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Slack Capital 2 is a compilation of music by 27 of the greatest bands in Austin. All proceeds from the comp go to SafePlace, which provides support for victims of domestic and sexual violence. We’re unveiling one song per day until the the release party on April 14.

Song of the day: Schwein! — “Atma”

Schwein! is the musical moniker of Matt Schweinberg, who plays guitar in Annabelle Chairlegs and runs a home studio here in town (he recorded the glistening “Gold Driver,” by The Diamond Center–another band he plays in–on this very compilation). Given his association with those two bands, the classic rock throwback vibes in “Atma” make perfect sense. The happy surprise here is the song’s pure joy involved– the irrepressible good feeling of devotion. Just wait for those drums to kick in, about a minute into the song. I don’t care who you are, if that moment doesn’t cause you to open the windows and start grooving, you’re probably dead. Add to that a heavy George Harrison vibe (those slide guitars!) and a spiritual bent (Schweinberg told me “atma” means “spiritual friend”), and you have a song whose warmth is a perfect companion to the blossoming of Spring. Here we have a song that makes you want to bop your head and take a deep breath of fresh air in equal measure. –Eric Braden

Pre-Oder Slack Capital 2 HERE.
Join us at the release party on April 14th at Barracuda.

Have A Nice Weekend

I was randomly talking to a coworker about the history of electronic music, bringing my days of chasing drum and bass imports at Technophilia and later Waterloo and Alien Records. Since you are a music fan, you should watch this mini-documentary on the Amen Break, a sample pulled by many hip hop and rap artists, but also the source of the core building blocks of the entire D&B genre and subsequent subsets still used heavily for all things beat related. What to listen to after that? LTJ Bukem; find the Earth Vol. 1 compilation. One of my personal faves as single artist/album is Spring Heel Jack‘s 68 Million Shades.

Goldie always hit the periphery of my collection; I always favored his pure tracks, non-collab/no vocal. Just so happens, he released one such track today. This is current yet classic, simultaneously soothing and abrasive, aggressive and focused. Leave a comment.

More From The Wooden Sky

When I hear people say Sturgill Simpson is the only guy currently making quality country music, it pisses me off a bit. Nothing against Sturgill by any means, you simply need to broaden your horizons a bit and step outside the Billboard Charts. To me, Toronto based outfit The Wooden Sky are making a very unique style of country music all their own. A sort of psych-rock country music with the incredible vocal stylings of leading man Gavin Gardiner. Call it country or call it what you like, this new track “Black Gold” should hit home for anyone reading this post and hitting play. Hells yeah.

This track appears on new album Swimming in Strange Waters out April 7th via Nevado Music.

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Are You Listening To The Velveteins Yet?

If you aren’t listening to Edmonton based band The Velveteins yet, today is a perfect time to start. I’ve been covering the group for about a year now and I’m continually impressed with the growth they’ve shown in such a short amount of time. Today I have the pleasure of sharing their impressivenew single “Midnight Surf”. Be prepared for a journey of a song that starts slow and builds and builds into a truly epic finish. Prepare to be amazed. You’re welcome.

The Velveteins will release Slow Wave on May 12th.

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Building Post Punk From Ultrviolence

Ultrviolence is described as a “Canadian post-punk collective that moves the listener relentlessly through waves of peaks and valleys drawing you in with its lyrical truth.” Copying and pasting press blurbs is rarely a method I like to use, but in this case it is probably easier than breaking out the thesaurus and looking up post punk.

The reality is that I have been locked in on the post punk thing over the last few months (read that as forever) and I am always happy to hear new stuff to share. “Guillotine” is straight forward, the bass line, guitar plucks and synth flourishes ride through the first verse setting up the gradual build and sustain before release. It is lead track on the EP Forty Knives which will land on Northern Light on May 12th.

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CFM Churns Out More Tunes

Charles Moothart is one busy ass guy right? He spends time recording and performing with Mikal Cronin,Ty Segall and all of their many projects. Somehow he finds time between all those projects to churn out tons of quality hits via his solo project CFM. It seems like only a few short months ago he dropped an EP on our ears, and now he’s offering up more songs to preview his upcoming full release. The new track is called “Voyeurs” and is one big long jam full of guitar noodling, trippy electric guitar, and many other small nuances you might find interesting. Check it out.

Dichotomy Desaturated is coming on April 7th via In the Red Records.

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RF Shannon – Jaguar Palace

Rating: ★★★★☆

RF Shannon, or the project of Shane Renfro, has always been about expansive desert psych americana. Since the origin of the project back in 2013 with the recording of their first demo, Renfro and company have been doing this quite well. With two EPs under their belt, RF Shannon looks to try their hand here at a full length release. The result is, to put it mildly, epic.Jaguar Palace is a record to put on as a soundtrack for traversing a sun bleached desert. be that literal or figurative.

