SxSW Music 2015: Wrapping It All Up

SxSW Music 2015: Wrapping It All Up

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Have A Nice Weekend

l1krxxmwzbja8ea3tpliLove me some Ghostly International. We’ve stepped up hip hop coverage with Tactic joining the team. I traditionally find the zeros and ones when Nate doesn’t beat me to it (or I hate looking at music related stuff after SxSW photo processing benders). This track will be the closer to Ghostly Swim 2, available to sample and pre-order now; it is a fourteen track compilation featuring the likes of Shigeto, Heathered Pearls and CFCF. Galcher Lustwerk’s “In The Place” takes a beautiful sonic landscape and layers party rhymes delivered in a monotone smoothness that lets you just focus on the cadence with words disappearing or smile as the juxtapostion of being about it is delivered over the sonic landscape.

In it to win it. Check out a few other tracks on Ghostly Swim 2 here.

Little Bit of Indie Pop from Electric Pop Group

10945865_10152717404482098_8307547663638596250_oThis song’s a few weeks old, but you can never skip out on posting a delightful bit of indiepop, especially on a Friday.  We all need a little pick-me-up, am I right? This is the perfect blend of cliche jangling and warm melody, which fits right in with the sounds we’ve heard from The Electric Pop Group.  The band are said to have a new record, Integration, ready for release via their home, Matinee Recordings, but a release date has not yet been set.  I’m anxious to hear the rest, as I have nothing but the highest expectations for this act.

Mix It Up With Lia Mice

liamiceIt’s a Friday we’re nearing the end of the week, so why not mix things up with a little something different? Lia Mice is an artist who dabbles in experimental pop music as well as scoring films, which explains a bit the sound to the track I have for you called “All The Birds.” This song has a dreamy soundscape to it, while the vocals, sugary sweet, seem to float over the whole thing. Though it’s a little out of my normal element it turns out that this is the perfect sort of soft but edgy tune to get you through this day, wherever you may be.

Lia Mice ‘All The Birds’ from Lia Mice on Vimeo.


Musically eclectic California rapper Antwon released a couple new songs last month in anticipation of his soon-to-be-released EP Double Ecstasy. One of those songs, “Jacuzzi”, is produced by and features Lushlife, which blends well with Antwon’s sound. “Jacuzzi” can be streamed below. Antwon also has a lengthy catalog of similar sounding music available to stream or buy via his Bandcamp page.


Sweet Friday Tune from the Underground Railroad to Candyland

undrgThe jury’s out for me on the name here, but not the song.  The song’s a rolling bit of rock n’ roll, always feeling like it’s a shaky train heading down the tracks. Energy is picked up near the 1:40 mark, and just like that the song grinds to a halt.  It’s clear to me that the music being crafted by Underground Railroad to Candyland is best enjoyed if turned up really loud and shared with a bunch of your friends. The band will be releasing The People Are Home on May 26th on Recess Records before hitting the road for an extensive summer tour, which includes a June Austin date at Scoot Inn.

Get Rowdy With Pujol

PujolWhen looking for a little rowdy rock fun with some dashes of pop sprinkled here and there, one need look no further than Nasvhille based Pujol.  Long a staple on ATH, Daniel Pujol and his band of misfits create their own unique brand of rock n roll that can be called garage rock, punk rock, or even indie rock dependent on who you ask.  However you like to label the guy, you can’t deny his songwriting capabilities.  Today we have a new rowdy and rockin’ track to enjoy called “June Bug”.  This one appears on an exclusive Record Store Day release as a split single with fellow Nashville artist Meth Dad.

P.S. – Record store day is this weekend dummies.  You’re welcome.

I Thought Crystal Castles Broke Up

ccSeems like we lost a lot of great bands in the last few years (the Walkmen I miss the most), and Crystal Castles was one of them.  The band evolved from an electronic Nintendo influenced act to a powerful force in the music scene, crafting these dark dance tracks that are probably best enjoyed in a fog machine filled room.  So, now we hear that the band isn’t quite done, even with Alice Glass leaving.  I guess it’s not that hard to replace the vocal aspect, though the live performances might be something quite different.  Still, glad the project hasn’t been totally negated here.

EZTV’s New Song is a Winner

ezA bit back, I tossed out the a single from the EZTV 7″, naming Television as a possible touch-point for interested fans.  Now the band is back with a brand new single from their forthcoming full-length, and it’s really hard to place the sound, though there’s some obvious musical touchstones lurking in here: sharp guitars, fused harmonies, 60s nostalgia.  I’ve been hunting for something really striking to hit me, and this track definitely does the trick.  Their album, Calling Out, will be release by Captured Tracks on July 10th.

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