New Pop Gem from We Are the Physics

Man, you’ve got to give it up for quirky art-pop bands like We Are the Physics, especially when they embrace the pretense in order to maximize the fun potential for fans.  They’ve just unleashed their album, Your Friend, the Atom, sticking with the science theme.  I like the latest single, which sounds like a nerdier version of early Les Savy Fav.  It’s got that knifing guitar work moving around angularly, and the vocals are emphatic–even allowing a bit of a dancing stomp.  This isn’t your average Glasgow act, though we’ve scene some ferocity coming out of the city recently, so let’s praise another act pushing forth.


Show Preview: MV + EE @ Carousel Lounge (10.30)

Date Tuesday, October 30th
Location Carousel Lounge
Doors 9 PM
Tickets Cheap

The Carousel Lounge is a long-standing Austin venue, and boy have they picked a great show to host on Tuesday night.  Spencer Dobbs and Mancat House Band will be opening up the evening for the very excellent folk-y MV + EE.  The Vermont duo recently released the very excellent Space Homestead, and I couldn’t think of many better places to catch the act live.  Just like their music, the venue’s a little bit off the beaten path; it’ll provide the perfect amount of intimacy for the evening of enjoyable tunes.  Sounds like just the right place to be to get your liver warmed up before Halloween.


Download:MV & EE – Sweet Sure Gone [MP3]

New Jam from Woollen Kits

This past summer we tossed out one of the hits from Woollen Kits‘ most recent 7″, and now we’re more than happy to share with you a brand new track from one of Australia’s best exports.  The group is set to release their new album, Four Girls, on November 13th via Trouble In Mind Records, and I, personally, couldn’t be more excited about it. On this new single, you’ll hear a saxophone, adding a bit of classy smoothness to the group’s jangling rock n’ roll swagger.  If you’re looking for something to end your 2012 record purchases, I can’t suggest a better way to wrap up your year. This tune’s incredible.


Download:Woollen Kits – Susannah [MP3]

FFF Preview: Cult of Youth

We continue our adoration of Fun Fun Fun Fest, as well as our suggestions, with one of my favorite acts, Cult of Youth.  The Brooklyn group is the primary project of Sean Ragon, but he’s getting by with a lot of help from his friends.  As of now, the group has released two great albums, a self-titled and the recent Love Will Prevail, which I raved about on this here site. For me, it’s really hard to pin down what Sean’s doing, with sounds ranging from punk to folk to hardcore and on.  Ragon’s voice is deep and raspy, which occasionally lends the sound to resemble a bit of a sea-shanty/pirate barroom stomp, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  If you’re looking for something special to get into, then this is the place for you to be.


Download:Cult of Youth – Man and Man’s Ruin [MP3]

Cult of Youth play Sunday at 1:30 PM on the Black Stage. You can grab both their records from Sacred Bones!

New Jam from Tiger Waves

We’ve been talking about the dudes in Tiger Waves for quite some time, like a year +, and we’re going to continue to write about them as long as the Austin group continuously write such incredible tunes.  They’ve just put up a new Digi 7″ on their BANDCAMP page, and this is one of the gems from that session.  It’s just two tracks, but their both just incredible, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t try to get ahold of them while you can.  I know the boys went recording this past summer, so hopefully we’ll have a full-length for the masses to fall in love with soon.


New Music from Devotchka

I like a good concept, and recording with a full symphony is definitely a good way to go.  Such is the path that Devotchka has taken on his latest LP, Devotchka Live with the Colorado Symphony.  On this track, you can see where the incredible songwriting has been reimagined, with the 60 piece orchestra in mind.  It’s not too far off from the organic compositions he’s already been making, but it adds a more elegant and practiced touch, filling out the sound for your home stereo system to spring to life.  The album will be in stores on November 13th via Cicero Recordings.


Download:Devotchka – Along The Way [MP3]

Fresh New Pop from Teen Mom

Man, I was really impressed with the a;bum that came into our inbox today from DC trio, Teen Mom.  They’ve captured an interesting sound, though one that is possibly a bit removed from the city’s hardcore/post punk history.  That’s not to say that those elements aren’t there at all, but instead, they’ve combined them with a slightly drifting guitar and Chris Kelley’s much gentler voice; it definitely has won me over.  You can check out the group’s new album, Mean Tom, on November 27th, which is being put out by the Analog Edition label.


Download:Teen Mom – I Wanna Go Out [MP3]

More New Folk Music from Book Club

Just a month ago I tossed out a great folk number from Atlanta’s Book Club, and I’m back at it again with this excellent track, which is my favorite of the two. One of the things I particularly enjoy is the group’s additional instrumentation, adding horns and strings to their carefully crafted sound.  Throw that in with the gentle guitar strumming and you have guaranteed hits that warm your campfire.  If you’re digging this as much as I am, keep a look out for their Shapes on the Water EP, which hits the streets on November 13th.


Download:Book Club – Your Navy And Your Nurse (Live) [MP3]

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