SXSW 2023 In Photos

Sure, we kept you up to speed the whole way through the conference. Sure, we have the big summary post. Now, I have the big gallery of pics from the week.

Lets get into it with a few highlights and the eye candy featuring shots from ATHvsSOTO, New Order, gravel pits, shiny backgrounds, bad lighting, temporary stages and new names for old favorites.

Click through, yall.

Photogenic Bands: Abracadabra with all the instruments and things, Spllit with keyboards and effects, New Order cause they are the best, Zombies for gratitude.

Photogenic Venues: Lazarus for the big wall and picnic tables, Velveeta Room for bright lights and old-school vibes, Long Play Lounge for glamorous disco ball gold, Tweedy’s for backyard vibes

Honorable Mentions: Chess Club for being that intimate space that feels like something special can happen in every night, Velveeta Room for stonking sound, Lazarus for the tea, Ricola for letting me speak without horking up a lung

Big random gallery of awesome…

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