Show Pics: Cut Copy @ Stubbs (4/27)

I mentioned in the Interpol review how busy it was last week for Austin’s music audience. The tours are touring again.

I’ll keep the review for this pretty brief. I have a big gallery of Cut Copy laying down the hits at Stubbs, trying some new stuff and refreshing the classics. Along for the ride was Suzanne Kraft, thoughtfully crafted songs that served to set the stage.

Click through for a few thoughts and pics a plenty…

Again, Austin needs to start showing up for the openers. No, Suzanne Kraft, the nom de plume for Diego Herreras project away from Pharaohs, were not dance party smash and grab openers, but the songs are well built and carefully layered. If you have not listened yet, check out “Red Flag” and “Blush” on ABOUT YOU or “Two Chord Wake” on TALK FROM HOME. I dig it.

As for Cut Copy, their live sets have been a North Star for me, reassuring, comforting, hype machines, hands in the air with Dan as he confirms, denies and reassures the lyrics as they journey towards your ear holes. Several songs, mainstays had subtle tweaks like revised intros or maybe a cleaner octave drop for a guitar lick, a bit more oomph in the kick drum. The hits just kept flowing, though I did take note of the pandemic released “Like Breaking Glass” as making a super elegant transition to the live environment. Through it all, one thing was very clear – Cut Copy was a band elated to be preforming again.

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