Stream Big Love from Burner Herzog

Out in San Francisco, Paisley Shirt Records is doing a great job releasing tunes we’ve been enjoying quite a bit over here, like the R.E. Seraphin LP from earlier this year. But, just recently, they also dropped Big Love, the latest LP from Burner Herzog. Sure, it’s been out a few weeks, but maybe you weren’t aware, so here I am. Herzog has worked with artists we adore like Bill Baird and Tony Molina in the studio, and he admits he’s been influenced by Tony’s work, at least in how he came about crafting this album. I think my favorite tracks are a toss up between “Prayer Candles” and “Bob Dylan is a CIA Man,” particularly the vocal melodies that sine through in the latter tune. Plus, you get a nice little Silver Apples cover with “You and I.” Let’s all walk together, friends, and listen to Big Love!

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