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It’s been a minute or two since we ran a Lost in Austin Take Away feature, but we’re back today with one of our favorite local acts, Literature.  Again, we’ve teamed up with the good folks over at GuerillaWaltz to coordinate the best in video and music, so we hope you like the coverage.

Literature have been playing around for a bit, but 2012 should be the year they break out huge in Austin, and hopefully all over the place, as the band clearly desreves it.  The featured song in this video comes from their Cincinatti 7″, which you can still find.  Personally, I think the video is extremely fitting to the band’s sound; it’s an acoustic version of “Cincinatti” as members of the group ride around in a ferris wheel, whilst lights of the carnival twinkle in the background.  You can tell they’re having fun, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be having fun listening to the track as well.

Oh, and while we have your attention, Literature have released their latest LP, Arab Spring, digitally.  But, in even bigger news, we’ve started a small little label, Austin Town Hall Records (go figure) and we’re teaming up with the good people of Square of Opposition to help release the group’s vinyl edition of Arab Spring, and we should have that for you in February.  Still, we’re not here to plug ourselves, we’re here to lug another great Austin act, so sit back and enjoy this great video from Literature.

[youtube width=640 height=390]AA3Qp3ow1cM[/youtube]

Here’s a link to the vimeo clip if that tickles your fancy.

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