Glyders Share Wrong Sometimes Right

Having just returned from a Chicago jaunt to see my favorite UK band Sorry, I find myself diving into the local scene there more and more. Windy City based Glyders came on my radar this morning with their new song “Wrong Sometimes Right” and it seems to fit perfectly with my mellow Monday mood. I love the way this thing grooves a little bit while offering hints of country twang and soothing, light harmonies. Check it out below.

Glyders will release their debut album Maria’s Hunt on January 20th via Drag City. Pre-orders are live now.

Connections Prep Cool Change

We’ve got tons of coverage on Connections here on our site, going way way back. But, last week they made us super happy, announcing a new record, again on our fave, Trouble in Mind Records. They dropped a single with the below video, highlighting the juxtaposition between nature and humanity. Personally, this feels like a road trip, from the backseat of my dad’s car. There’s something in the hurried jangling that rings through the speakers that feels like the world zooming by quickly, with an earnest singer soothing my soul through the headphones of my old Walkman. While it might give me some nostalgic daydreams, the label and the band are constant evolving with the new sounds, so be sure to keep your ears peeled for Cool Change, coming your way in March.

KUS Drops Lessinghof + Share Unreleased The New Lines Tune

Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten is one of our favorite labels, dropping beautiful pop pieces from all across the globe, and doing so in a rather exclusive fashion! They just reminded us that they’ve currently got their Lessinghof compilation available, gathering a bunch of tunes that have never before been pressed to vinyl, including one of the more recent ATH Records acts, Love, Burns! You’ll get a few covers, some obscure stuff and even some new tunes, but, I wanted to share with you this track from the New Lines. It’s apparently an old unreleased tune, which makes sense as the band have been quiet since 2016’s Love and Cannibalism; it was the perfect reminder I needed to go back and fall in love with that record again! Anyways, new and old tunes of the pop variety all in one great compilation, so get on it!

Penkowski Share Raining + Release New LP

It’s that time of year when I start going through tons of old emails I’ve saved and then forgotten, for whatever reason that is. One of those projects was Swiss outfit Penkowski, who just recently dropped Final Destination Disneyland. If you’re taking your first bite of the LP, it’s got this brash post-punk feel, which is why I wanted to share “Raining.” It’s this thoughtful piece of art pop that kind of has this crooning swagger; it’s hanging out in the middle of this raucous record like some sort of drunken karaoke singer, serenading an audience full of sullen hipsters…they’d absolutely love it, like we do. Give this jam a listen, then turn up the volume and listen to the whole LP!

Pete Astor Shares New Religion Video

About a month back, legendary Pete Astor (The Loft/The Weather Prophets) dropped a new record, Time on Earth, which received great praise from all over the indie sphere. Today, we’re here to share the video for “New Religion,” which is features footage of Astor, layered atop other video samples, with a mix of common objects. It brings to mind what Pete has said about the track, tossing out the line “we have all sorts of things to believe in…Johnny Thunders…Golden Dawn…I just sing about it;” it’s a sort of hodgepodge where we’re all actively seeking to find our footing in the world. Musically, you’ve got to stick around for the chorus, as it’s worth the price of entry alone. Astor’s heavy tones in the verse quickly spin into this more ethereal melody, churning out a hook that you’ll be humming throughout the day. Time on Earth is now available via Tapete Records.

Robert Forster Shares Tender Years

Our first glimpse into Robert Forster‘s new album was the heartbreaking “She’s a Fighter,” which detailed Forster’s wife current battle with cancer. On this new single, Robert takes on that personal level all over, yet in this instance, it feels like something that could aptly be applied to any listener’s life…it’s that timelessness that always draws me into Robert’s work. The video reveals Robert dancing and singing in his kitchen, and perhaps my favorite moment comes right after the 3 minute mark. Robert takes to soloing, and form there, the song ventures into familiar Forster territory, where you get to hear the past and present of his songwriting all collide into this beautifully warm pop track. I’m not going to lie here…this might be one of my favorite post-GB Forster tracks, period. The Candle and the Flame is out on February 3rd via Tapete Records.

Dress Warm Release A Cowboy on Ice EP

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Dress Warm over here, as the band are an upstart act from our home; they’ve just released their new EP, A Cowboy on Ice. The one song we hadn’t heard as of yet is the nicely strummed “Close,” which wraps up the four-song listen. It operates on a nice little bedroom beat and gentle strum, but then it bursts into life, albeit momentarily as the group pull back to really hit those warm indie rock notes that make guitar pop so enjoyable. I really appreciate the band maneuvering back and forth in this track, mixing up the pacing, allowing the song to really swell into something lasting. Here’s “Close,” but be sure to check out the whole EP.

Strawberry Fuzz Share Wasting My Time

Well, in case you needed a blast to get some energy to deal with your family, we suggest trying out Venice’s Strawberry Fuzz. While the sound hits heavy, mixing in various genres to grab all the fans they can, the band have a particular “no bullshit” policy in their craft. They’re out here just smashing through your speakers, detailing all the ways in which the singer Colby Rodgers manages to waste his time. As his voice peaks, it turns from bravado into a primal yell, pummeling your eardrums, just as the song’s done all the way through. If you’re digging, this is just part of a 3-song teaser via CandyShop, letting you know what’s on the way.

Stream Two New Tracks from the Ovens Reissue

While the world might not be entirely aware of Ovens and their history, the indie world surely knows of Tony Molina and his gifted songwriting. He released several great LPs via Slumberland and has since dropped a few more, but we’re here to talk about his earlier work in Ovens. The San Fan band are getting the reissue of their work via Tankcrimes, and there’s now two more tracks available from the collection. Honestly, you’d be best suited to jump to Bandcamp and play these songs in succession. They’re perfectly matched, “Good Idea” offering Tony’s softer side, teasing his craft of melody before jumping right into the ripper that is “Bad Day.” The Ovens collection drops on December 2nd.

Say Hello To Angel Twin

Well things are winding down around the ATH offices for the holiday break, but we’ve still got a few more tunes this week before shutting things down. Up today is a new tune, from a relatively new project, called “Ride” by way of Fort Worth upstart Angel Twin. It’s like they’ve taken some of the best parts of shoegaze and then melding it with super dreamy and bright elements of indie pop. This is going to be hitting all of my Holiday playlists for the weekend.

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