Aisha Burns Covers Chris Isaak

I shit you not; I received four different emails from four different projects, all of which were covering Chris Isaak, and all of them covering “Wicked Game.” But, I’m only running this Aisha Burns cover because a) she’s always been kind to us at ATH b) it’s being released by Western Vinyl, who have also shared a lot of kindnesses over the years c) Aisha’s voice almost betters Isaak’s (yeah, I said it). Burns, in the press release, looks at the spell of unrequited love in terms of what its like to be both an artist and an African-American woman living in the United States, drawn to art and humanity despite those things not being reciprocated. Well, played Aisha!

Luma Fade Share Spring Sobriety

There are still a few bands left dropping tunes for the world to enjoy up until the Holiday weekend, and I’m grateful Luma Fade saved this one before they drop their Lunar Decay album. This is one of those perfect wintery numbers, hanging on to some definite solemnity with the weight of the vocals. Now, that doesn’t mean there’s not this delicious melody lurking inside, but rather that you can feel the drift of the song blowing through the space left by the vocal notes, like a gust of wind blowing your hat off as snows roll into town. I loved the pacing too, perfectly resting in this moment that allows you pause and reflect as we look towards a new year. A solid way to get you ready for the release of their LP, dropping this Friday!

Last Week’s Jams (12.11 – 12.15)

Unfortunately, this is probably the last of Last Week’s Jams for 2023. Not because I don’t want to write about new tunes, but because, for some reason, folks just stop putting out music and let the world dwindle to a compilation of year-end lists. But, last week we still had tons of tunes to cover, with a whole lot of Austin represented. We revisited Fantastic Purple Spots, plus had brand new stuff from Big Bill, the Infinites and Fading Yellow. Got a bonus with one more Maureens track, which might be my favorite on their latest LP, and a fresh Club 8 hit that came out of nowhere. If you’re just looking for a playlist of new music, why not start here.

Solbore Shares New Track ft. Devin Yu

Clearly I’m in the mood for drifting pop music, like this track from Solbore. He’s crafted this really intimate moment that just allows the song to exist, sort of hanging in its own permanence. But, the track steps up a level when Devin Yu of Delta Sleep enters the pictures, calmly and coolly letting his voice fit in between the lines; those vocals have this sort of relaxed resonance that furthers the vibe, deepening the tune’s title, “Possibility Of.” Where can the song go? Where can it take you? Where can we go? If you want the answer, then stream below! It appears on the album, Never Alone, Often Lonely, out next year.

Atlantic Canyons Share Laminar Flow

Atlantic Canyons is a fairly new project, having only been around for a few years now, and this new track felt like the perfect feel for a Friday morning. It sort of sneaks up on you, tinkering with silence and ambient moments for 20 seconds or so before erupting into this huge wash of dense electronic pop. I loved the way the synthetic notes created this rise and fall in their craft, letting the notes kind of follow suit as they, too, rise and fall within the confines of their electronic blanket. Let this warmth wash over you a bit as you relax in your Friday vibes.

Fresh Track from Club 8

If you’re pressing play, you can’t tell me that the song doesn’t immediately get stuck in your head! Club 8 open their latest single with a thumping single, tossing you into a toe-tapping frizzy as that infectious groove locks you into good times. Of course, the band always play with catchy notes while fusing it with really warm melody, and they do that here, with both singers trading verses back and forth with one another to charming effect. There’s no word as of yet about a new album, but hints of a slew of singles coming our way in the new year, so we’ve all got that to hang our hopes atop.

Or Best Offer Announce Debut LP

As we look back on the year, I realize that I started to seek out some stuff that went deeper into the realms of indie rock, digging down into the caverns of the stuff that truly feels left of the dial…like Or Best Offer. The Chicago outfit burrowed into their own space, crafting their own instruments out of used children’s toys and spare parts, allowing them to toy with our expectations. It’s interesting to me that the album’s title is Center, as that’s what Grace Schmidhauser provides here, a sort of pop gravitational pull allowing the noisy planets and moons to orbit and overlap and crash into one another, building this textured web of interstellar indie noise. It will be interesting to see how far they take it on their debut, which drops via Ba Da Bing on January 26th.

ATH Top Songs – 2023

Well, we did it folks. We made it through another year. Your ATH crew was busy as ever, posting well over 1,000 songs this year(!!!), sharing album reviews, and covering local events throughout Austin. As we wrap our FIFTEENTH year doing our thing, it’s also of course that time to share our top tunes from the past 12 months. Now remember, we often post 4-6 songs every single day, so this was a tough list to preen and edit before settling on the top 150 from the year. In my totally accurate math, this is about 10% of everything we covered this year! After the jump you can find a full list of all the songs plus playlists for you to take along with you.

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Austin Psych Fest Announces Line-Up

Fresh off a rad year at Levitation, those good folks announce the line-up of their Spring edition Austin Psych Fest. After being gone for a bit, it’s been a great return to the Austin music schedule, with this year’s event taking place over the weekend of April 26 – 28! Line-up highlights include heavy hitters like Courtney Barnett, Dehd, Alvvays and Kurt Vile, but you know they always work hard to develop and curate, so expect some surprises as we draw nearer the date. You can grab tickets tomorrow via PreSale, and tickets go out to the public on Friday. Check HERE to get yours! The whole event will take place at the Far Out Lounge, home of $13 Miller Lite Drafts.

Fantastic Purple Spots Call the Christmas Ambulance

As the year begins to slowly wind down, there’s still some holiday cheer left in the world, or so I hope Today, we wanted to share with you a tune from Fantastic Purple Spots, who we may be working with in the New Year. This is their tune “Christmas Ambulance,” a meandering bit of psychedelic-tinged pop vibes; it manages to channel the band’s indie roots whilst still holding on to a faint hint of holiday spice. Personally, I love the way that the track builds this heavy fuzz that runs through the verses, building like you’d expect from someone working in Elephant 6 circles. Get your holiday cheer below! And keep your eyes peeled for news about a new EP in 2024!

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