Show Pics: Locals Only @ Mohawk (7/26)

Black Books…with a brief visit to Cheer Up.

So we talk quite bit about supporting the locals. We also suggested making supporting the locals easier with folding in the artists in smart ways. Our friends at The Mohawk had a great idea; why not fill a night off with an inside/outside show for a cheap cover to help you see a ton of local talent? Make it so.

Perfect excuse to have fun with the nifty fifty and spend a night milling about The Mohawk and saying hi to friends with a soundtrack provided by Little Radar, Wiretree, Young Tongue, Supermoon, Black Books, Modern Medicine and a quick trip next door to catch up with Shivery Shakes at Cheer Up.

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Little Radar loved being on that outside stage. #dreamscometrue They should get booked to play opening slots on that stage; musical glue.

Wiretree strummed out a few fantastic covers to keep the room singing along. I am not opposed to covers when they are presented with honesty.

Young Tongue is anchored by Stuart Baker’s vocal and while Liz Baker tries to push things to a frenzy. There is a plethora of energy up there, marketable, friendly.

Supermoon, composed of Paul Banks and a couple of the Carousels, also busted out a cover. “Harvest Moon” was cool and all, but the rest of their set was really quite awesome. A word to those who haven’t seen him yet, Paul has pipes.

Black Books takes all the edges off your evening by creating atmosphere. It is like a rock and roll chill out room, southern rock/psych/chill. Reverb is to used to tie it all together. Are they the musical equivalent of the Dude’s rug? Maybe.

Modern Medicine was supported by backing singers and fronted by a projector. Again, layered wonderfulness with vocals a plenty and a side of genre-bending. I was really happy be an Austinite at this point.

I then strolled next door to say hi to our friends, Shivery Shakes. The road has them blasting the new album tightly. Hey guys, what’s up?

Random notes: Damn the sound at The Mohawk is bolted down and thanks, Ruby, for the pretty lights. Cheer Up Charlie’s is a great neighbor. When did we get so many great vocalists in our scene? That snuck up on me.

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  • Was a great night of music. Little Radar was great, and pretty surprised how good Wiretree was, talked to them after the show, liked the Dylan cover.. but really liked their new tunes. Modern Medicine was Awesome as well. go Austin music.

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