Have a Listen to Alex Dingley

It’s easy to be impressed with Alex Dingley, even having known very little about the Welsh songwriter; his new LP was recorded with Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley. If you’ve listened to that duo’s work as Drinks, you might have a glimmer of what the group sounds like. The drums craft a rolling feeling while chords seem to provide throbbing bounce; this all happens while Dingley delivers his folk-inflected vocals, oddly akin to Jeff Mangum. You’ll also have to give an ear to the song’s closing moment, a musical essay on the joy of songwriting. Beat the Babble will appear in the UK via Libertino, with a US release already handled by Birth Records.

New Tune from Lehmann B Smith

Just a few weeks ago I shared with you a tune from Lehmann B Smith, who is set to release his 7th album, Poplar Music, at the end of May. Today, there’s another track floating about from overseas, though this one features Sarah Farquharson of the Finks providing vocals. One listen through, and the title begins to make sense, as there’s definitely a modern vibe of tropicalia crafted here…and wrapping it all up with an emphatic burst of poppy psych exuberance. Look for Poplar Music to drop via Bedroom Suck Records on May 25th.

Spanish Pop from Neleonard

Neleonard might not be on your radar as a follower of indie music, but that doesn’t mean the Spanish pop group should be ignored. In fact, I think a quick listen will immediately endear them to fans, drawing on those Scottish influences such as Belle and Sebastian or Camera Obscura. Sure, the song includes a bouncing rhythm, but for me, this brand of pop has always been about the texturizing. In this track, light keyboard walks behind the melody, strings accentuate every note and horns burst forth. Just felt like you needed to know how good this band was, and as soon as possible. They’ll have a new album titled Un Lugar Imaginado coming via Elefant Records in the Fall.

Katie Von Schleicher Drops B-Side

Just a bit ago, Katie Von Schleicher revealed she’d be following up Shitty Hits with a brand new 7″, and this week, the B-Side has been floating around the Interwebs. This track spends the first minute and a half highlighting Katie’s vocal performance, with atmosphere crafted out of a jazzy ride on the cymbal. Moving along, the song erupts with this beautifully longing guitar chord that snakes through the tune before fading away, only to be replaced by Von Schleicher’s voice yet again. She’s at the top of her game right now for sure; don’t miss on grabbing the new 7″ from Ba Da Bing on May 4th. Her tour also includes an Austin date on June 18th…for our local pals.

Lowly Return with New Tune

Last year, one of my personal favorite albums was Heba from the Danish group Lowly. And while we might not have a new album right around the corner, the group have shared this stellar new single in preparation for their May US invasion. I feel like the first minute and a half is really just toying with listeners, setting the mood, but pulling back just a touch until the song’s unleashed. From there, the band rise off into a blissed out pop horizon; it’s rhythmically propulsive, pulling you completely within the track with dense studio production. Here’s hoping the group keep up the good work with more likeminded tracks.

Secret Solstice 2018

Hey do you remember that time when I went all the way over to Iceland for a music festival? Yeah it was quite awhile ago so maybe you don’t keep detailed notes on my whereabouts over the last several years… Well the wife and I had so much fun 4 years ago that we’ve decided to return to Iceland and attend the Secret Solstice Festival in June. It must tell you something about how the event is run and the quality of the festival as a whole for two Texans to travel all that way again. This time we plan to do things right by flying direct out of Dallas instead of a massive layover in NYC. Oh and we’ll probably buy out the duty free store right after we land. If all this sounds interesting to you, hit the jump for links to buy tickets and some thoughts on the 2018 lineup/event.

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Blistering Number from Peach Kelli Pop

Hot on the heels of their recent EP, Peach Kelli Pop is about set to drop their new LP for Mint Records. Today’s new single illustrates the perfect balance between the saccharine stylings and the band’s frenetic punk rock. If you were to stick solely with the vocals, it sounds like the perfect sunny day, but then distorted guitars and pummeling pace blast you through the track in under 2 minutes. It’s like riding a bike on some beachside boardwalk, only you got shit to do so you’re rushing down the path. Look for Gentle Leader to drop on May 25th.

Yesterday’s Buck Meek Tune

Our good friends over at Keeled Scales are releasing the forthcoming Buck Meek LP, so it only feels natural to give Buck’s music an extra push. It shouldn’t be too difficult, seeing as he’s one of the founding members of indie stars, Big Thief. In this song, there’s a natural bounce evoked, interestingly, it seems to come from the guitars working between the keyboard notes. Even more, Buck’s delivery is extremely lighthearted, and almost playful at times…even as the tune sneaks into an arty, almost G Bear-esque close. Look for his solo record to drop on May 18th.

New Music from Juliana Daugherty

This debut album from Juliana Daughtery is shaping up to be some kind of wonderful. Today she shares the title track from her Light record, illustrating the captivating magic of her voice. She opens the song primarily on her own, matching notes with piano chords; it’s here you can first hear that angelic quiver in the voice that draws listeners into her work. Musically, the song’s pretty bare, but that only adds to the emotional tug of Daughtery’s voice; she manages rising and falling notes, wrapping them around a sampled loop that runs through the song’s latter half. You can get your hands on this LP on June 1st via Western Vinyl.

Brand New Great Earthquake Number

Great Earthquake came to my musical world because Noah is a member of Lost Leaves, who I obviously raved about last year (I still do, privately). But, in his work as Great Earthquake, he takes on a different vibe, at least in so far as the tune below goes. It’s almost as if he’s crafted this number as a performance piece, with the vocals added as just another layer to the overall sound; there’s little inflection in the notes, entrancing listeners. Once you’re caught up in the song, little guitar notes begin to rise from the mix and the drum fills illustrate careful attention to detail. Thinking & Making will be released this Friday via Lost and Lonesome.

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