Wombo Share Situations Single

Wombo will be releasing their new Keesh Mountain EP at the end of the month, and this new single has me rather stoked to hear its entirety. I think every time I listen, I get closer to calling the band the bastard child of Deerhoof; Sydney Chadwick’s vocal performance here is pretty spot on hereditary lineage, but the rest of the band sort of mix things up. Sure, there’s still a sort of natural bounce to this, but the guitar tones are much much warmer, and the sharp edges I loved about Deerhoof seem rounded out here, almost muted. I don’t mean to say any of this to knock on the band, as I think they’re making a similar sound their own, just throwing out some pigeons in the hole. Look for Keesh Mountain on May 28th via Fire Talk.

Yesterday’s Massage Video

We’ve definitely been supporting Massage on their new LP, careful to throw in only the appropriate Pains of Being Pure at Heart references where applicable. Here we are a day late on their new video for the record’s first single, which is the opening track on Still Life. For me, this tune is all about the juxtaposition of the varying guitar sounds that course through the song. At times they’ve got that disorienting fuzz, other times you get crisp circular jangles, at times both battling for air…and all of it dripped over a simply thunderous beat. Honestly, what’s amazed me the most about this record, or at least the singles, are how well balanced everything is…every guitar sound, drum beat, and vocal; its really a special treat for us all. Still Life is out in July via Mt. St. Mtn./Tear Jerk/Bobo Integral.

Nina Savary Shares Second Guessing Video

French performer Nina Savary is a true multi-disciplinary artist, whether she’s dancing, acting or singing, which is the case here; she’s signed on to work with Tin Angel Records, releasing this debut single for us to share. The song’s a very delicate number, leaving a great deal of space for Savary to work with her voice in and out of the notes; she maneuvers carefully around synth notes and rolling drum hits. That voice has mesmerized me, feeling like it could eventually evaporate into nothingness as she moves onto the next note. There’s also this wonderful little guitar interlude right around the 2 minute mark that’s very brief, but very special. The song was written for Nina by Chris Cummings (Marker Starling), and it’s a quite nice way to ease into your morning.

The Goon Sax Announce Mirror II

Through two albums, the Goon Sax have been nearly flawless with their brand of jangling guitar pop, but as they announce Mirror II, their third LP, it sounds like they’re taking some chances. In this tune, both the video and the song seem to have this heavy anxiety, almost a sense of foreboding; it’s a weight that even seems to hold the chorus down, with Riley and Louis seemingly holding back where they’ve been buoyant before. Still, that little change has me drawn to the tune like a moth to the light; I particularly like Riley’s vocal performance just as the song fades to nothing but synths and drums at the 3 minute mark. They’ve changed things up a bit, while still managing to sound wholly like the vibrant pop band that seemingly sprung out of nowhere; I’ve got to applaud them for pushing their sound into new territory. I look forward to hearing more from Mirror II…out July 9th via Matador Records.

Pearie Sol Announces Real Happiness

If you ever caught DC’s Gauche live, then you likely got a glimpse at Pearie Sol, the man behind the keyboards, but now with Real Happiness, we can peel back the skin and see inside the man! This song rides a wonky bounce, like a frantic train terrorizing its patrons as it speeds down the tracks led by the maniacal engineer. Pearie Sol howls at the passengers, matching the song’s natural propulsion with his own exuberant vocal display. But, don’t let the crazed joy of this tune be your sole memory; the song is a call to arms for all of us to embrace what’s real, what’s before us…real sadness and real pain and real joy and real happiness and everything in between! Celebrate something real; the album drops on June 18th via HHBTM!

New Single & BEER From Dentist

Asbury Park based band Dentist has long been a running staple here on the pages of your friendly ATH music blog. The band has always dropped great music and strived to work their asses off, all while doing things the right way and staying true to their sound and message. In typical fashion, the band couldn’t simply drop this great new single “Let Me Let Go” and call it a day… NO, the band got together with New Jersey based brewing company Last Wave Brewing to pair the track with what sounds like a delicious New England-style India Pale Ale. For those of us who don’t live in the NJ area, the new single and accompanying video will have to suffice. It’s pretty rad.

Dentist will be releasing a new LP of material sometime later this year on Cleopatra Records. Now to see if I can get my hands on some of this beer.

Quivers Share Chinese Medicine Video

At this moment, I’m not sure anyone’s writing timeless pop music quite like Quivers; Sam Nicholson has dialed into peak songwriting, and with his band’s arrangements, they’re crafting some truly unforgettable tunes. This latest single opens much the way you’d expect, with semi-wayward jangles and Nicholson’s voice; the steady beat keeps things moving, giving the listener this undeniable connectedness. Soon, a synth note twinkles in the far off night sky, matched by some very faint backing vocals that build towards a burst…a shooting star of pop falling across the song’s skyline. While all this goes on, sit back and watch the great video animated by Jordan Thompson of the Ocean Party; I’m a big fan of the line work there. But, the song’s not done, as the vocals swell, joined by more of a backing chorus, letting the guitars ring silent as the song fades into a tinkering piano line that eventually disappears into the world. Just another string pop number from the forthcoming Golden Doubt, out on June 11th via Ba Da Bing/Bobo Integral/Spunk.

Shrapnel Annoucne Alasitas

Shrapnel have been toiling around Australia for a hot minute, and now they’ve got a brand new record on the way courtesy of Tenth Court. This time around, the band have expanded their line-up, adding new instruments to flesh out their sound beyond the confines of jangling pop rock. Here you get a subtle nod towards psychedelia, with faint little woodwind nuances layered over the guitars. It almost feels out of place, but in the best way, reinventing the pop of 1970s communes and filling it with this new vibrant nature that makes it magical in its own way; you’re honestly not sure what direction they’re going, or where they’re taking their cues, but your ears are rewarded with every textural note. Alasitas drops on June 11th.

Tapeworms Return with Magic Pierrot

After dropping an incredible album in Funtastic last year, French outfit Tapeworms return with a real hit that was until now only included in the Japanese version of their LP! For those looking for an apt description, maybe take the more Stereolab-tinged tracks from a Peel Dream Magazine LP, then pump them full of Monster energy drink, and boom! I know, it sounds ridiculous, but there’s just no other way to really get at it; there’s great pace and energy, but the arrangements matched up with the vocals bury the song in this French pop atmosphere you’ll want to dig up for hours and hours on end.

Dumb and Tough Age Are Pizza Punks

It’s going to be really hard for you to pass up listening to this new jam from Dumb. On one hand, it comes with the announcement of a split 7″ with fellow punks, Tough Age…so musically, you’re already on board, eh? Then, you get the support of a great label, Mint Records, with the added bonus of supporting Conundrum Press, the print label for Cole Pauls and his comic, Pizza Punks! Plus, all the songs are about punks eating pizza, which ties into Pauls’ thematic comic of that very name. Art meets art meets my belly! Pizza and punk? Count us in! This 7″ will drop on July 9th…but check out the work of Dumb, Tough Age and Cole Pauls while you wait for your slice! The 7″ includes an 8 page comic!

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