Joseph Coward Returns with New Album

josephcowardI’m fairly new to the Joseph Coward game, but I’m not new to the incredible sound he’s spinning on his latest single. His voice is up front in the song’s mix, which creates the perfect arena for the guitars to ring in the background, reinforcing the melody as needed…particularly in the chorus. His lyrical delivery, and the overall song construction are something quite nostalgic; it reminds me of early Robyn Hitchcock, creating this sense of magic in your ear drums, creating an escapism within the confines of his own personal confession. His new album, Win Big Prizes, will be out on October 24th via Styffy Byng.


Dreampop Demo from Adrian AP (of Sea Lions)

sealionsPerhaps one of the things I wish for this world is that we had more music from Sea Lions; I still frequently listen to Everything You Always Wanted to Know. Luckily, AAP…one of the group’s songwriters, just upped this delicious demo I think you should spend some time with. Oddly, you could put it up against any dream pop or indiepop release of late, and you’d be pretty impressed, not only with the quality of the writing, but the home recording. Hopefully this means the band will soon be recording new material, or Adrian will, and either way, the world will be better for it.

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ATX Spotlight: Will Courtney Preps New Album

willcourtneyLong ago, Austin act Brothers and Sisters made huge waves in town…and while they’re sorely missed, songwriter Will Courtney hasn’t stopped writing music. He’s got a brand new record coming out this week, and I thought you should put it up on your radar, just in case you needed some great new music to enjoy. The new record is titled Planning Escapes, and while the record isn’t officially out until July 15th, you can catch his release show at Hotel Vegas this Friday with Wes Coleman and JD Clark. Listening to this single, I forgot how much I missed his voice. Those of you looking for a classic indie rock sound with a passionate singer behind it need look no further than the song below.

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Tim Presley Releases Solo Effort

timpresleyI’m never tired of Tim Presley. You likely know his work, whether you’re aware of it or not. You know, bands like The Strange Boys, Darker My Love, White Fence and most recently Drinks (with Cate Le Bon). He’s stepping out under his own name, which makes sense, as this seems like a project that’s wholly his, and entirely different from his various other releases. It’s definitely a blend of post-punk and art punk…using jagged guitar stabs, steady rhythms and a sort of spoken-word delivery. The more I think about it, the more I realize that Tim might be one of my favorite working artists; I don’t dislike a single thing he’s touched. That, of course, makes me really excited Drag City will be releasing The WiNK on September 16th.

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Enjoying The Video Age

videoageYesterday a new video came out fromVideo Age, which you can watch HERE. It’s a nod to Kevin Bacon’s Footloose performance, and it’s an infectious little number that’ll get all your friends dancing. But, I wanted to see what else the group had to offer, and was really impressed with their other single from a few weeks ago, “Throwing Knives.” That track is completely different, offering another side of the band’s sounds; it’s more in the vein of upbeat indie rock, or even indiepop. It might only last for a few days, but at the moment, this very moment, these guys are my new favorite band. Just want to play these songs all day, and I suggest you do too. Look for their debut LP, Living Alone, to come out on July 29th via Inflated Records.

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Blast This Ballad from Luke Rathborne

lukeIt’s easy to get swept up in the hype and buzz around all the bands out there, but sometimes it’s best if you just settle down and fall back into what you love. As a kid, my house was filled with music, mostly Motown from my moms and folk/country from my dad; it somehow blended into a love for great pop ballads…even if I know I’m “supposed” to hate something. I think that’s where I fell in love with this new Luke Rathborne track. You can’t listen to this song and not feel an emotional pull, or at least I can’t. There’s a slight impurity to his voice, and the construction of the song around piano and strings is stellar. You like ballads? Here you go.

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More Music from The Fireworks

fireworksI’m astonished that the Fireworks haven’t caught hold in the United States yet; they’re perhaps one of the best female-fronted guitar pop bands. Perhaps that’s because they include a bit of jangle, a bit of shoegaze and a DIY aesthetic. Wait. Those things are all really cool, and the Brighton group continue to prove they’re a force in the studio, even if you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to the band yet. You should start by going back and listening to Switch Me On, then you can bounce around some other recordings, all whilst getting prepped for their Black and Blue EP; it’s going to be released on a limited 10″ via Shelife Recordson July 15th.

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Another Banger From Public Access T.V.

unnamed (1)We’ve been on the Public Access T.V. fan train since they first started making waves in the later part of 2014. Our fandom was also confirmed during SXSW as we caught a few sets by the guys and both times were super impressed. The ongoing question has been however, when is the debut album finally coming out? Today our question has been answered with an album title, Never Enough, and a release date of September 23rd on Cinematic. To celebrate the announcement, the band just shared this banging new track “Sudden Emotion”. So good.

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Mandatory Viewing: New Angel Olsen Video

It’s possible you’ve encountered this video elsewhere on the internet today, but just in case you haven’t, it’s time for you to sit down and let Angel Olsen have your attention for a few minutes. This video for “Shut Up Kiss Me,” features Olsen in a glittery silver wig essentially throwing a tantrum on roller skates while spitting out her attitude filled lyrics. While I was already excited for her upcoming album, this single shows Olsenexploring more into the rockier side of her garage aesthetic. It’s a great track with tons of energy, and I implore you to take a listen and let it get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Also, preorder MY WOMAN right here from Jagjaguwarand get ready for its August 19th release.



New Video from Cowtown

I’m a big fan of frivolous rock n’ roll…the let your hair down, turn the volume up and let yourself go. Seems like HHBTM Records is the same, which is why they’re putting out the upcoming Cowtown album, Paranormal Romance. I mean, the promo work asks you to imagine Deerhoof covering Devo in the vein of the Minutemen, so it’s gotta be something…artistic, spastic and high energy. The records is scheduled for a release on August 19th, and the video below should entice you, especially as the guitar squall closes the tune out!

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