Lost in Austin Takeaway – Les Rav

We know that everyone’s spotlighting the great SXSW festival, but we wanted to take a short little break to spread the word on Austin band, Les RAV.  Luckily, our friends in Guerrilla Waltz were able to catch up with the group in this takeaway show over at The Long Center.  Les RAV is primarily the work of Lauren Zoe Bruno, a graduate from the Berklee School of Music.  She’s managed to find herself a great group for accompaniment, giving way to her piano laden folk music.  Bruno’s voice has that ancient American folk sound, often a bit odd, yet always emotionally appealing. The rest of the band uses violin, viola and french horn to back her up, crafting one of the more unique sounds trucking around Austin nowadays.  And, the Guerrilla Waltz posse did an excellent job capturing the group’s live sound (did you expect anything less?). We hope you’ll take a moment from your SXSW scheduling to fall in love with this video and this song, as we did.

[youtube width=640 height=390]oIGqma_pgJo[/youtube]

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