 6th via Captured Tracks.

Premiere New Suburban Birds Hit

We first caught onto Suburban Birds back when they dropped their EP, but since then, they’ve been holed up inside the studio working on their debut LP. Today we’ve got this delightful number for you, bringing in elements of psychedelia, sunshine and harmonies to create a track that gives you a groovy dose of escapism. Rather than ride it out to the end, the group pulls back the pace and allows for a bit of deconstruction with their own structures..stripping things down until the audio fizzles out. Lituya Bay is sure to be a journey, so join up with them when the album drops on September 26th.

Show Pics: Two Door Cinema Club @ ACL Live (9/21)

We are suckers for a good pop song, especially of the British variety. I don’t think there is a band doing better work in a live setting than Two Door Cinema Club. They have been touring pretty much non-stop for the last year hitting ACL last year early in the record release cycle, now back at the end of the finishing out the festival junket.

I figured I might as well take an opportunity to get some photos, shimmy and channel my inner tween. They brought Circa Waves along. They are from Liverpyyoool.

Click through, I kinda dig these photos. I was playing with shutter speeds in stroby lights. Plus, this is the best sounding setting possible, thanks ACL Live.

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Brilliant New Song From Shout Out Louds

I have no idea why ATH has yet to talk about the new Shout Out Louds records… Let me apologize profusely for our absent mindedness and hit you with latest teaser track from the new album “Paola”. Just sneaking in before the album’s release date tomorrow, this new single is classic SOL material and I couldn’t be happier. The rhythm section creates this tight, driving force to the song as the vocals from Adam Olenius play off the sounds perfectly. I forgot how much I like this band.

Shout Out Louds will release Ease My Mind on Merge tomorrow. Buy yourself a copy here.

Paola by Shout Out Louds on VEVO.

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