SxSW 2017: ATH vs SOTO Party Pics

Who is ready to relive the greatest day of music ever assembled by John Laird and Nathan Lankford? Ever.

The jams were copious as were the tender moments. The showcase highlighted the talent in Austin with bands watching bands that shuffled up to be other bands. We had international celebrities in attendance, as well as every familiar face possible. I took photos, some with an Instax. We ate sausage wraps and drank beaverages. It was perfect air for a whisky.

Click through and be impressed.

Bands in order of appearance: AMA, Basketball Shorts, Julia Lucille, Quinn & Annecy, Jon Wesley Coleman III, Caroline Says, Jana Horn, Lola Tried, She Sir, Wild Bill & The Lost Knobs, The Halfways, Darkbird, Mean Jolene, Grivo, Melat, Pollen RX, Hard Proof, The Lovely Sparrows, Black Books, A. Sinclair, Tres Oui, Digital Wild, Tamarron, Roaring Sun, Growl, Upper Deck Pets, Skin Drips.

Highlights for me? Caroline Says put down an enchanting set. Darkbird is perfect indie. Hard Proof is the best thing to have in any long full day lineup as a level set and break from the “norm”. THere wasn’t a bad set on the day, very few issues with sound, a few snags with failed amps or loaned guitars, but it was a family affair, easily remedied.

Do apologize to the last few bands. I hit the wall, even missing the next day of SxSW to a nagging cough and the day job.

Thanks to all that made this possible, especially Hotel Vegas/Volstead, Nathan and Mr. Laird.

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