ATH @ Austin Psych Fest’s Levitation 2015

ATH @ Austin Psych Fest’s Levitation 2015

Read More Time to reflect on Levitation 2015. I liked the name change away from Austin Psych Fest when it was announced as there...

Wrap Up Your Day with EZTV

ezIt’s been sort of a slow day around the offices of late, especially today.  But, I wanted to close off this afternoon with music that seems to be contrary to the continuously dreary weather in Austin…enter EZTV.  They’ve released several singles, and I don’t think I’ve found one from the band yet that I haven’t liked.  This one takes on the common fascination with great relaxed guitar pop; you’ll recognize the guitar sound immediately, while fawning over the vocal approach. Calling Out, the band’s debut LP will be out by Captured Tracks on July 10th, a long with a slew of summer tour dates.

The Hussy Changing Things Up

hussyAfter adding in some layers of synthesizer to their last effort, Pagan Hiss, the Hussy have stripped it all down, just focusing on guitar work with varying percussive and string elements added for texture. The group’s first single from Galore has that psych bounce that’s been popularized by group’s like Thee Oh Sees; they do seem to play these songs with a heavier hand than most, which gives them that dosage of differentiation. They’ve got a huge tour lined up for the early summer months, including Austin dates at Cheer Ups and the Yellowjacket.  Look for the release on Southpaw Records on June 30th.

C-Duncan Brings You Psych Folk

11071582_792938767442224_2465989073659043795_nPsych and Folk? What isn’t there to love in those two genres, not to mention when they’re juxtaposed nicely together. Well, C-Duncan from Glasgow is a gentleman who has these two genres nicely laid out for you in this song below called, “Garden.” The swirling blend of acoustic guitar and sweetly soft vocals give you the mix without overwhelming you with either style. Instead the song is clear and lush, both a little trippy and a little down to earth. Check it out.


Download This Gorgeous Bully Tune

11073436_867749073263478_1577676898116032283_oA few years ago I caught wind of Gorgeous Bully, a little Manchester act specializing in hook-laden pop tunes.  I had completely forgotten about them until the wonders of iTunes random shuffle put them back on my radar.  I hustled to their page and found that the band has recently released a new tune as part of the If There’s Hell Below Compilation; it came out right after they released their new LP, Dumb Ideals.  It’s precisely the sort of tune that begs you to play it again, using simple percussion and a big vocal grab to pull you into the song’s magical powers. It’s a pretty chilled out approach, but those of you in the vein of delicious pop music will want to jump on this download immediately.

Here Comes a New LP from The Cairo Gang

cairoHaving been a fan of The Cairo Gang for a bit now, I think the most impacting thing I always carry with me is Emmet Kelly’s voice.  There’s something familiar about it, like a Pollard-Costello blend, yet there’s still something distinctive that makes it stand out to my ears. And, on the first single from the group’s new offering, it sounds like Kelly’s voice and a heavy dosage of power-pop are going to be the standard for Goes Missing, the newest LP.  It’s going to have a release date of June 23rd via God? Records, so be sure to add it to your summer listening list.

No Joy Deliver Again

untitledNo Joy is a Montreal based band I’ve been into since the band first kicked off back in 2009.  A genre is difficult to come up with for the group as they mesh some of the best shoe gaze sounds with psych and pop elements.  Maybe you can come up with something better after you check out this new single “Hollywood Teeth”.  Labels or no labels, the band creates short yet memorable tunes.

Pick up new album, More Faithful, on June 9th via Mexican Summer.

Quiet Balladry from Head Clouds

headyI wanted to continue with our Australian themed day by looking over at Head Clouds, which is the product of Jayke Maddison.  In listening to his latest single, there feels like there’s two separate movements happening, especially once the song takes a turn just before the 2 minute mark. The pop aspect is smoothed out, adding in a more pronounced bit of percussion to elevate Maddison’s voice into a loftier place. There’s a new EP in the works, with growth on the mind of Jayke, clearing making a push for the most pristine pop music coming out of Gold Coast.

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Download: Head Clouds – New Light of the Equinox

Show Pics: Braids @ Stubb’s (5/23)

Braids didn’t know they were headlining a show at Stubb’s last Saturday. Fans of Purity Ring sat through buckets of rain to get up front for their fave, hoping to be rewarded for their steadfast weather-proofing to dance a bit. Braids, though, was my primary objective having seen Purity a Ring a few times in the past. We all know how bad the storms got late Saturday, and then on Sunday and Monday; Stubb’s made the right call to get people out of the venue when they did. I know Purity Ring fans were disappointed, but Braids did their best to entertain and the crowd was super happy to be seeing any show at all after all the weather they endured to get inside.

Click through for a few more thoughts and plenty of pics.

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