Great New Jam from Kelley Stoltz

In 2010 we fell in love with To Dreamers, the last effort released by Kelley Stoltz, so we’ve been patiently been waiting for him to put out some new tracks in town.  Luckily, I stumbled across a brand new 7″ that he put out titled Two Imaginary Girls, which was released by Les Disques Steak.  This new tune is a nice little 3 minute rock n’ roll tune that demonstrates Stoltz’s classic style of songwriting, especially that really simple vocal change that goes down during the chorus.  Hopefully this means more new stuff is just around the corner from Kelley.  You can jam to the B-Side HERE.



Show Preview: Allo Darlin @ the Mohawk (5/1)

Date Tuesday, May 1st
Location Mohawk
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $8 from Frontgate

Those of you who are in any way fans of great indie pop need to be sure you’re in attendance at this excellent show on Tuesday evening.  Allo Darlin and the Wave Pictures are two of the best UK indie pop acts, and they rarely make it all the way over to our side of the pond.  All Darlin just released their latest record, Europe, and the Wave Pictures put out Long Black Cars in the past month as well.  All you need to do is spend five minutes listening to each band and you’ll know that your attendance is necessary.  Opening the night is No Future, the new reincarnation of the band formerly known (and loved) as Leatherbag.


Download:The Wave Pictures – Eskimo Kiss [MP3]

More New Tracks from Mystery Jets

Just a week or so ago we brought you a new jam from one of our favorite groups, Mystery Jets.  Now we’ve got another tune to share with you from the band’s excellent new record, Radlands.  There’s definitely a slight change of the group’s sound, though you could see that coming with their last effort, Serotonin.  On this song, you’ll see the more subtle pop structures the band has been working with, rather than the jangly pop they began their career with years ago.  Either way, I’m always going to love jamming with these dudes–such good songs.  The album hits American stores on June 5th.


Download:Mystery Jets – Sister Everett [MP3]

New Music From Ty Segall

Ty Segall just can’t seem to stop putting out badass tunes left and right.  The guy is easily one the hardest working in the indie world and all should take note.  This new jam “Wave Goodbye” popped up late Friday all over the web and we had to let the ATH family have a listen in cased you missed it over the weekend.  It’s a very straight forward, dark edged rocker that ends in a pretty sweet rock out for over a minute or so. This new one appears on the new album Slaughterhouse due out June 26th via In the Red Records.


Download: Ty Segall Band – Wave Goodbye [MP3]

Psych Fest Preview: The Ripe

Seeing as Psych Fest is going to be taking over Austin this weekend it seems only fitting thta we rep one of the many great Austin bands: The Ripe.  This week the group just released their album, Into Your Ears, on Get Hip Records, and we’ve had a lot of fun spinning it for ourselves over here at ATH.  Just one look at the album’s cover and you might think these guys play on the darker side of the Psych realm, but you’d be asboslutely wrong.  There’s a light-hearted garage feel to what they’re working on, and fans of both modern indie rock and classic tunes will enjoy themselves.  These dudes have gotten some great press from all over the world, so it’s about time people in Austin pay attention, and that means you!

The Ripe will take over the stages at Psych Fest on Sunday, April 28th at Emos at 4:00 PM. See you there!

Here’s an MP3, plus you can sample the band’s whole album right HERE.


Download:The Ripe – Drawing Sound [MP3]

Mellow Folk Jam from The Crackling

Kenton Loewen is a Vancouver musician who works with the name The Crackling, but he might do well just to go with Dave Bazan Jr. I meanest this in the sincerest form of flattery, and also with the intent of letting you know how much we love both Bazan and our newly annointed Bazan Jr.  Loewen, with help from various collaborators is set to release the Ashen EP on May 22nd, and you should expect to find some similarities to early Pedro work, from the heavy soft heavy guitar strumming to the introspective lyrics.  I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve heard so far, so I wanted to share it with you all, my Inter web friends!


