I Went To Three More Days Of ACL

I Went To Three More Days Of ACL

Read More On Monday, I was tired. The four days between ACL Weekends included a day of recovery, a full week's work of the day...

Have A Nice Weekend

10644280_10154566418645301_7516351349019480014_oNathan intro’ed you to Niagara in a post in June. Their album, Don’t Take It Personality, is now out. I went back to listen today and figured I would share this one.

So, y’all have a nice weekend. I’ll see you at Erasure or Sharon Van Etten/Allo Darlin’. Busy Saturday. Home tonight. Flank steak marinated in red wine garlic, thyme, oregano and olive oil, maybe some roasted leeks, I like to cook. #themoreyouknow

Did You Hear That New Parquet Courts Track?

parquetYes. You’ve by now heard about the new Parquet Courts song (and LP), but at the risk of redundancy, I’m going to post it too.  One, I really like this song; it’s like the band doing their best Bill Callahan impression…it’s a damn good impression.  Two, the guy that owns their label, What’s Your Rupture, is one of my Top 5 Nicest Dudes in Rock n’ Roll. Seriously. Nicest dude. Good friend. The new LP is called Content Nausea, and might feature some variance on the project’s sound, as we witness the band indulging in influences we might not have noticed early on.  This is probably one of my favorite tracks of the week; the rest of the album is out December 2nd.

Another Listen to New Cult of Youth

cultThe last track I heard from Cult of Youth saw the band exploring some new territory, but their latest single has them revisiting their own hallowed ground.  This song opens with a strummed guitar ringing, as if they’re creating this huge pop sphere that’s waiting to explode. However, Sean Ragon’s darkened vocal touch takes away from that world, offering a more balance approach.  For me, I’m stuck on the lyrics and the emotional appeal of the musical construction, so I’ll be picking up the band’s new effort, Final Days, when its released by Sacred Bones on November 11th.

Still In Love with Cool Ghouls

coolzI can’t explain to you how much I’m anticipating the newest release from Cool Ghouls.  As the weather finally cools down in Austin (then heats back up), I’m thirsting for the perfect tunes for my backyard party playlist.  You know the sort, where the songs are going to grab the attention of a few of your friends, but the rest will let it fade into the background.  Still, it’ll start a conversation about great records, and I’m thinking that this next opus, A Swirling Fire Burning Through the Rye, will be just that conversation starter.  It’s got a drape of psychedelia atop a Brian Wilson harmony village…sounds perfect.  Look for the release from Empty Cellar on November 11th.

Sat/Sun Austin Weekend Show Spotlight

austinAs I said yesterday, there’s tons of places you can find yourself this weekend for a good old fashioned music concert.  But, maybe you need a suggestion or two as to where you wanna go? Well, I’m here to point you in the right direction, based on my extremely biased opinion.  Feel free to ignore these options, or play everyone’s favorite game of Where’s Norman Wanklord? Here’s the list. Read More

Quieted Folk from Angelo De Augustine

spiralzIt’s been years, and I hate to even bring it up, but where’s the next Elliot Smith in this world? If I’m going to throw a name into the hat, it might just be Angelo de Augustine.  I’m not saying that they sound exactly alike, as there’s no fun in that, but there are similarities in the recordings and the intimacy.  There’s a soft touch that makes its way to your heart, and few artists can pull that off.  I know my hopes are high here, but there’s a special place in my heart reserved for music of this sort, so I’m eager to see what the entirety of his Spirals of Silence LP sounds like.  Take a quiet spin today, and pick up the album on November 18th.

Fun Rocker from Native America

grownupThere’s really no typifying the sound of this new Native America single.  There’s definitely a more raucous element than your typical fare, but that breakdown in the end puts the band’s feet in traditional indie rock land. Personally, I’m preferring the grittier elements to the tune, but it also demonstrates how the band’s sound can branch out in varying directions.  That should make the release of their new album, Grown Up Wrong, quite a satisfying listen.  It’ll be available on November 18th via Inflated Records; you’ll enjoy it or else!

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Download: Native America – Digital Lobotomy [MP3]

Hello There Step-Panther

stepI ran across Step-Panther a few weeks back, and dammit if BV didn’t beat me to posting about the group.  On the first few seconds the latest single from the Aussie act has a tendency to dwell in the realm of modern emo (I know that will scare some folks), but I implore you to listen on, as they near the perfect jangle pop that our friends in Literature have created as of late.  It’s infectious and begging to be played over and over again on your speakers.  Listen to this track all day and see if you can grab the group’s Strange But Nice LP while you’re at it.

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