Glasvegas – s/t

Rating: ★★★★☆

Glasvegas is the newest Scottish band to hit the United States, and they are expected to make big waves on our shores. Their debut self-titled album has been floating around the Internet for months, but it finally hits records stores here this week.

From the moment that the first song actually kicks in, a minute or so into the song, you hear one of the staples of this band, as they surround the entirety of their songs in swirling atmospherics, coating the songs in a certain denseness that adds layers of emotion to their songs.

Immediately following the introductory song comes one of the better singles from 2008, “Geraldine.” The percussion drives this song perfectly, pounding in your ears as angular guitars cut the landscape or the rest of the album. This is a song you’ll want on all mix tapes you make this year; it’s just a perfect song.

The band doesn’t let up here, as the next five songs are all uniquely wonderful. The crashing chorus of “It’s My Own Cheating Heart” is definitely one of the joys of this little intercession, as cymbals crash in your ears and guitar blasts encourage a little light head-banging. This middle section is the highlight of the record, as the songs never seem to stagnate or come off as copies of the previous tunes. It all ends with the great “Daddy’s Gone.” This is a slower number, but one that showcases the bands capabilities as true songwriters.

Then the band winds the rest of the album down, a little too slowly. The pounding drums and atmospherics dissipate, settling into the softer side of things for the ending. It leaves listeners to contemplate the two weaker elements of the album. One, the lyrics are ridiculous at points.  “You are my sunshine/My only sunshine,” is actually used as a lyric?  It’s all a bit tongue-in-cheek, but some people will be turned off by it. Also, while the vocals are definitely interesting due to vocal inflection, the Scottish tones will eventually wear you out, as you struggle to understand the spoken word at points.

Still, at the end of the album, most will be pleased with the outcome. They will see promise in a the new young band, and we can expect a big year from Glasvegas.


Download: Glasvegas – Daddys Gone [MP3]


  • I finally decided to grab this album. It is brilliant. I’d say “go square go” is my favorite track. What can I say, I love the eff bomb.

  • So, I know this comment’s a bit late, but I have to say I doubt their use of “You are my sunshine” at the end of Flowers and Football Tops is “tongue-in-cheek.” The song was written in reaction to a hate crime in Glasgow where a boy was murdered. The song is written from a parent’s point of view after hearing of the death of their son. I think that if you’re going to get on a band’s case for their lyrics, it wouldn’t hurt to do a bit of research into them first. Either to get the lyrics (since it’s hard to understand him with his accent), or to find out why they might have written it. There are similar reasons behind their other songs too, but I’m not a reviewer, so I’ll stop here. Otherwise, good work guys!

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