The Villas Record Release @ Mohawk Tonight!


Date: 1/29/16

Location: Mohawk

Door Time: 9PM

Tickets: @ the door

The Villas are a local band that I’ve been following quite some time as one of my favorite acts in town. Today I’m pleased to offer some support for a big moment for the group as they plan to celebrate the release of their new LPLong Playerat the Mohawk this evening. The guys will be joined by fellow locals Wildcat Apollo and Waco band Loafers opening things up. Here’s a great opportunity to get out there and support one of the hardest working, and most talented, bands in town.

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Slow Burner from Jordan Klassen

jkI have to admit, I’m one of those dudes that probably works too much on everything, any thing, for that matter. So lately, with the SXSW horizon and real life and all that, feeling a little stressed, so it’s good to find something gentle, like this Jordan Klassen tune. There’s some Bon Iver in the vocal tones, breathy and fragile. The music around the voice builds a steadying land where Klassen can take the spotlight. His album Javelin will be released on February 19th via Nevado Music…could help you steal away the Winter.

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Raw Folk Pop Track From Two White Cranes

10604704_602433613200666_2067966193473209933_oTwo White Cranes have released a new single as a part of the rad Pin Pal program that Art is Hard Records is putting on. Not only can you collect some rad pins, but you’ll also receive downloads of new singles from their excellent lineup of bands, which you can find more about here. This single, “Unattached,” is a stripped down folk rock track, consisting of merely electric guitar and the mellow and sweet vocals, but there’s something compelling about this simple combination. You’re forced to focus on the lyrics here while the guitar grumbles through, and it’s easy to get enveloped in the storytelling of the song. Take a listen.

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Lowpines To Release New EP

12244558_958859427496006_4297778999499225584_oWhile some of you may be gearing up for the weekend, others may be looking for a relaxing outlet to close out the week. Today, that source of outlet can come from this new mellow folk track from Lowpines, out of West London. “Forest Finds” is a balanced and mellow lo-fi americana number, bathed in the warmth of acoustic guitar and breathy vocals.It looks like this is the first track off of the upcoming EP,That Bridge Washed Away In The Storm,which will be out February 26th and is available for preorder in several different limited edition runs. Check out your options here.

Another Tune from Michael Nau

Erika_12JKT EPS_r4The latest single from the forthcoming Michael Nau LP is reminding me how much the power of a voice can truly carry a song. From the opening moments, it’s Nau soaring in the front of the mix, while barely audible metronome percussion keeps the pace. He’s thrown in some extra notes via samples and orchestration to fully fill out the sound on this one, but ultimately, you can’t pull yourself away from his voice. His brand new album, Mowing, is set for a February 19th release from Suicide Squeeze Records…continuing a good run of form for the label.

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Jam This Track from The City Yelps

cityBeen looking for days at hidden gems, things beneath the cracks…then I landed on this short blaster from The City Yelps. It’s interesting that both the song title and the band’s name seem to work with the feeling, and the lyrics, of this song…it’s all tied in together. But, musically, this has that swirling proto-punk feel to it, almost as if you’re pogoing, but not in an angst-filled manner…a fun habit! This is just a glimpse of what we can see when the group release The City Yelps Half Hour in April via Oddbox Records.

Howard Shares New Folktronica Tune/Announce EP

unnamed-19It’s nice to mix things up sometimes, and so when I got this tune from Brooklyn quartet, Howard, I was pleasantly surprised by the dreamy folktronica that the band is crafting. “Glass,” the single from their upcoming EP,Please Recycle,is one of those tunes that you turn on and forget your brain for a few minutes. You can lose yourself to the blend of choppy and smooth sounds here withoutforgetting their careful precision and individual graces within the track. Hear what I’m talking about below.


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Hockey Dad Signs To Kanine Records!

11794204_460306374149395_945331956746969625_oHere in the States we’ve got a lot of good music, but sometimes we can be a little slow on the uptake when it comes to bands over seas. Today, I’m glad to say that we’re on our way to picking up the great tunes that Australia’s Hockey Dad are putting down. This duo has signed to Brooklyn’s Kanine Records, so you can bet things will only be going up from here for the band. Make sure you’re well acquainted with the great garage rock tunes that will surely be a hit with our American sensibilities. Jam “Can’t Have Them” below and just try not to get it stuck in your head for the rest of the day.



Goth Pop From Bootblacks

untitledPrior to today I didn’t have a whole lot of information about Brooklyn based group Bootblacks. I’m looking to remedy that lack of info starting now after hearing this dark, synth laden pop song entitled “Sub Rosa”. I’m sure many listeners will hear some easy comparisons here to uber popular bands like Joy Division or The Smiths, but I feel as though the band deserves more than just some lazy comparison. Hit play down there and decide for yourself if it aligns with your taste.

Bootblacks will drop new albumVeinson March 11th.

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