Escuchen a El Palacio de Linares

In shitty times we turn to music; it cures us in ways other things cannot. I’m in the midst of one such week, and the only solace I’m finding are in this song or that song. But, the past few days have been spent putting this new LP from El Palacio de Linares on repeat. There’s spritely indiepop gems like “Piscinas Naturales” or “Pez Espada,” but admittedly, I keep coming back to the ridiculously beautiful “Ciervo y Erizo.” Something about the melody mixed with the song’s natural bounce before spinning into the dreamy chorus is probably going to bring tears to my eyes as I play it again and again today. Love your indiepop? Want to listen in Spanish? Please support this band; Largos Agotadores is out today via Pretty Olivia Records!

Obligatory ATX Post: Two New Ones From White Denim

We all know that there’s something in the water here in Austin that gives rockstar super powers to our groups. It’s always a treat when one of these groups makes their way into the mainstream of national indie rock, as White Demin managed to do over the years, but especially last year withPerformance. It doesn’t seem like the group is really coming up for air anytime soon, as they’ve just dropped two new tracks, which you can check out below. I’m partial to “NY Money,” as the fast talking lyrics come at you quickly with those tight knit guitars. Both of these tracks are off of the March 29th forthcoming Side Effects LP, which comes to you from City Slang.



Fresh Herzog Track for Enjoyment

Just a week or so ago I was calling Herzog the American version of Sloan, and this new single today is doing nothing to deter my stance. They teasingly seem like they’re going to kick into some sort of angular spin, toying with sharp notes before the full band jumps into to carry me into pop heaven. While the power-pop sensibility is there, I think the emphatic punch in the track around the 1:15 (and 2) mark is a solid touch, just to ensure you don’t turn your speakers up too loud. Everything about this song, and this album, thus far, seems like I’m getting the coolest present I never expected, and I’m grateful for every precious melody coming my way. I hope you are too, and there will be more when Me vs You drops via Exit Stencil Recordings on February 22nd.

Another Business of Dream Tune

The first two tracks from the forthcoming Business of Dreams LP were sort of what I expected, though I’ve admitted that Cunningham is at the peak of his writing prowess this go-round. But, the pleasure of Ripe for Anarchy is the diversity he’s brought forth, and perhaps no track exemplifies that touch more than the single below. It’s still churns out that crisp nostalgic pop vibe, but it has this thoughtfulness I don’t think I realized until the second or third spin. From the layering of the various vocals to the effortless calm throughout, it creates this weird vibe where I feel like I’m listening to Galaxy 500 channeled through the history of angular indiepop and its forebears. Slumberland drops the album tomorrow; please go get it.

Mellow Dance Vibes from Honey 2 Honey

While Chapter Music might be best known in the States for their excellent guitar oriented tastes, they have a deep catalog, with several club acts that need your attention. The label’s latest signing Honey 2 Honey, is one such act, offering dance-inflected RnB tunes. Their first single is this steady groove that builds atop itself as it moves along; it sort of teases out additional notes as it moves forward, though I respect the amount of space left in the track. The vocals are deep and heavy, intoxicating in their own way (which I guess can match the song’s title?). Those of you who are way into James Murphy might want to spend some quality time with this one. The band will release their A Taste Of EP via Chapter on April 5th.

Underworld’s Drift

I have been a fan of Underworld since Chip slid an import single to me fresh out of the Thursday arrivals box at Technophoilia. It was quite a while ago. Beaucoup Fish is still among my favorite records and if you haven’t invested time with it, by all means.

Travelling in a space that can be abrasive, elegant, haunting or aggressive, the longevity of the band that was born out of a one-hit-wonder (“Doot Doot”, Freur) is impressive. The music created by Karl Hyde and Rick Smith is varied yet identifiable. The latest project is entitled Drift. They have been collaborating with people in unique spaces and the most realized track to be born out of the Drift project to date is “Appleshine”. The song features Georgia and Lewis from Black Country, New Road on violin and flute with visuals by Simon Taylor. I recommend headphones and isolation.

Jim Clements Shares New Video

Near the end of 2018, Jim Clements released A Failure, and he comes back today with this video to celebrate the album’s standout “The Advice Song (Just Give Up).” The video is fairly simple, with the lyrics set atop light animation that plays upon the shadows. The song, however, has deeper meaning than what might be on the surface. Clements isn’t trying to be mean or degrading; he’s trying to advise you that it’s best to accept the reality that you live in, embrace that world and then move forward; he doesn’t want us to dance upon false hopes and promises that it will get better. Sure, it’s grim, but it’s real. Stream it below.

The Advice Song (Just Give Up) by Jim Clements from Jim Clements on Vimeo.

AllEYES Share New Track + Barracuda Show This Friday (2/1)

This Friday night, there’s a powerhouse of a bill we’ll gladly throw our support behind; a bill that features Chill Russell, Slomo Drags, Fanclub and allEYES. We’ve enjoyed all these acts for some time, and look forward to hearing more from allEYES…an act that features members of the Sword, Octopus Project and Freshmillions. They’ve even been so gracious to share with us one of their newer tracks, which you’re likely to hear on this particular evening; I still stand by my comment that you’re not likely to hear anything like this bunch in the city limits. Show kicks off at 9 PM at Barracuda, but you can find more info on the FB EVENT.

Stella Donnelly Shares Another Tune

Last year, when we were treated to several Stella Donnelly sets, I was left greatly impressed; she stunned with little more than her voice and guitar amidst drunken crowds crammed into non-traditional venues. But, while spending a good amount of time with Beware of Dogs these past few weeks, I’ve been really impressed with the arrangements throughout, just as you’ll hear on “Lunch.” There’s Stella up front with lightly strummed guitar, but behind her hangs this solemn piano tune while strings sweep in all the emotions you’d ever want in a song. The drums have this almost splattered sound, like an egg crashing into a wall, but it fits the tune perfect, as do the backing vocals chiming in at various points. For those of us who only got to see her solo sets, you’re going to really fall in love with her work when you hear all that’s gone into the sounds on the new LP, out March 8th.

Digging This New FEWS Tune

FEWS are yet another act in a long line of ridiculously talented Malmo based bands, and with their new LP on the horizon, it’s time we give this new tune a spin. It’s got this natural movement and sharpness to the guitars, akin to what I remember from that one good Bloc Party album…though more in an angular arty way, as opposed to the dance rhythms. What really sold me, however, was the sort of cool indifference of the chorus, polished off to leave you with this driving groove you can’t escape. The band’s Into Red will be released on March 1st via Play It Again Sam.

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