Austin A2W: Hollywood Gossip

What?! New tunes?  And a new record?!  We’re really excited to bring you an update on one of Austin’s greatest little indie darlings, Hollywood Gossip.  Having been away from the scene for a short bit, the band are now returning with their debut full-length, Dear as Diamonds.  Using clever lyrics and catchy hooks, the band has won over many fans in our city, continuing to churn out pop gem after pop gem.  Their last EP, You’re So Quiet, featured sunny guitars with a touch of twang, along with steady drumming and distinct vocals from Tyler Womack (“Bicycle” was one of my favorite jams for months, and tonight).  One of our favorite things about the group is that they’re likely to always look on the brighter side of things, never getting too deep into subject matter; this all leads to great fun for the audience time and time again.  Speaking of audience, the band will be playing their CD release on June 19th at the Ghost Room.


Download: Hollywood Gossip – Narcissus in a Window [MP3]

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