Download:The Crackling – Keep Me Drunk [MP3]

Fall In Love With New King Creosote Track

Last year was a great year for the mysterious Kenny Anderson and his King Creosote project, especially if you followed our adoration over here at ATH.  Everything he touched won me over, and he’s already back again with a new 12″ EP for Domino Records titled I Learned From the Gaels.  We’ve got the lead track off the 4 song single, and it’s super upbeat, not to mention ridiculously catchy.  These are the sort of songs that make it a joy to be a music fan and find stuff like this in your inbox.  You can get your hands on this on May 28th, and I suggest you do, as KC stuff is definitely hard to find!


Download:King Creosote – Doubles Underneath [MP3]

Stunningly Beautiful Track from Gravenhurst

Sadly, I’m not really sure how many people out there in the Internet world are aware of Nick Talbot and the incredible music he’s been making under the Gravenhurst moniker.  In case you haven’t, then let this be an introduction to one of the songwriters that will go on to be part of your life for the duration. His latest effort, The Ghost in Daylight, will be released by Warp Records on May 1st, and I’m in love with this sprawling single by Talbot.  It’s quiet and subtle, until you get this burst of creativity near the end of the song.  It’s the sort of song that begs you to listen through and through, and that’s the kind of music you’ll get with Gravenhurst.  Hope you like your new favorite band!



Allo Darlin – Europe

Rating: ★★★★☆

Allo Darlin are a four piece indie/twee pop band that hail from London, and if you haven’t gotten to know their dazzlingly sweet tunes, then it is time you started. Their self-titled first album was released back in 2010, but if you want to get to know the sweet and groovy tunes of this band then look no further, Europe is an excellent place to start.        

On opener “Neil Armstrong,” it’s easy to see the similiarities of Allo Darlin’ to other indie-pop legends. The vocals of Elizabeth Morris share the discreet power that Camera Obscura’s Tracyanne Campbell has perfected and the delicate guitars reminisce of that of Belle and Sebastian. Though this band is not simply a culmination of other groups, they have their own flair as well. The ukulele that is ever-present on this first song is an aspect that gives this group the playfulness that such a genre begs for. For a first track, it’s a pretty good representation of this band’s style; gentle pop that still manages to bubble in sunshine.

Later on, you have an even softer, but no less equally delightful tune in “Tallulah,” where Elizabeth Morris and her uke step away from things. The result is a plain and simple tasty song, whose simplicity is what makes it as Morris sings a tale of a summer past. Sure, you’re missing the other jangling elements that Allo Darlin’ have become masters of, but it’s a lovely little break from the bright pop and a side trip to a more grounded sound. It’s a good reminder that this band can do a little more than all sunshine all the time.

However, it’s clear that what this band does best is easily music that bathes you in light. On the very next song after “Talulah,” they jump right back into their warmth with “The Letter.” The guitar feels further up in the mix of things on this song, at times dueling with Morris’ vocals for the lead of the song. Meanwhile the drums roll steady on, with the prominent cymbal crash to complete the overall bright atmosphere. That being said, Allo Darlin’ isn’t that easily pegged with the label of cheery pop songs. No, if you listen to the intricate lyrics that Morris spouts out, you’ll find that not all that she has to say matches the surface level observation of peppy.

Like the bands aforementioned, and essentially any band that is really worth listening to, there is more to be found here than can be acquired on first listen. After some time spent traveling around Europe, you’ll find that it was worth the trip.

Sprightly Pop Track from Still Flyin

Sometimes you put on a track and you just want to have a dancing good time; that’s the precise feeling I got as soon as I played this new single from Still Flyin.  Currently the SF group is preparing to release their sophomore effort, On a Bedroom Wall, which will be in stores on May 22nd via Ernest Jenning.   Angular guitar work definitely gives this a bit of a nostalgic flip, but in an endearing manner where you just throw your arms up in the air and go with your gut; your gut is telling you to get out there and shake it. Do it.


Download:Still Flyin – Spirits [MP3]

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