Hazy Sour Cherry Release Christmas Single

Having dropped the sparkling Strange World this past summer, Tokyo’s Hazy Sour Cherry share a brand new single just in time for the holidays. Sure, there’s the spiritual nod to Christmas (admittedly sans schmaltz), but you can almost excuse that, as the song feels more like a great introduction to the band’s playfulness. The riffs are sharp and uplifting, ringing in step with the dual vocal delivery that definitely feels like a family holiday singalong. It’s quick and snappy, and sets you up perfectly for the B-Side of the single, a wonderful cover of Dusty Springfield‘s “Stay Awhile.” It’s a great holiday season listen, all brought to you courtesy of Damnably Records.

Julian Never Shares Grassharp Single

These last few weeks have been hard on the underground pop scene, losing some incredible humans we all adored in some form or another. Some of those artists define the classic era of DIY indie rock to me, so its nice to hear folks like Julian Never reimagining those sounds and giving them a fresh spin with their work. On the band’s latest single, Julian Elorduy has this almost Lynchian vocal delivery, heavy and soulful, stretching to break out and be free. Behind him, the musical element feels very cinematic, little flourishes of ambiance and rising and falling, with a light strum holding the track’s gravitational center. If you’re as fascinated by what’s at play here as I am, be sure to grab the group’s Pious Fiction LP from Mt. St. Mtn. on January 13th.

Clear Coast Share Againiam Single

If you’re like me, and you see the holidays as a long slog through social anxieties instead of rest, though you wish you could make your brain think otherwise, then perhaps turn on this bright new Clear Coast single. These German lads have this sound that’s built somewhere between New Order pop radio tendencies and early 2000s indie rock; it’s a wash with synths and catchy melodies. In summation, its just an energetic bop that really helps you put one foot after the other, giving you a little bit of strength to push on through. I love when a pop tune walks that fine line of dreaminess and hope, so if that’s your need, it’s right below!

Last Week’s Jams (12.12 – 12.16)

The end is near my friends, at least for 2022. We’ll likely be popping in and out over the holidays, but songs (and motivation) will be minimal, so don’t expect too much from us on our end. That said, we do have one last Last Week’s Jams to run for you, with a solid amount of hits. I left out all the Best Of lists…but do check out RayRay’s Best Songs and my Top 50 Albums, if you’re so inclined. I made sure to cover the new Galore EP and Fine. LP, plus we got lots of all around jams from the likes of Classic and Packs and more. Browse, listen to it all. Do you. See ya with more jams in 2023!

Stream Galore’s Blush EP

There’s only one thing wrong with the new Blush EP from Galore; it’s only five songs! We ran “New Living” last week, and honestly, if I had held up our sites Top Tracks, this song would definitely have made it in there; it’s got just right jangle. Running through the rest of the EP, you’ll find the quartet playing with a little more space, letting the song’s have a bit of room to breath, like in “Ladders.” That track has a crisp guitar line, and the vocals seem to completely shine on the listener like rays of sunlight breaking through the San Fran fog. Honestly, this is a great way to just spend your morning on repeat. Blush EP is available now through Paisley Shirt/Safe Suburban Home.


Monnone Alone Share The Silos Video

Late in 2021, Monnone Alone dropped Stay Foggy. You’d think we’d just move on, but we’re hanging early in the morning with Aussie sounds, so I of course have to throw my weight behind this new video from the album. The tune is fairly simple, and one of the shorter on the LP, with just a light strum and Mark’s voice hanging in the air. In the video version, you get the shadowy Monnone figure walking through a changing backdrop created by director (and also musician) Lehmann B. Smith. It’s a quick reminder that the album cycle never dies, so revisit Stay Foggy by jumping over HERE.

Spice World Share Mountain Pony 20

There’s something in Australia’s water that makes the heartfelt songwriting just tug at your heart strings, something that just feels so utterly human and relatable. Such is the latest track from Spice World, which sounds like this huge lament about the trials of falling in love; it feels pained, but also reflective, learning from the mistakes we all make. The slow accents from the group draw out the song’s power, totally immersing you in this intimate performance that almost feels like voyeurism, to a degree. The band has yet to hit a wrong note, so expect to fall head over heels in love with There’s No I in Spice World, out in January via Tenth Court/Meritorio.

Public Health Release Still Too Late Single

Somewhere out in Philly, Alex Moxam’s sitting in a darkened room, working on new material for his Public Health project. I imagine that there’s either a candle or a cigarette burned to the butt with ash (though I hope not because the band is called Public Health!), and Alex is just plugged into his four track, strumming these deeply emotional riffs. On the surface, things seem a little light, flourishes of ambiance leaking into the recording. Suddenly, it all comes together, and the guitars light up, with Alex reaching out to you with an intimate vocal performance. Ultimately, it feels like something David Berman might have left us, something personal and long-lasting. Give a spin.

Ted Tyro Release Devil Single

If you like your rock n’ roll with a little wiggle and groove, you need to latch onto Kentucky’s Ted Tyro. Their latest single has the band snaking through these post-punk grooves, sort of slinking their way through these funky little rhythms that ultimately make the song a bit more playful than it might seem to outsiders. That’s one of the lovely things here, as the group aren’t just frantically pushing angular riffs and hook-laden rhythms, instead choosing to kind of incorporate this sort of melodic mantra in the middle that really rewards time and time again. Catch on to this cool before the grown-ups take it away!

Classic Debut Calls You Home Video

I wanted to wrap up your day with this striking new tune from Australia’s Classic, which is the project helmed by Ashley Bundang. Currently, she’s preparing for the release of Did You Have Fun for early next year, and this song’s going to whet your whistle. I love how the musical structure of the track leaves a huge open space for the vocal work, as that’s the draw you’ll find immediately. There’s hints of psychedelia hanging in the air, but I feel as if singer Christie Crawford is channeling this sort of powerful seductress; you feel as if you’re incapable of pulling yourself away from the tune, like a siren drawing you ashore…or home in this case. It’s a song that hangs on your mind through the day, just like those crisp guitar notes holding it all together. If you’re looking to be beautifully haunted into the end of your day, spend some time here; Did You Have Fun will drop via Blossom Rot upon the new year!

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