A New Song from Pelvis Wrestley

Remember when we helped our friends in Pelvis Wrestley release their latest album, Vortexas Vorever, on cassette? Well, they just shared a brand new tune that should make your day; it’s part of Austin Music Foundations ATX Gen Next comp, which also features other artists like Deezie Brown, DRINT and more. This new Pelvis track has this great galloping shuffle to it, but there’s some little nuanced details that I love. Put your ear close, and you can here this brooding fuzz right behind Ben’s voice in there; I can’t explain why, but it accents his great vocal performance in just the right way. Plus, there’s this tamed exuberance that comes in the chorus, reminiscent of Arcade Fire when they were charming…but clearly they’ve handed the reins to this Austin bunch. I’ve also included a stream of their LP, because why havent’ you listened to it enough?

Dreams on Tape Share Home

Dreams on Tape is a new bedroom project coming out of Florida, and the mood of the latest single kind of fits in with my Friday vibe. It has that turning jangle in the guitar, but has that sort of breezy wistfulness, like you’re looking off into the horizon daydreaming about what’s next in your life. It’s all served up to you with these thickly coated vocals and a nice little subtle beat that steadies the song nicely. There’s just this natural feeling of hope here, which might be a great way to sort of close out 2020. Look for the Nostalgia EP real soon!

Andronoids Share Sunny Day

I’ve got about 8 more hours of work, and then I get to take a nice few weeks off, so I’m looking for a fun number to get me right in the mood…this Andronoids tune helped. Honestly, it reminded me of French Kids (formerly Young Girls) who we’ve worked with on our label end of things. It’s part indiepop and part classic surfy sounds and also fuzzy gaze oriented rock and infectious as all get out. The Swedish outfit just released a new self-titled LP courtesy of Ontario’s We Are Busy Bodies, so if you feel like tapping your toes today, start here!

Half Dream Share Christmas All Alone

Paige Berry and Half Dream released one of my favorite EPs this year, Monster of Needing…and today they’ve got a holiday tune Paige penned to share. While the song was written pre-pandemic, the thematic relevance to this year’s holiday season is blatantly obvious in the title alone. The core of the song really focuses on Berry’s voice, which is a marvel, draped over a heavy strum and some accents in the song’s background. Always down to celebrate a great voice, and perhaps we’ll all find solace knowing that we’re all alone together.

Gloria Shares You Had It All Video

As we look forward to 2021 (thank goodness), its time to start looking for some new musical voices to keep us captivated, which is where we meet up with French outfit Gloria. They’ve just released this great brand new single, a bewitching number taken from their forthcoming Sabbat Matters LP. It’s an interesting jam, somewhere between modern psychedelia stomps, Fleetwood Mac nods and dream pop; I love the textural mixture that comes with that, which is what’s been drawing me to this tune…that and it seems to transport you back in time, and I’m digging that feel! You can grab the new LP in March via Howlin Banana Records.

That New Tim Cohen Tune from You Are Still Here

Well, this Tim Cohen tune came out yesterday, but our attention was turned to our Catenary Wires/Heavenly, etc takeover, so we didn’t get a chance to praise the tune, until now! It’s been really interesting watching the Fresh and Only’s front man weave his way in and out of his solo career. This tune has this certain slow-burn to it, like a candle flickering in a dark carpeted room, perhaps for sance purposes. For me, aside from this voice, I think my favorite thing is that he seems to have completely erased the sound I associate with him, almost presenting me with something brand new…like a Cohen protg, with just a little more pain in the voice. You Are Still Here will drop on March 26th via Bobo Integral.


Introducing Skep Wax Records

One thing we remembered – and re-lived – in 2020 was the spirit of indie DIY. We wrote songs, recorded them at home, took our own pictures, made our own videos. So we decided it was about time to start a label. The first physical releases on Skep Wax will come out next spring. We will be co-releasing the next Swansea Sound single with US label HHBTM and Japanese label Formosa Punk, and we will co-release the new Catenary Wires songs with US label Shelflife. Its great to be working alongside these other labels. We always loved the idea of the International Pop Underground, and in 2021 we hope to breathe new life into it. If we discover we are any good at running a label, we will start thinking about releasing other bands music on the label. Very excited about this!

You can see all the work at Skep Wax Bandcamp.

Follow on the socials: @skepwax


The Catenary Wires

With everything else going on, our main band, The Catenary Wires, took a back seat. We had a bunch of gigs booked in the spring, but obviously they all had to be cancelled. However, the album that we had started putting together at the beginning of the year is now nearly finished. We managed to record a few songs here, before lockdown, but most of it has been recorded since. Fay recorded her keyboards at home, Ian added some extra finger drums, weve done our parts and Andy has played bass and put the whole thing together beautifully. We are lucky to be working with a band who arent just musically gifted, but technically clever too. We are going to release a single early next year, called Mirrorball. Its the story of two lonely individuals who attend a retro 80s disco, and are forced to re-live the horror of the worst music of that decade but then make eye contact across the dancefloor. Yes, its a love song!

We dont have a video ready for the single yet, but we thought we might include a live performance we did for the Wedding Presents At The Edge Of The Sofa virtual festival. These songs will be on the new album: they are The Overview Effect and Like the Rain.

Follow them @catenarywires. Buy music HERE.

What We’ve Been Listening To: Penelope Isles

One of the last gigs we went to before lockdown was Penelope Isles, and I was bowled over. The band is based around two siblings from the Isle of Man, Jack and Lily Wolter, alongside two friends (Becky and Jack) they made on moving to Brighton. Their live show is relaxed and funny, noisy but packed full of great tunes. You cant always tell which out of Jack or Lily is singing, but it doesn’t matter. Their first album Until The Tide Creeps In was released by Bella Union. Leipzig is one of my favourites of their songs. – Amelia

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