Balmorhea Film the Wind Live in Marfa

Over the last few decades, instrumental music, be it ambient or post-rock or what-have-you, has really made its moment known on the independent music scene. And, Austin’s been home to some of the best, like Explosions in the Sky and Balmorhea. But, what I’ve always loved about Balmorhea is their attention to performance spaces as part of their craft, which the world will get to see tomorrow when their new film, The Wind – Live in Marfa is released unto the world, courtesy of Deutsche Grammophon. RG Lowe and Michael Muller brought along some old friends like Aisha Burns to record the entirety of the record at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, and the cavernous feel of the space playing into the sound reminds me of the time I caught the group on a quiet night at the Austin Ballet. If, like me, you marvel at the intersection between music and performance, then be sure you get a chance to watch this film. DG will be streaming the incredible performance for free for 72 hours starting tomorrow, with a digital soundtrack following Friday!

King Tuff Shares Portrait of God Video

When I think of King Tuff, I tend to think of his heavy garage rock riffs and distinctive voice; it’s just a sound that was super memorable during his earlier periods, not to mention some great live sets. But, with his new record, he’s taken the fuzz down a bit, or perhaps turned it up and left the heaviness at home. In his latest single, the song takes on more of a pub rock vibe, kind of stomping through the verses with this crooning bad-assery. But, when the tune opens up in the chorus, it turns more towards a kind of open bit of psychedelic pop, taking on more melody than I admittedly expected. It seems like the gaps between releases have allowed the songwriter to mix it up a bit, so I’m excited to see where Smalltown Stardust lands when it drops in January via Sub Pop.

Stream Pterodactyl from Oro Swimming Hour

Back in 2017, this site was filled with notes about Oro Swimming Hour; I loved the band and their various releases that year. But, as happens more often than it should, I hadn’t checked in on them until an email came my way letting me know they had this new LP, Pterodactyl, out in the world. I’ve included the whole thing below, and with all the recent talk about Elephant 6, I encourage you to spend some time connecting the dots between Athens, Georgia and Bristol. They kind of feel like their an amalgam of pop, at all times. You hear little bits of power pop and psychedelia, but then there’s lots of little weird excursions and hidden moments that make it like the most joyous scavenger hunt for discerning music nerds. “Crocodile” and “Cold Tangerina” are my personal favorites at the moment, so find yours below! The LP is out now via Gold Day Records!

Daily Worker Announces Autofiction + Shares Irish Goodbye

What a great Tuesday! We’re pleased to share that Daily Worker, an Austin act helmed by Harold Whit Williams of Cotton Mather, has signed to one of our favorite labels Bobo Integral; it’s great when our worlds collide! With that, there’s a new single; it’s built upon this stomping beat, steady and forceful. That marching power allows the crispiness of the guitars to ring out, sounding somewhere between modern jangle and old school psychedelic, leaving plenty of open space for Williams to weave his lyrical majesty. The black and white video also gives a nod to to Harold’s lyrical gifts, as I’m pretty sure I spotted his A Rain Ancestral poetry collection in there! Autofiction will be out on February 3rd!

Martin Frawley Preps the Wannabe + Shares New Single

We hit up that Connections coverage, so the indie sphere gods demanded we only run one post concerning Trouble in Mind per day, thus here I am to talk about the other news they dropped regarding Martin Frawley. We adored Twerps and Martin’s songwriting, not to mention his infectious smile he brought to the stage when he played our SXSW party long ago standing next to a chicken coop (the SXSW glory days!). Well, Martin’s on his own now, working on his next release, the Wannabe, coming out next Summer. In his songwriting, there’s something to the simplicity that shines through, both in the lyrical content and the overall vibe; it’s as if Frawley knew the song’s success was in leaving out frills and just hitting that melodic note from the minute the song set out, riding its charms to the end. Trouble in Mind Records will release the new LP next June, with pre-orders available HERE.

Thigh Master Change Name to Dippers + Prep EP

After years of fielding questions about the band name, Thigh Master has decided to pivot for their next release, and will now and forever (maybe?) go by Dippers. The Aussie outfit have a new record on the horizon for 2023, but in the meantime, they’ve got a new EP of tracks that didn’t quite fit into the new album. Matthew’s voice here feels really heavy, almost like he’s channeling his own version of Calvin Johnson with a bit of Mark Sultan, with an added melody built in behind via the backing vocals that I assume are Innez. There’s something here that seems ready for a live setting, as if its tamed just a bit in the studio, ready to unleash a riotous stomp when the band play it out live…which they’ll do when they hit the States in March. Looking for a Sphere EP is up for Pre-Order right HERE.

Glyders Share Wrong Sometimes Right

Having just returned from a Chicago jaunt to see my favorite UK band Sorry, I find myself diving into the local scene there more and more. Windy City based Glyders came on my radar this morning with their new song “Wrong Sometimes Right” and it seems to fit perfectly with my mellow Monday mood. I love the way this thing grooves a little bit while offering hints of country twang and soothing, light harmonies. Check it out below.

Glyders will release their debut album Maria’s Hunt on January 20th via Drag City. Pre-orders are live now.

Connections Prep Cool Change

We’ve got tons of coverage on Connections here on our site, going way way back. But, last week they made us super happy, announcing a new record, again on our fave, Trouble in Mind Records. They dropped a single with the below video, highlighting the juxtaposition between nature and humanity. Personally, this feels like a road trip, from the backseat of my dad’s car. There’s something in the hurried jangling that rings through the speakers that feels like the world zooming by quickly, with an earnest singer soothing my soul through the headphones of my old Walkman. While it might give me some nostalgic daydreams, the label and the band are constant evolving with the new sounds, so be sure to keep your ears peeled for Cool Change, coming your way in March.

KUS Drops Lessinghof + Share Unreleased The New Lines Tune

Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten is one of our favorite labels, dropping beautiful pop pieces from all across the globe, and doing so in a rather exclusive fashion! They just reminded us that they’ve currently got their Lessinghof compilation available, gathering a bunch of tunes that have never before been pressed to vinyl, including one of the more recent ATH Records acts, Love, Burns! You’ll get a few covers, some obscure stuff and even some new tunes, but, I wanted to share with you this track from the New Lines. It’s apparently an old unreleased tune, which makes sense as the band have been quiet since 2016’s Love and Cannibalism; it was the perfect reminder I needed to go back and fall in love with that record again! Anyways, new and old tunes of the pop variety all in one great compilation, so get on it!

Penkowski Share Raining + Release New LP

It’s that time of year when I start going through tons of old emails I’ve saved and then forgotten, for whatever reason that is. One of those projects was Swiss outfit Penkowski, who just recently dropped Final Destination Disneyland. If you’re taking your first bite of the LP, it’s got this brash post-punk feel, which is why I wanted to share “Raining.” It’s this thoughtful piece of art pop that kind of has this crooning swagger; it’s hanging out in the middle of this raucous record like some sort of drunken karaoke singer, serenading an audience full of sullen hipsters…they’d absolutely love it, like we do. Give this jam a listen, then turn up the volume and listen to the whole LP!

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