ACL Fest Preview: The Top Ten Strokes Songs

THE STROKESIt’s ACL Weekend One, and after all the hubbub, the festival is upon us. Initially, I was surprised at the choice of offering up the Strokes as the Sunday headliner, but upon further consideration, I can see how easily they fit in. They’ve spent the last 15 years as a relevant musical act, whilst filling my own personal collection with hit after hit. People will rave about Arcade Fire and Modest Mouse, but when I think of the quintessential band of the 2000s, I think of these guys. Their first two albums alone could be played from front to back, and never miss a beat as far as enjoyment goes. I might be in the minority, but I think this is one of the best headliners the fest has had. So, I went through the catalog and picked out my Top Ten Strokes songs of all time, which should not only cement them as a great band, but as a great closer of Austin’s revered festival.  If you click on the track title, you’ll get a video link to hear the songs for yourself. Read more

GOGGS Should Come As No Surprise

goggsReally, the music being pumped out of your speakers should come as no surprise at all to you, especially if you love Ty Segall and Ex-Cult. Both of those bands have had really successful careers, especially in the last few years. Ty and Chris Shaw, along with Charles from Fuzz, have created GOGGS, and it’s every bit a rocker as you would expect from a band comprising the three. It’s heavy on the riffs, with Shaw’s snotty growl pummeling your ears in a manner that very few can pull off. In a week where a majority of the tunes have been pretty calm, this rocker is a much need respite. Look for the debut single from the group to hit in November via In the Red Records.

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Levitation Teases 2016 Lineup

LEVITATION-2016-square-1500-1030x1030For their ninth year in business as a festival, Austin Psych Fest has announced a preview of nine artists for Levitation 2016. The preview video is embedded below but check this out. While a few of the artists announced are festival stalwarts, we do have a few eyebrow raising teasers, one in particular. The list is as follows: Brian Wilson performing “Pet Sounds“, Animal Collective, Flying Lotus, Lee Scratch Perry, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Ty Segall.

Tickets are on sale already for weekend passes and camping. You can peep the lineup preview video embedded just below these words.


Brand New Single From Hethers

hethersA few things seem to have changed for Hethers.  First, they dropped the “a” from their band name. Second, they moved off to New York, having been formerly based in LA. Of course, there’s also some musical changes too, which we could already witness on their last single in June. Some of the jangling moments that were apparent on early songs from the Fear 7″ are gone, and while there’s a huge pop sensibility, I feel like there’s a huge Paul Westerberg influence lurking in this track. Still now news on an official album or a new 7″, but I promise to let you know as soon as I do. I’m just stoked to share a good jam.


Download: Hethers – Guiding Light [MP3]

Groove to the Beat of Kisses

kissesI feel like somewhere I gravitated away from dance music in the last few years. I hit it hard for awhile, then I sort of went the opposite direction again; it’s the cycle of my musical life. Anyways, I can definitely hear remnants of the 00s dance greats like LCD Soundsystem and !!! in the groove crafted by Kisses on this new track. It’s about as funky as anything they’ve done (that might be the reason for the title “Jam”), and it doesn’t hurt that they’re tossing out names like Talking Heads and Orange Juice in all the press literature. Wanna get down today? Wanna get down on October 9th? Then check out their new effort, Rest in Paradise.

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Yesterday’s News: New Public Access Television Single

patvHate to be the guy that runs songs that hit a little earlier, but this Public Access TV track is too sweet not to put up for you. It’s got this hip rock n’ roll swagger to it, and the production is really clean, setting the band aside from many of their peers. It reminds me of this rad band from NYC called The Realistics, just kicking out great rock n’ roll hits for the masses. It’s one of the two tracks that will feature on the band’s new AA Side 7″, which is being released by Terrible Records as a teasing taste at what’s to come with their new LP in early 2016. If you didn’t hear it yesterday, give it a listen today.

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ATH Premiere: Tiger Waves Return w/ Jana Horn

tigerwavesWhat great news! Two of our favorite artists working together! I’ve fawned over Tiger Waves, well, since pretty much ever. And, the last few years we’ve praised Jana Horn and her work with Reservations; we’ve even recorded a take-away show with her that will never come to light as long as she continues to pay the ransom. But, today the unleash a new song upon the world, and it is the perfect blend of their separate talents. It plays on the craftsmanship of Tiger Waves songwriting, which lives somewhere in the world between and hazy modern tropes. Then it brings Horn’s perfect voice into the fold, leaving listeners with what’s a near perfect track. Personally, I love the little heartbeat guitar line lurking in the background. You should go donate some funds to the band, as this single is currently NYOP…meaning give them money so they can keep recording such magic. 

Linear Downfall Experiment…with Film?

linearYou might not be wholly aware of Linear Downfall, but in my search for things a little left of the dial, I felt like this should be up every listener’s alley. First, musically, the Nashville act have this weird combination of modern psychedelic blended with the experimental aspects of Black Moth Super Rainbow; there’s a propulsive pulse, an oddity, yet also an underlying song construction that encroaches upon the comfort zone of the audience. They’re in the midst of preparing you all for their new LP, Sufferland, but don’t think they’re just resting on their laurels with the every day release of a record …they’ll be releasing a feature film to accompany it. You can watch the trailer for the video HERE. Look for all that you can enjoy (and more) from the group when the record comes out on November 6th.

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ACL Interview: Waters

watersHere we are peeps, ACL is now a few short days away and I hope everyone is ready and raring to go in the heat.  The ATH crew is certainly amped for the weekend while we struggle to survive the long work week ahead prior to all the fun times.  Today I’m excited to be continuing our ACL coverage with a nice interview from ATH approved band Waters.  Leading man and creator of the group Van Perszaowski offers up the responses.  Hit the jump for more.

Read more

Listen to S.M. Wolf

smwolfAs SM Wolf prepares to release their newest album, Neon Debris, they’ve leaked out this glorious single that I think is going to grab you from the minute that it gets started. It takes off with this casual indie rock stance, but erupts into this realm that I think I’ve only heard Doug Martsch pull of successfully…that should say enough. Still, while rocking that little bit of a sonic explosion, they still keep their swagger; it’s a track that never pulls away from an undeniably catchy hook. You’ll be able to grab the record on November 7th.

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