Power Supply Share Let’s Do This and Let’s Do That

While everyone’s clamoring for that glorious Mellencamp and Springsteen collaboration, why don’t you turn your ears towards something just a little bit hipper, just a little bit more stylish…the new tune from Power Supply. Leon Stackpole has a very matter of fact delivery on this new tune, like a classic bard turning stories into song. The song itself has a little bit of an almost country twang, almost a little boogie to it; this is maybe what Bob should have sounded like when he first plugged in that electric guitar. There are some special moments I’ve been pulling for, like the line starting with “watching, watching the water flow by” just before the 2 minute mark…its a nice little calmed melody that’s soothed my ears for sure. The band drop In the Time of the Sabre-Toothed Tiger on October 22nd via Goner Records.

The Chime School Share It’s True Video

Guess I’m reveling in the joys of pop music today, which I don’t mind one bit. This new Chime School video is another charmer from Andy Pastalaniec, fueled by these thumping drum snaps and churning jangles. I love that despite the song’s brief nature that things still seem fully developed, and even included several distinct moments that stand out from the jangles, like the classic sunny guitar solo in the early moments or the emphatic punch that comes in the song’s stomp about just after the minute mark; it’s not always easy to pack all those great moments into a song running under 2 minutes, but sure enough, its executed perfectly. The self-titled LP is due November 5th courtesy of Slumberland.

Rural France Share Sling Yr Hook

Fresh off the release of the killer “Stolen Beer,” Rural France return with the second single from their forthcoming RF record, and to no one’s surprise, it’s another fuzzy pop banger. Despite these heavy riffs, this song is pure pop through and through; it’s just bleeding melody all over your floor as it pours through your speakers. Honestly, this is some of the best no frills, solid pop rock n’ roll you’re going to hear this year. The chords ring in your ears in just the right spot, guitar solos cascade in quickly then fade away to reveal sneak peaks at the melodic underbelly, and every time you press play you’re going to wear a grin. RF will be released on October 29th via Meritorio Records.

Slow Down Molasses Share I Need the Darkness Video

Felt like Wednesday is a solid day to get involved in some heavier sounds, so its a good thing there’s this jamming track from Slow Down Molasses banging around out there. It’s toying that careful line between post-punk and noise rock, though with the skate video added in here, it seems like its harkening back to sort of melodic post-hardcore vibes. It’s melodic, but brash, and just the faintest hint of pop sensibility hanging out in there to satiate those like me. If you’re digging what they’re putting down, the Canadian band drop their record Minor Deaths on October 8th via Divine Schism and Noyse Records.

Pleased to Meet You: Humdrum (ex-Star Tropics)

When Star Tropics quietly called it a day, it left Loren Vanderbilt sitting with a slew of songs and nowhere to take them, so he started up a new project titled Humdrum. Today you get to sample the first single from the forthcoming album, and if you don’t immediately feel yourself swooning, please have someone check on you. Churning jangles are greeted by sharp drum work, leaving plenty of space for Loren to let his voice drift and dance atop the mix. One of the big reasons I love this tune is the clarity in the production, particularly Vanderbilt’s voice; it’s got a very slight hint of atmosphere to it, but for the most part you’re getting this clarity you don’t always get with this genre, illustrating that there’s plenty of melody coming down the line. As of right now, this is just a little sample, but we’ll keep you posted as we find out more about the album and its release!

Philip Frobos Shares Never Noticed Video

The perk of being an artist, I reckon, is that you can pretty much do whatever you want, whenever you want, on your own terms, which is how I imagine Omni’s Philip Frobos came about in wrapping up an album that also served as the score to his debut novel. This song seems perfectly penned as it’s meant to be an homage to the Atlanta bar scene and Frobos friends there. In the song, you get the sort of hazy lounge vibe, though the guitar notes do have a little bit of a jagged punk dance to them; perhaps envision it as an Omni song, slowed through the eyes of a bar regular, watching the world move slowly by through a glass of warm beer. Upset the Rhythm will be releasing Vague Enough to Satisfy on October 22nd.

Wet Leg Share Wet Dream

Having already released one of my very favorite tunes of this year, it seems like Wet Leg are intent on just taking over the world, one hook-laden hit at a time. Their latest single has the band operating between coy indie rock and bratty riot girl; I love the attitude that’s delivered in the chorus. Even when the song’s calm, the lyrics just have this tongue-in-cheek playfulness that seems to exhibit everything the band is all about; there’s no stopping them if they can bring a live show as catchy as these tunes are. still waiting on an album announcement, but they’re leaving the Isle of Wight to make it overseas for some dates in New York and Cali.

Hovvdy Share Blindsided Video

Wanted to write about how much I enjoyed this new Hovvdy video; it’s really hard not to enjoy what they’re doing right now; the sounds are too too good. This very much just feels like home to me, and not just because they’re from Austin; it just has that familiarity to it, that vibe that only you and your closest friends could create together. I’d go into further details, but I’m grumpy because I like to follow rules, and this song had an “Embargo” on it until 9 am CST. So I don’t wanna write more. The song’s all that matters anyways, right? No need to copy and paste the press release. No need to link it to Phoebe Bridgers. Just listen to the song from their new album True Love, which is out Friday via Grand Jury.

Holm Share Intelligent Moves Single

We’re big fans of Danish outfit Yung, so we’re excited to see what Mikkel Holm Silkjaer brings to the table with his Holm project. On this latest single, there’s just this ringing guitar that seems to kind of take on that brand of post-punk we all adore. But, it’s Mikkel’s vocal delivery, particularly when it gets some backing vocal accompaniment, that really helps to deliver this melodic moment, albeit brief. For me, listening through, there’s all these little musical twists and turns too, which are great, because they’re illustrating the risks he’s taking in his songwriting…nothing seems overly formulaic, so I appreciate the freshness. Why Don’t You Dance is out on November 12th via PNKSLM.

Belaver Shares Mount Misery Video

Belaver‘s made these pages throughout the last few years, and with production duties handled by country musician Robert Ellis, you can guarantee that we’re going to get some solid sounds on Lain Prone. For me, there’s just something that maybe feels like it belongs in that late 90s Pacific Northwest scene, and you can definitely hear that in the brief little solo right around the 2:30 mark of the tune. With this video, there are definitely some risks, as 17 different artists from around the world helped to illustrate things, so you definitely get a stunning visual representation to go with the track. Lain Prone is out on October 22nd via Niles City Records.

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