Premiere: Blanket Fort Shares Rubber Waves

When we start looking out into the music world for music to share, we typically take pause and try to share things which might be considered a little left of center or unique. One such piece of music that has caught my attention is this new single called “Rubber Waves” from Charlotte based artist Blanket Fort. As you listen, prepare for a sonic journey of sorts, which starts with a really slick bass groove and then twists and turns slowly into a little quirky and noise rock jam. Each listen is sure to reveal something new.

Blanket Fort will release new album Rejoice! on March 10th via Friend Club Records. Pre-orders are live now.


Daisies Announce Great Big Open Sky

Olympian band Daisies had not crossed my radar until this morning, so hopefully you’ll read this post and remedy that if you’re in the same boat. This new single came with the promise that it had the best of both Portishead and the Cardigans, though I’ll admit there’s something in it to me that reminds me of Hope Sandoval singing on the chorus of Galaxie 500’s “Strange.” It’s a classic pop song, filled with a simple melody and vocal performance that genuinely breathes life into your day; I mean, if you need a spiritual lift off, just set the player to about 2:25 then wait until just before the 3 minute mark to find euphoria. If you’re into it, the band will be releasing Great Big Open Sky via K and Perennial Records on May 12th.

T. G. Shand Drops Fatwood

We have been keeping an eye on TG Shand over the last few years, with the most recent coverage promising that there was a new EP on the way from the New Zealand based artist. Today, we get a brand single, though no mention of that EP…still, I’ll always give the sounds a go. I love that there’s this sort of juxtaposition that permeates the tune; you get this beautiful dreaminess that operates as the core, but in between you get these heavier moments of fuzzed out riffs and beats. It all toys with your mind, but with that powerful vocal, you ‘ll find that you can’t pull away.

Lost Days Share For Today Video

I wonder how many secret hit songs Tony Molina has locked up in his home. Really, I do! Now that he’s been working with Sarah Rose Janko on the Lost Days project, there just seems to be an extra layer of musical enlightenment added to Tony’s guitar playing; Janko has this sparkling dreaminess that feels like a sense of longing and comfort all wrapped into one. The song’s video captures both an homage to Ringo (some guy from the Beatles) and the city of San Francisco’s Toxic Beach. If I had a complaint, it’s that I could spend another couple minutes listening to these two spin their yarns. The Lost Days will release In the Store via Speakeasy Studios SF on March 17th.

Weird Numbers Share Summer Legs

When I last covered the forthcoming Weird Numbers LP, the band were offering up this sort of jagged back-and-forth stomp in the vein of post-punk. This go round, the rhythm section and the opening guitar lines brought in something more energetic, pushing the speed and hooks right through your speakers. I’d press play on this for the guitar sounds alone; angular and gritty, always rushing forward. Still, the vocals keep the song’s calm in the midst of the storm, steadying the ship so to speak. Energetic and cool, Weird Numbers is sounding like a ripping good time; it drops Friday via Dandy Boy Records!

Object of Affection Share Run Back

Los Angeles based outfit Object of Affection is a bit of a supergroup with members from Death Bells, Fury, and La Bonte. One can really hear those influences pulled together to create something wholly their own, unique and refreshing. Buzz has certainly been building for the group recently, and though we may be hitting the hype train a little late, this new tune “Run Back” is simply too much of a banger to not post today. It’s an 80s pop influenced jam with those little hints of post-punk edge likely coming from the old days of Death Bells. Hit it.

Object of Affection will release new album Field of Appearances this Friday via Profound Lore Records. Pre-orders are live now.

High Water Marks Share An Imposed Exile

After working on this site for the better part of 15 years, there are some things that ultimately supersede trends and cool points: pop execution. Admittedly, there’s a lot of up-and-comers bringing in new brands of pop that are equally as interesting as they are challenging, but when it comes to the High Water Marks, I’m all about the execution of perfect pop. Sure, they’ve got founding Elephant 6 members in the band, but the melodic nature of the vocals galloping atop those fuzzy jangling guitars is just absolutely sublime. There’s something freeing about the tried and true, so I’m soaring with this new nugget of perfect pop; the band release Your Next Wolf on June 9th.

Feeble Little Horse Announce Girl with Fish

After the deserved success for Modern Tourism, Feeble Little Horse has been on a meteoric rise, at least when it comes into the indie sphere. There’s something refreshing about the band’s approach, as they’ve been quoted as saying “anything that makes us laugh or keep a smile on our faces, we usually keep in the songs.” To me, that’s what makes the band fun, they’re doing it for the camaraderie, for the joy of creating art together, and that shines through on this new track, as there’s an organic nature to the way they switch back and forth between vibes, throwing in the odd little guitar line tickle here and there for emphasis. They release Girl with Fish via Saddle Creek on May 27th.

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