Powerful Rocker from Crystal Antlers

crystalantlersIt’s going to be hard for me to tell you how excited I am about the upcoming album, Nothing is Real (October 15th), from Crystal Antlers, but I’ll give it the good old college try.  This band’s been one of our ATH favorites since we started this site, putting on incredible shows and banging out these noisy rock numbers.  That being said, things seem to be moving in a slightly pop direction, at least as far as the band can go.  This track has this hook beneath the brash noise they bring, which is something they’ve become better at as they’ve pushed forward.  It’s got the energy we expect from the band, and we can’t wait until they make it all the way back to Austin once the record is out.  Oh, and they’re also cool because they’re giving out this song as a download…an ancient tradition it seems.


Download: Crystal Antlers – Licorice Pizza [MP3]

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