Community College Readies Comco LP

Every time I listen to Community College, I feel like a voyeur of sorts. It’s like I’ve been let into this small world where few people get to be; a place that’s quiet and personal, and not necessarily meant to be shared. On the forthcoming LP, there’s a few tracks that bring you into that quiet, but below, I’ve got one of the more expansive numbers that I think will do a wonderful job bringing you along into this personal world with me. But, you’ve got to be quiet, so you can hear the hum of the strings. Be careful, you don’t want to shatter something so beautiful and fragile. Look for Comco to drop on March 8th via Disposable America.

Andrew Golding is Dragon Welding

Pretty sure a bunch of the indiepop nerds were really excited with recent Wolfhounds collection of the John Peel Sessions getting out again, but I’m really interested in what Andrew Golding is doing as Dragon Welding. Both of the tracks available for streaming seem to employ looped sounds, with Golding doing the work to build in his own textures. “The Builders” is this six minute trance, propulsive and posturing all at once. “These Are Dangerous Times” works acoustic bits into a dense track that often plays upon the Notwist comparison hanging about in the band’s bio. The self-titled album will be released on March 15th.

Listen to More Martha

It seems like pop-punk bands are once again a dime-a-dozen, although admittedly there’s an abundance of more talented acts. So, let me clear the rest out of the way, the only band you might need right now is Martha. Their new album Love Keeps Kicking is non-stop hits, filled with catchy choruses and huge riffs that led me to playing my meanest air-guitar as I walked my daughter through our suburban neighborhood. This tune below is just one of the many great numbers, dealing with the subject of a shitty situation in a surprisingly uplifting manner. This band rules. This song rules. This album rules. Get a copy when Dirtnap drops it in April.

Francis Lung Offers Pop Opus

I’m a sucker for a broad sweeping pop song; the sort that always seems built to grab hordes of listeners and never look back; such is the latest single from Manchester’s Francis Lung. The front of the song opens with this dancing piano, bouncing jollily into the vocals which don’t pull back on the harmonies. I love when the cymbal work seems to crash right as a certain melody rises or falls, as they do here, bringing me to the bigger point. There’s huge production value too, from strings to textured vocal layers, all encompassing the broad pop sensibility before us. Enjoy.

Reptaliens Announce Valis

I knew this new Reptaliens LP was right around the corner, so I’m glad the secret is out, as I adored FM-2030. Our first listen from the forthcoming LP offers up a woozy dreampop sound. Synths float in heavily, often seeming as if they’re in and out of tune; they get matched up with these grooving bass lines that will certainly have you bobbing your head. It’s all spliced up by layered synths and sharp guitar parts; it’s short and sweet, easily consumable. Look for their new album Valis to drop via Captured Tracks on April 26th, as well as huge Spring tour that brings them to SXSW.

New Music from Dorio

You might have seen our poster for the ATH vs SOTO party (and if not, go HERE) leading you to wonder aloud who on Earth is Dorio? Well, you’ve likely heard Mr. Chaz Doriocourt in some various fashion over the past few years in Austin, and now you can sample his new project below. It’s a really strong pop vibe; I really appreciate the various layers in the song’s arrangement…a nice surprise. Even better, there’s a video with Chaz clowning about and living life to the max with a huge grin upon his face. Such a good tune you don’t wanna sleep on.

Mamalarky Share Hero

Former Austinites Mamalarky have something interesting brewing here with their new track “Hero.” Opening up the package, you’re tricked into this angular psych rocker, quickly fading into twinkling keyboard notes and the dreamy vocals of Livvy Bennett. I was sold on that formula alone, but they add another turn into the song’s map, switching into full-on pop bravado with a churning chorus that’s built to spin you around; it has the sunshine one would expect from a move to Los Angeles. If vibrant psychedelic pop music is your thing, then look no further…the band will also appear at this year’s SXSW so add them to your list.

Even More Stella Donnelly

I’ve pretty much been riding high on the Stella Donnelly train since her performances at last year’s SXSW festival. Luckily, her Beware the Dogs LP isn’t too far off in the distance, so why not celebrate with another gem. This number has a little bit more spirit in the way the guitars cut across the tune; her voice still sparkles, no matter whether she’s delivering lines or drawing out the chorus. I think ultimately, her delivery of everything’s quite smart; she seems to have this sly wit and playfulness that draws in listeners and begs them to be better humans…it’s a theme throughout the LP, in my opinion. Secretly Canadian will release the album on March 8th.

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