Mild High Club- Skiptracing

mildhighMild High Club delivers another mellow mixer of soft, psyche-soaked rock with their sophomore album, Skiptracing. Mac DeMarcos former tourmates pay homage to the likes of the Beach Boys and Homeshake with their lay-in-the-sun trippy reverberation. Alexander Brettin leads the charge with his laissez faire vocals that carry throughout the album, carrying their hazy sound that pairs perfectly with the dreamy dripping guitars and synth. The Circle Star Records (Stones Throws step-sister label) band delivers a solid collection with their second album, with sauntering soul/jazz songs like Tesselation and Head Out to the some impromptu instrumental jam on Whodunit?, Mild High Club gives listeners more than what they came to expect.

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ATX Spotlight: Molly Burch


The internet is buzzing with this new video/single from Molly Burch, and after taking a bit of time with this track, I can understand why. The song below, “Downhearted” is a gorgeous blend of dark, romantic pop with a hint of folk, all with Burch’s velvet vocals at the heart of the song. The mix is simple and low, allowing Burch’s voice to shine. It’s got an Angel Olsen-meets-Sharon Van Etten vibe to it, and you should definitely take a listen and get acquainted with this lady before she blows up big time. Pre-order the single here.


Freshcard Misses Her Friends

freshcardI think all of us can relate to the sentiment within the new Freshcard track; it’s a feeling for longing to be with your friends. The German songwriter has a bit of an accent (at least to my Americanized ears), but that makes her delivery on this number all the more appealing, providing it with an added layer of longing. Seems like she just wants a little sign from her friends that they love and miss her too, “that’s all.” I don’t think it’s too much to ask, especially if she keeps writing such endearing tracks. Look for her new album Sunday Night on September 30th via WIAIWYA.

Relaxed Pop from BOYS

BOYSI like a pop song that can hold my attention for over 4 minutes, like this new BOYS track. The relaxed vibe allows you fall deep into the confines of the song, washed with coats of dreamy notes from the guitars and keyboards. They’ve been high up on some lists for a few folks, and I think you’ll find room for them in your daily listening rotation. It’s a subtle beauty, quietly fading out on the back end. Look for their debut EP to land in your hands next month!

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Have a Listen to Curse of Lono

curseOut of the Ashes of London’s Hey Negrita comes Curse of Lono, and I might find that I like this new project even better. Felix Bechtolsheimer is still the man behind the sound, and I’m not sure where to place the music, other than to call it sullen indie rock. There’s elements that feel a bit like Lucero, but the lyricism looks back to a different era to me. Those of you with an inkling for sad bastard should spend some time listening to this number; the group will release EP on October 14th via Submarine Cat Records.

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Stream the Stephen’s Shore EP

stephensA little bit ago we brought you the promising single from Stephen’s Shore for their 7″ on Cloudberry Records, and here we are now able to fall in love with the band’s brand new EP. There’s two sides to the EP, musically speaking. A few of the tracks have that classic indiepop guitar pop sound…not quite jangly, but just enough to indulge fans. Still, there’s “If You,” which sounds like some of the best dream pop to come, using crisp chords beneath a cool little wash of calm. Whatever your flavor, you’re going to love this one.

Enjoy This New Springtime Carnivore Track

unnamedNathan and I were just talking about how we’ve been struggling to find some real musical gems lately, and how a lot of big name music websites are talking about the VMAs, or Ariana Grande. Depressing stuff really. Well fear not my dear friends, for RayRay has found this awesome new song called “Raised by Wolves” from Greta Morgan and her project known as Springtime Carnivore. Great to me could very well be the next Neko Case or Jenny Lewis style singer songwriter. This track is so simple, yet so much fun to listen to at the same time. Check it out and save your depressing mood.

Springtime Carnivore’s second album entitled Midnight Room will drop on October 7th via Autumn Tone Records.

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Hear New Radio Dept.

radiodeptIn all likelihood, this track will be all over the place by the end of the day. The Radio Dept. are well regarded in all circles, though their latest release seems to be seeing some doubt as singles leak out. This brand new one definitely has me sitting on the fence. Vocal recording definitely seems fitting, in line with previous work. But, the central beat that begins the song is a little to large; I’m used to the band offering a subdued blend of electronica in their pop. All that being said, the song does evolve into a more fare from the group…filled in with little atmospheric notes. Dammit! I need Stereogum and P4K to tell me if this is good or not because I can’t make up my mind. You listen, and you tell me. The band’s new LP, Running Out of Love hits in October via Labrador.

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Play This Nancy Sin Track Again and Again

nancysinHope you saw what I did there. But, putting that aside, this beautiful track from Nancy Sin is absolutely marvelous. It’s not quite indiepop, but it’s not quite bedroom dreamy either…it lurks somewhere in the middle, somewhere you let yourself go. If you do so, you’ll find that you drift gently into the perfect emotional state, where only great tunes can lead your soul. Not going to lie…I’ve been playing it on repeat all morning long. This tune’s been floating around for a while now, and I think it’s high time you fell in love with it. Grab it from WIAIWYA.

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Lo-Fi Grunge From Violent Change

violentchangeI don’t know about y’all, but for me Tuesdays go better with some grunge rock…well, any day sort of goes better with grunge rock. That source of tunes on the darker, grittier side of things today comes from Violent Change, a band out of San Francisco who have got a good thing going with their loud, explosive sound. When you press play on “Unit A,” you’ll be pleased with the waves of distortion that will meet your ears. The vocals are echo-y and far away in the mix, while the guitars are crunchy with gritty noise. It’s a good lo-fi track, and makes me excited to hear more from the band, and lucky for me they’ll be releasing their third LP jointly on Melters and It Takes Two.

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