ACL 2022 – Weekend Two Preview

So, weekend two is upon us. I thought I’d share some intel for you folks giving this weekend a run at ACL Festival 2022.

Feel free to read up on last weekends recommendations. Aside from Nation Of Language not being here, my advice stands. However, there are some new things coming, either by lessons learned or by changes to the lineup. Let’s talk ACL Weekend Two. Hit the jump for more.

Wet Leg – Friday 2:30pm @ Honda – I didn’t get the hype during SXSW, but friends say they are evolving into a fun live set and I’m cool with second chances.

L’Imperatrice – Friday 5pm @ Barton Springs – French disco vibes, pretty perfect set from that stage at that time of day. Just do it. They are charming and the crowd was blissed out. Join us.

Urban Heat – Sunday 3pm @ BMI – Locals will put down dark wave synth. The only catch is you may miss

Faye Webster – Sunday 3pm @ Barton Springs – One of my favorite sets at BMI has moved up to a bigger stage so if you want more organic sounds with elegant songwriting, by all means, take in all that Faye has to offer.

Good Looks – Satruday 1pm @ Titos – More local music, their summer release, Bummer Year, is a strong candidate for local best-of lists. This may be the best thing you see on Saturday.

Sloppy Jane – Saturday 3:15 @ BMI – You can’t be sure what will happen when Haley Dahl takes the stage.

Glove – Sunday 12:30 @ American Express – They were my soundtrack walking in last Sunday and I regret not walking in sooner. Purposeful, dark synth pop, they earned marks for me by repping Nation of Language gear when speaking with media types in the lounge area.

Phoenix – Friday 6p, @ Honda – well, of course. What will we get out a festival set? How many new songs or will they follow Spoons lead and bust out a best of festival set? Either way, I’m there for it.

Death Cab for Cutie – Saturday 6:15 @ Honda – Mr. Gibbard and company touring in support of the new record, Asphalt Meadows (which should accurately describe the Zilker Lawn by their timeslot).

Culture Club – I would likely tumble for you. ,,,,,chameleon

Playlist form of the recommendations…

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