Levitation Interview: Moon Kissed

Hey did you know that Levitation Festival starts here in Austin TODAY! You didn’t? Well I guess technically it kicked off last night, but the true shows around downtown start this evening. If you have yet to check the lineup/schedule, you should definitely do so now and consider buying tickets to the few things that are not yet sold out. As we tend to do during festival season, we will try to give you a bit of a preview of things before you head out into the fray. Today we kick things off with a sweet little interview from the NYC based band Moon Kissed. Hit the jump for full interview, set times, and music.

During festival season, we like to offer the same and/or similar questions to all artists so we can look at differing perspectives from a wide range of artists. Here is what Moon Kissed had to say…

ATH: Whats the name of the band/group? Where are you from?

MK: Moon Kissed from NYC

ATH: Describe your groups sound to a new fan using only adjectives.

MK: Effervescent, Whirling, Glittering

ATH: What was your most recent release? Any planned releases for 2021/2022? Where can we get our hands on a new release?

MK: We put out our second album last Friday! Its called Id Like To Tell You Something Important. Well be selling vinyl at shows and via bandcamp, and you can also stream us anywhere ◡̈

ATH: Weve got a great lineup in town for the weekend. Anyone you are trying to see?

MK: Japanese Breakfast, Crumb, Thundercat, Nation of a Language

ATH: If you could put on your own one-day festival with say 5-10 bands (up to you) who would be on this bill? You may travel through time and use any artist who is alive or dead or on hiatus… you get me. Where would this awesome concert be?



Jimi Hendrix


Billie Holiday

Le Tigre

Daft Punk

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Louis Armstrong


It would be a gigantic venue that is a mansion like Great Gatsby, so large you get lost wandering around the estate and theres endless mysterious rooms to explore and it has multiple stages and is an aquarium and a planetarium all in one. Like every wall and floor is a fish tank except its like Shark Tales so all the fish are partying with us and not upset about being in the tanks somehow. So maybe its a submarine and were the ones in the tank. And the ceiling is literally space.

ATH: We always like to hear about what bands are listening to in their van/bus on tour. What are you guys spinning? How long does each member get to play DJ?

MK: Kate Davis, Emily King, Avett Brothers, Dinah Washington, Music for 18 Musicians. Some bluegrass. We also have many playlists weve made together. Mostly whoevers driving spins and were all pretty cordial about it theres no hard and fast rule and so far weve been all on the same page!

ATH: The band gets to create their own taco pop-up shop at Levitation! Whats the name, and what sort of tacos will you have? Any sides?

MK: Leah wants Korean tacos. Emily wants to have a taco thats rainbow like the way bagels are rainbow sometimes. If possible the cheese would be glittery somehow. It doesnt affect the flavor but just looks sick. Khaya just wants really good tacos, maybe some options of weird sauces. Its called Lets Taco Bout It and every day theres a different prompt where customers can respond through writing it down or taco-ing about it.

ATH: Thanks again everyone!

Moon Kissed play TONIGHT Scholz Beer Garden with other ATH favorites Botany, Deep Time and the legendary Octopus Project. Tickets are not yet sold out so get one now! See you there.

Here’s the latest single from Moon Kissed, “Bubblegum”:

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