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I’d asked a while back about how people listen; ear buds, headphones, through TVs, bluetooth speakers. It actually spawned me to do some tweaking. I moved my speakers a bit further apart and into the room, tinkered with toe-in (no benefit as my kids and highs are concentric) and then reran DIRAC room compensation. If all that sounds technical, it is. However, a little effort yielded a nice benefit. The music now extends further out past the rooms walls. I know that sounds strange and pretentious, but if you ever hear it, you chase the dragon. We love our music and you should enjoy listening.

Anyway, on to some new/recent tracks to listen to intently and critically. Well start below with the latest from Lindstrom, a four song EP titled Everyone Else Is A Stranger. Syrene is the opener, a rather joyous, but tempered study with guitars joining the party a couple minutes in as the build up progresses through to the minor chords and break before smoothly flowing to an elegant end. Solid way to start the weekend.

Click through for a couple more can’t miss songs that may have been missed.

Of course, Id be remiss to not call out Apex Twins return. The official video for “Blackbox Life Recorder 21f” landed midweek. Glorious visualization.

A track I initially missed, Lusine has released Zero to Sixty with help from Sarah Jaffe. Chopped and looped percussive vocal samples drop in at the start of the track. The bass line progression is an anchor of the video’s effects and the song carries that hypnotic progression as the synths float in different layers above. Samples, leaving and joining back in, Sarahs lyrics buried, but poignant, another gem from Ghostly.

For something a bit on an edge, try this track from Kode 9s split EP with Burial. “Infirmary” starts with jazz samples and comes across as more Radiohead then drum and bass, kind of a backwards influence, but as the song progresses you’ll get the spells of jazz, odd timings, glitched out drum tracks and samples layering to somehow pull these split personalities into a track that is both challenging and familiar.

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