At six songs in length, you may take a look at the track listing and think that you’ve merely encountered an EP, but each song is meticulous and sprawling– a kite let out on its string to a great height, but still tethered to your hand at the ground. Our journey begins with title track, “Jaguar Palace,” which is a perfect introduction to the album. Delicate flute sounds and graceful piano fill your ears with wistful musings for almost two minutes before the guitar, percussion and vocals burst in. This well orchestrated build-up makes the full entrance of the sound huge when it comes along and lets you know you may want to take this album sitting down. Renfro’s vocals are layered and hazy, like a breeze that is gentle in one moment but almost knocks you down the next. Later on, he is accompanied by some female backing vocals that fully flesh out theforce and provide even more texture to the mix. Even one song in, you already know you’ve merely hit the tip of the iceberg in terms of whats in store.

To pick one track out of this collection feels somewhat wrong, as it truly is an album you’re meant to listen to from start to finish, putting ‘single culture’ to shame. For the sake of the length of this review, I’m going to hone in on the heart of the album, “Tell My Horse” and “Had a Revelation.” These back to back numbers show the band hitting their stride with poise and finesse. “Tell My Horse” is a story of wandering alone, whispering tales of your wearisome travels to your animal companion. This is the sort of solitude that is welcomed on Jaguar Palace, embraced even, as the number picks up a nice bit of jam on its way out that carries into the next song. “Had a Revelation” is the shortest track on the record and it’s the song you should play your friends in order to hook them in. Renfro commands the song with his vocals, asking you probing questions: “Do you change with the seasons? Do you cling to the past?” Acoustic guitar carries the track, while slide guitar sneaks in and out, floating over the bouncy percussion.

What’s superbly impressive about the tracks that RF Shannon have delivered here is that while they’re long and sprawling, you don’t notice. On the contrary, each number is careful and poised, akin to the chapters of an epic novel. They serve as gems of their own, but lace together with their counterparts.Jaguar Palacetakes a bit of time to really sink into, but after a few go-rounds of the steady waves of reverb drenched guitar washing over you, you’re fully immersed. If you let RF Shannon, they will hypnotize you into wading in deep and baptize you with their desert psych masterpiece. Get washed clean.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short: More To Love From Nightlands

It’s fine– who needs a dollar when you have not one, but three great new tracks from Dave Hartley’s Nightlands? We first got a taste of some of Hartley’s new material a month or so ago, and we were smitten with the pop sensibilities in the new music. Now, we’ve got three more new tracks to ooze over, each of which are pretty great Friday listening. I’m trading off on which song is my favorite at the moment, but the Dion cover, “Only You Know” is currently winning. It’s got this great sort of twee electro-pop vibe to it, but Hartley keeps things lo-fi with his distorted vocals and the tightly knit, jangly guitar riffs.

These tracks below are taken from Nightlands’ upcoming release,I Can Feel The Night Around Me. It’s out May 5th via Western Vinyl.


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Hear Nike’s Slack Capital 2 Contribution

Slack Capital 2 is a compilation of music by 27 of Austin’s most wonderful bands. All proceeds from the comp go to SafePlace, which provides support for victims of domestic and sexual violence. We’re unveiling one song per day, leading up to the comp’s release on April 14.

Today’s song: Nike — “UR Lying Now”

Oh god, I love Nike. You can tell by their name that pretentiousness is not their bag. And when you hear their music, that’s what you get — short, propulsive, gross, funny songs. Striking a similar tongue-in-cheek vibe as Ian McKinney’s “CRIMEWAVE” and the Pataphysics song “Carrasco,” two other Slack Capital 2 songs we’ve told you about, “UR Lying Now” is a faux-upset rant at a person who is literally lying at this very moment. Plenty of songs tell a generic “you” that they have lied, but how many have the gall to call it out while it’s happening? This three-piece is relatively new to the Austin scene, but if this song is any indication, they’ll be making a bunch of die hard fans in no time. People still want to have fun when they go to a show, and Nike, with their caffeinated, quirky takes on modern life, never forget that.

Pre-order the release over at ATH Records.

Catch Nike at the Slack Capital 2 release party, April 14 at Barracuda!

Night Drive Shares A Video

I was talking with Rodney from Night Drive at the Bryan Ferry show. Seems the record coming out on Roll Call Records is just about set for release and that means promo time. Among the plans, a record release June 16th at Cheer Up. We will be there. How about a video, too?

If you haven’t gotten behind this jam you, I suggest you do. The vid is directed by Yoshi Sodeoka. Psyched out, kinda. Let’s dance.

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