06/23 Islands Show @ Waterloo

Islands are forever. Islands showed me at Waterloo on Monday what they were trying to do with the new album. If you read our review of their most recent album Arms Way, you know that we were kind of indifferent to the new direction the band was taking. We don’t hate the songs, but we don’t love em either. After Monday, Islands changed my mind about the album as so many bands can do when playing new material live.  “The Arm” sounded like a rock n’ roll song more in tune with songs from their previous album Return to the Sea. “Pieces of You” showed nice harmonies along with stellar guitar work. Set closer “Creeper” also solidified it as one of my favorite songs of summer. Throw those songs in with the occasional song from their previous album and you have a killer set from a ground breaking band. Don’t miss Islands in your city even if you’re not sure about the bands new direction. The big pay off will come live.

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