Check Out This Dream Version Ditty

Guitar rock is alive and well in Chicago, with several acts breaking out like Ne-Hi. But, I don’t think I’ve heard a band take the same approach that Dream Version is pushing through your speakers. The riffs are pretty jagged/angular, knifing their way through the mix while synthesizers fade in and out of the background. It almost gives the song a bounce or an added-step, elevating the group beyond your standard fare of modern indie heroes. It’s almost punk rock, but its definitely cool, so I’ll give it my meaningless seal of approval. Look for their sophomore LP, Fight Fair, on July 7th.

Liven Up Your Day With Bloody Your Hands

New York based Bloody Your Hands might be one of the tightest bands instrumentally I’ve heard in quite awhile. As a three piece, it’s crazy that these guys can produce such a loud and intricate sound. New single, “Wandering Home”, is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. The pace is intense, the timing is impeccable, and the breakdowns offer a nice emotional break from the ferocity.

New album Monsters Never Die is out on July 7th.

More New Suspirians Jams

When you glimpse the length of this song, you’re likely to be a little taken aback by the near 9 minute opus Austin’s Suspirians have crafted. But, do your best to pay attention, as the trio takes you on a brooding jam filled with heavy riffs and squalling vocals. I actually love the steadying pace of the tune’s opening minutes, working riffs, guitars and vocals all into one wall of blissed out heavy noise. They almost take a stab at a psychedelic jam, yet their howling vocals bellowing in and out keep the song from sounding mundane. Ti Bon Ange will be released by Super Secret Records on June 9th.

STRFKR Offers Glimpse Into Their Beautiful Past

I hate to say it, but I’m really intrigued with the past of STRFKR. They’ve slowly been releasing looks into their formation with their Vault Series, and it’s a totally different feel than the world they’ve crafted most recently. Their latest single, which popped up last week really evoked a Spiritualized vibe…not a bad thing. It’s a solemn listen, with personal lyrics drifting over really ornate synth construction…even featuring some spaced out flourishes. It’s amazing to see how the band has grown, and makes me curious as to where these songs have traveled? Maybe it’s all a joke and this is the future of the band. Either way, I’ll be happy just to know work like this is out there. Look for Vault Vol. 2 on July 3rd.

More Music from Au.Ra

I love the combination between delicate and dreamy that the latest works from Au.Ra have brought through my speakers…this seems to further add to that. Still, the group is able to flesh out some of the sweet spots and take things to a noisier side; for instance, careful guitar strumming parts for distorted riffs to shake the picture in the song’s early moments. It all fades out into a drifting bit of pop sensation that you’ll rush to hear again. Seems like good things are on the horizon with the band’s Cultivations due June 20th via Felte.

Stream In Phrases from Zebra Hunt

I can’t really say enough nice things about the new record from Zebra Hunt that just came out on Friday. I’ve long been a fan of the band, but there’s an apparent maturity from the very first track that plays through your speakers. They still nod to some of the janglier moments that make their music perfect for pop fans, but they’ve also move into a territory where the Replacements meet Flying Nun Records. “What I Want” is the band’s big single; we’ve previously covered it, but I’m stuck on “2005.” It has a slight bounce and a yearning sensation that has become part of my daily listening rotation. It’s great to see a band with such promise rise to the occasion and blow you away. Not convinced? Stream for In Phrases yourself.

The Districts Give Us Another Hit

Some of us ATH members have been hyping The Districts for quite awhile now and it’s just about damn time that the rest of you got on board as well. If you weren’t with us yet, latest single “If Before I Wake” is sure to change your mind immediately. The guitars soar, the drums are hit with ferocity, and the vocals are timed perfectly with major emotions behind them. How could you say no to this song? Seriously.

The Districts will release Popular Manipulations on August 11th via Fat Possum Records.

Circling Back on Soccer Mommy

Last week Soccer Mommy dropped her latest single from her forthcoming, Collection. It had to be one of the more buzzed about acts of last week, and deservedly so…as Sophia definitely has upped her game since some of her earliest recordings. The opening moments are grand, circling guitars around the vocals, but what grabbed me was that added punch to just around the 2 minute mark, carrying a huge punch of pop. Apparent confidence in her songwriting is surely another notch that shows how quickly she’s grown into being one of the most talked about young acts about; look for her new effort on August 4th via Fat Possum.

New Music from 808s and Greatest Hits

You’d expect with our modern awareness of the 808s that we’d get some over-worked drum loops from a project like 808s and Greatest Hits, but instead Skube Burnell is just going to bring you seductive pop songs. He’s going to work around mellow melodies and some angular guitar stabs, slowly sucking you into his vision of pop music. His subject matter here seems to approach the concept of packing your bags and heading out on a new adventure, something I hope most people can appreciate in their lives. Give in to these vibes, and you won’t look back. I’ll keep you posted on more news as it comes my way.

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