New Music from Karen Peris

Somehow, I’ve been listening to the Innocence Mission for 20+ years, longer than most bands that get constant rotation in my playlist. In fact, I usually play songs from the band’s catalog to help my daughter fall asleep each night, so despite all the raves for Karen Peris‘ new track, I feel like I’d be doing myself an injustice by not pointing it out. This one’s a family affair, with Peris’ husband and children adding to the song’s embellishments; I think we can all agree the moment the song’s sweeping strings come across its difficult not to be awestruck. There’s just something so comforting about her distinctively gentle voice; I just want to nuzzle in the notes. You’ll find this song on A Song Is Way Above the Lawn, out this October via Bella Union. Excuse me while I go listen to Befriended.

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