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Operator Music Band Announce Duo Duo

I was real high on Operator Music Band‘s Coordination EP back in 2017, and it looks like they aim to continue their rhythmic intoxication with their new album, Duo Duo. It’s like spaced-age art pop, with the vocal interplay between Dara Hirsch and Jared Hiller crating the gravitational pull for listeners; it’s like they’re offering up some sort of call and response poem. In other bits, it’s the little nuanced touches that really bring the song some depth; you’ll hear these little discordant guitar stabs just around the 1 minute mark, later unfolding to a more atmospheric wash atop the song’s distant horizon. It’s quite a marvel, leading me to believe that Duo Duo will be something special; it drops September 20th via Broken Circles.

Kevin Krater Shares Pretty Boy

I really enjoyed last year’s Toss Up from Kevin Krater, so I’m looking for him to keep the pace with this new follow-up single. It’s almost as if he’s afraid of his voice here, scared he might frighten himself, so he turns his tones towards an overwhelming gentleness. This suits the track perfectly, giving room for the guitar to sort of rise and fall and rise and fall, all the while ensnaring the vocals in their own trap. In the end, it’s you the listener that is likely to fall for the trap, ensnared in the song’s natural hypnotic state. Quite a nice return, if I must say.

Show Pics: Operators @ 3Ten (6/21)

Operators is on tour right now. I saw them live. You should, too.

Current touring lineup is Devojka, Sam Brown and Dan Boeckner. It is a tight trio across the front of the stage letting you pick if you want drums, guitar/vox or synths front and center for your earholes. I will ruin any form of review by just telling you it was so good. The collision of this band, visuals from the display screen behind and outstanding sound in the venue made for a fantastic night for fans.

DOOMSQUAD, a Toronto trio of two sisters and a brother, laid down quirky disco grooves in their opening spot as a bonus.

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Poppongene Share Not Wrong Video

Poppongene might not be a name on everyone’s tongue just yet, but Sophie Treloar’s project definitely will turn some heads with this new single. At first, it’s the voice that really draws you in, dangling through your speakers as it allows for the guitars to carefully ring from behind. I was fully immersed, just lost in the song, much as our character is in the video, pushing through life. But, just after the 2 minute mark things start to take on a bit more volume, layers are added to continually flesh the track out…and with that Treloar’s voice reveals this beautiful softness that caresses your ear holes. This song will appear on a new EP via Our Golden Friend later this year.

Show Preview: The Appleseed Cast @ Baracuda (6.27)

Date Thursday, June 27th
Location Barracuda
Doors 8:00 PM
Tickets $13 @ Eventbrite

Saving you more blabbing about my fandom of the legendary Lawrence, KS band The Appleseed Cast, this is a simple post to remind you about the band’s show at Barracuda on Thursday. Doors for the show open at 8pm with our local amigo Booher opening up the night with L.A. based Tennis System fulfilling the direct support slot. From what I’ve read online, it sounds like the new stuff is killing it live. Speaking of, the band’s new album The Fleeting Light of Impermanence is currently available for pre-order, but I also hear the band have some copies of the vinyl for sale on tour. See you there!

Say Hi To Frass Green

D.C. based musician Joe Antoshak has worked for several years with his project known as Frass Green. Though originally a solo gig, Antoshak put together a 4 piece band under his moniker and has toured a bit around the D.C. area over the last year. Currently on the up and up, the band is also sharing more music online, starting with this sweet new track called “Hair”. It is an inspiring pop song built in the vein of garage rock with tons of energy and fun vibes to boot. If you are feeling this one, the band currently has a new album called For You streaming over on bandcamp. Enjoy!

Discus Share Watch the Milk Turn Dry

When you reach out to us with news of a new band comprised of members of Clearance and Pool Holograph, you can’t expect us to pass it up, can you? No way! Especially when Discus brings as good of a track as “Watch the Milk Turn Dry.” The tune has these cavernous vocals that seep into the crevices that surround you, surrounding you in this dreamy cocoon you won’t want to escape. All the while, discordant chords dance around the voice, circling them as the drums lead your toes to that impulsive tap that lets your body know what a great song you’ve got at your ears. This tune will appear on a new LP, which is slated for a Fall release via Balaclava Records.

Starman Jr Shares Speed

It’s been a couple of years since Starman Jr, the project of Adam Porter, has popped up on our radar, but today feels like the perfect day to listen to his new work. At first, I was drawn to the intricate, yet intimate, feel of the guitar work on this tune; you’ve got to really pull your head down towards your speakers to take in every single note. But, going back again and again, I realized his voice was exactly what made the song. It has this quality, like its an old recording left behind by a dear friend or lover, crafting nostalgia while still giving you comfort; I feel like he left it out there in the world for me, or maybe for you. This tune will appear on a new LP, slated to drop later this year via Muscle Beach Records.

Check Out Jayomi

Some bands slide under the radar, but luckily I was able to stumble upon Seattle’s Jayomi, as I’m totally in love with their Wet Burrito EP. The track below has this bouncing indiepop goodness with those dancing guitar lines that glisten in the front of the mix; you should be tapping your toes within the first 20 seconds. Distortion kicks in and it sounds like the band’s going to bound off, but they pull off, letting the guitar trickle down for the ceiling so as to drape some dreamy vocals across your lap. It’s like the perfect blend of the dream/indie pop world, with the rest of the EP leaving you with bits just as promising.

New Track from Brother Sports

Just as I was dropping a note on what was cool in Austin, Brother Sports snuck in behind me and dropped this great little tune on Friday. The vocals sort of remind me of the Growlers, sort of that wayward casual cool. But, musically, they’re off in their own world, blending these dreamy guitar notes with a heavy rhythm; I love how there’s this guitar line that seems to sort of ride across the track rather than just get played…you’ll have to listen to hear what I hear. Be sure you stick around beyond 3 minutes because they break things down, hammering their sound in your ear as they reach some psychedelic breakdown to close the track out. Another day, another rad tune in Austin.

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