New Track from Priory

Yesterday was a long day for me, just dancing about in my chair.  But, today I think I’ve become refocused after discovering Portland band Priory.  At first, I thought I had stumbled upon this great bit of forestry folk, you know, the softer type that takes you to the woods.  Then, a bit of a bounce was introduced in the middle of this track, which, while welcome, completely caught me off guard. It’s nice to find a little blend between true folk and street pop, so it’s easy to say that I got hooked on this track from minute one.  You’ll be able to find this song, as well as ten others the group has been working on for their self-titled, Priory, record.  It will be out on June 21st on Expunged Records, so get into it before you’re too late.


Download: Priory – Kings of Troy [MP3]

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