Levitation Interviews: Cloud Nothings

Say what now, two interviews in one day!? That’s right my peeps, we weren’t done for the day and have one more interview before you head out the door later to Levitation Festival in downtown Austin. Our second interview of the day comes from an old ATH favorite, the Cleveland based band Cloud Nothings. We interviewed them almost 10 years ago at Fun Fun Fun so this should be a nice revisit and a Happy Anniversary post. Cloud Nothings play tomorrow night at Hotel Vegas and tickets are not yet sold out. Get some! Hit the jump for interview, set times, and music.

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Rachel Love Shares The Long Way Round (Drops New LP!)

Rachel Love, formerly of Dolly Mixture, has been teasing us throughout 2021 with pop breadcrumbs from Picture in Mind, her new LP. Today is the day we finally get to hear the whole thing in full, and why not celebrate that by sharing another one of the great focus tracks from the record. This one’s all about using subtle musical structure as a vessel for the voice. You get these little electronic flourishes, bobbing in and out of your speaker, twinkling at times in front of the snappy rhythm section. Then Rachel just lets her voice float, and its never sounded as heavenly as you might hear here. This is one of the best surprises pop fans have gotten this year, so spend some time with this track…and album!

Clear History Share Presents

Feel like we’ve been playing it a little safe and mellow this morning…with the Lewsberg and Rachel Love tunes. So lets flip it and toss out this track from Berlin’s Clear History. From the moment you hit go, the song just screeches and screams at you; it’s almost as if the only musical vibe you get comes from the rhythm section, as everything else is just abrasive. But, in that, you get this anxious tension, this budding explosiveness that is sure to have you stamping about angrily. When you hit the track’s midsection, you get a little post-punk guitar solo, staking its claim to the song while those drums just keep thumping away in the mix, leaving for this incredible closing treat you get at the end. Definitely an act to keep an eye out for; their new mini album Bad Advice Good People, out November 5th Upset the Rhythm.

Levitation Interviews: A Place to Bury Strangers

Remember yesterday when I said Levitation is going down this weekend in Austin? Well it started last night and will continue throughout the weekend, so if you don’t have plans, go check out some live music and support local businesses. Not everything is sold out yet, including a nice lineup tonight featuring Black Angels, Ringo Deathstarr, and old time ATH favorite A Place to Bury Strangers. Prior to this night’s event, we sent Oliver our Levitation Festival questions and he was kind enough to answer them. Hit the jump for responses, set times, and music.

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Lewsberg Drop In Your Hands LP

I had no idea we were getting a new Lewsberg LP until a little email popped up in ye old inbox, but man, this Friday just got infinitely better…for me anyways. If you’ve never listened to the Dutch group before, I suggest setting aside some time to spend with the band today…and might I add you can start off with 2020’s In This House. It’s early in the morning, and I’m just diving in here, so not sure which of the tracks will be my favorite, but I think those of you who are into bands like Smog or Low will surely find yourselves a comforting listen on this Friday. US fans can grab the In Your Hands from 12XU.

Secret Shame Share Victoria Single

We raved about Secret Shame when they dropped their Dissolve/Pure 7″, and now the band have jumped back in with this heavy bit of dark rock n’ roll. The band were approached by filmmaker Jamieson Ridenhour to write a tune for his new film, Bloodbath-Victoria’s Secret, which seems to have kickstarted the songwriting process…as we hear this track is also leading towards a new LP for next year. The riffs, as you’d expect for a horror film, are dark and edgy, though that shouldn’t surprise any fans of the band. I love how they’re still making this sound their own, turning in some light melodic moments in the chorus that keep me coming back to enjoy this Asheville act. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more on the new LP!

Levitation Interview: Moon Kissed

Hey did you know that Levitation Festival starts here in Austin TODAY! You didn’t? Well I guess technically it kicked off last night, but the true shows around downtown start this evening. If you have yet to check the lineup/schedule, you should definitely do so now and consider buying tickets to the few things that are not yet sold out. As we tend to do during festival season, we will try to give you a bit of a preview of things before you head out into the fray. Today we kick things off with a sweet little interview from the NYC based band Moon Kissed. Hit the jump for full interview, set times, and music.

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Monsoon Drop Don’t Move Video

Felt like we should hit up Thursday by starting off with some catchy hooks and blasting riffs! Good thing we’ve got this tune from Athens’ (Georgia) Monsoon. This song works back and forth between a sedate ballad and a hook laden pop rock tune, adding in these great little details that give the tune a bit of flare. Plus, just as you’re hooked on the style, there’s this closing change in direction, hinting at some of the artistry that’s lurking in their forthcoming Ghost Party LP. The album will be out next year, so for now, you can sit back and enjoy this fresh single!

New Video from Robert Sotelo

Robert Sotelo will be releasing Celebrant in early November, and with that date approaching, there’s another new video to tease you into buying the LP. I love how it opens up with this muted glitch, evolving into a layered glitch and melodic pulse that drives the song’s tension. Then comes Sotelo, hanging his voice in that sort of darkened pop expanse, swirling with melody, bravado and hints of drama. The chorus hits on these playful notes, lifting the tune briefly. All that said, the song is about longing and protection with Robert saying the track is about feeling “overly paternal towards a parent,” which becomes increasingly difficult in the current climate. And just to say…I wish more people wrote pop tunes like this. Celebrant is out November 12th via Upset the Rhythm.


Me Rex Share Never Graduate Single

You know when you just want something big and poppy, something that seems just perfectly built for you? Well, I present you with the new single from London’s Me Rex. If you’re into British pop rock like Martha, you’re going to want to spend some time here; you might also want to go back and revisit the band’s other releases. Here, we get a little synth into before the song hits hyperdrive into euphoria…backing vocals swell with these magical hooks that dig deep into your soul. Myles McCabe has this great delivery within the confines of the song to kind of tie it all together; it comes across as spoken and call, straining when it hits the song’s rising tension. If you dig this, look for the band’s Pterodactyl EP in February of next year via Big Scary Monsters. Also, fun fact. Pterodactyls are not dinosaurs. Duh.

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