King Tuff Shares Portrait of God Video

When I think of King Tuff, I tend to think of his heavy garage rock riffs and distinctive voice; it’s just a sound that was super memorable during his earlier periods, not to mention some great live sets. But, with his new record, he’s taken the fuzz down a bit, or perhaps turned it up and left the heaviness at home. In his latest single, the song takes on more of a pub rock vibe, kind of stomping through the verses with this crooning bad-assery. But, when the tune opens up in the chorus, it turns more towards a kind of open bit of psychedelic pop, taking on more melody than I admittedly expected. It seems like the gaps between releases have allowed the songwriter to mix it up a bit, so I’m excited to see where Smalltown Stardust lands when it drops in January via Sub Pop.

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