The Juniper Berries Share the Home Team

We’re less than a month away from the release of Death and Texas, the new record from Austin’s The Juniper Berries, and I think today’s single might be the finest piece on the LP. You’ll hear the core of the song working with Josh Stirm’s vocals riding atop the muted strum of an acoustic guitar; you’ll definitely hear some similar notes to Elliott Smith, both in the tone and sincerity. I love how the arrangements behind the strum and vocals help lift the song beyond mere fireside ballad, giving more depth to the emotional feel that will surely pull you into the band’s world. Feel free to lose yourself in these 3 minutes, and be sure to order a copy of the group’s LP; Death and Texas is out April 19th.

Luma Fade Announce Visitor

Luma Fade is a fairly new act out of Florida, with one LP dropping late last year, and they’ve already turned around to prep another set for May. This current single is really one of those perfect dreamgaze pieces that seemingly works against the genre, refusing to let the tension and build ever get released. Instead, the song just feels weighted by these churning guitar notes that create this pleasurable layer of hazy anxiety. Then, the vocals drift in, like a shadowy figure lurking in the song’s distance, always present, yet never fully stepping into the light. Together, it creates this haunting beauty that swirls with elements of mystery. Keep your ears peeled for Visitor, out on May 24th.

Seasonal Falls Share Lie Down

Ever since moving from the Dentals into his new project, Seasonal Falls, Roman Gabriel has been on a run of hits. There are elements of this new single that are perfectly fitting into my current listening rotation, bringing to mind a bunch of late 90s/early 00s slow-core; I know Gabriel’s loving Pedro, but there are elements in here that also feel like the down-trodden pop of Bedhead. One of the true joys, however, is there’s this slight little vocal rise in each lead-in to the chorus, and that moment just breaks me every time; there’s this honest fragility that one can’t avoid. If you’re digging this, be sure to be on the lookout for Happy Days, the debut LP dropping May 10th.

The Shop Window Shares Fresh Single

Figured we’d start off everyone’s Friday with something bright and glittery, and what better way to go that route than a new sweeping pop tune from The Shop Window. As soon as you hear the ringing of the guitars bending carefully, you know that you’re in for a track that’s meant for a sense of longing. Vocals are offered up in a perfect melodic structure, with a bit of punching emphasis on the notes during the chorus. The subject matter itself is actually the opposite of what one would expect from the title “Blues,” as it seems its more of a ballad of appreciation and love for those that can help rid us of the blues. Oh, and stick through to the end, as there’s a nice little powerful rise in the tune near the 4 minute mark! You’ll find this song on Daysdream, the group’s record, which comes out on May 3rd.

Late to the Game: Climax Landers

The good people over at Gentle Reminder Records sent a note about the forthcoming Climax Landers a few weeks back, and I’m just not really sitting down to absorb it, as I’ve been a fan of all the label’s picks. For me, these are sort of country-tinged rock bangers, akin to something like Nana Grizol or the Glands; it feels very much like a move from college rock vibes into something closer to Americana. You’ll also find some literary value in the lyrical work, and a a fan of clever wordplay, I’m definitely here for that side. If, like me, you’re on board, look for their new LP, Zenith No Effects on May 10th.

Aquaserge Share Le Saut du Tigre

Everyone in the blog realm always go one about French pop due to Stereolab being en vogue (as it should always be), but I’m here to latch on to another French pop act, Aquaserge. There’s a dark electronic pulse to this song, which is how I got completely sucked into it; I’ve been listening to a lot of the late Liars stuff I reckon. The vocals move in and out of different tones, rising in spots to build in a bit of pop sensibility, then slinking back to kind of hide in the shadows of the tune. That aforementioned pulse helps build the tension too, especially when paired with the fleeing characters of the video version. Cool vibes for a Thursday. You’ll find this track on their new LP, La fin de L’economie, out May 24th via Crammed Discs.

Goosewind Share Lime Time with Clementine Video + Announce New LP

How does one describe a band that’s been around for over years, continuously experimenting and shifting? In all honesty, you can’t. But, you can spend a little over three minutes with this brand new track from Goosewind, and you can hear how they’ve taken an amalgam of all their years of existence and moved into one sonic piece. A brief flirtation with heavy rock lines opens things up, but out of nowhere Melody’s voice comes into play, offering a faint hint at DIY lo-fi in its delivery; I started to think this was going to be a nod to K Records! Then Rick Goosewind takes control, using his baritone voice to bring in a bit of swagger as the track blends elements of psychedelia and rockabilly. They jump into the chorus quickly, with a bit of emphasis on the heavy guitar lines; you can still hear them layering the song brick by brick, only to pull back and settle into the verse again. Building the song in such a manner has the song teetering between cacophony and beauty, which epitomizes the secret charms of Goosewind. Think of this as a jam band featuring members of Halo Benders and Low, and if that sounds incredible, then be on the lookout for a copy of The Miracle of Tape, available April 19th via Shrimper.

Writhing Squares Share Fresh Single

At the end of April, Writhing Squares will release Mythology, their follow-up to the excellent Chart for the Solution LP (2021). A new single just dropped, and I love the growling ferocity of the tune, fused with the bands punch of electronics and sax work to elevate. It’s opening feels like a classic punker, gritty riffs running roughshod over the tune while the vocals are howled through the dissonant noise. That calamity stays true throughout, but the mix peels it out so the group can flex their style, with the sax running rampant in the tune’s exploratory latter half. Mythology drops on April 26th via Trouble in Mind Records.

Rock n’ Recipes: Outer World

Hopefully you took our suggestion last week when we encouraged you to give a listen to Who Does the Music Love, the debut LP from Outer World. Members of the group have been playing in other acts we’ve enjoyed (Dahlia Seed/Positive No!), so we reached out to Kenneth and Tracy to see if they could give us some insight into their LP. Plus, as an avid coffee enthusiast, with a slight sweet tooth, I was excited to get the recipe for their “Coffee Surprise,” which can easily be replicated at your home! Check out the band’s and stream the LP HERE. It’s out now via HHBTM.

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Zero Point Energy Closer to You

I have really high expectations for the debut from Zero Point Energy; the duo has already dropped one banger, and here they are following it up with another gem, although this one goes beyond just its musical relevance. Musically, there’s a steady 90s indie rock vibe to it; the guitars providing this dramatic punch that allows for Genesis to weave his vocals in and out of the mixture. Now, when going through the notes, Genesis wrote this tune as a “trans anthem,” hoping to give an underrepresented side of the trans experience from their perspective. That’s super important to have that narrative for young listeners trying to find their way, but in his commentary on the track, he says ‘I tried to keep it fairly lyrically universal in that its less about becoming a certain gender and more about the fiery somewhat painful forging of an authentic identity.’ As a teacher of young teens, having folks try to build a road map for navigation through adolescence always strikes a chord. Bad ass song: check. Great message: check. Picking up their new album: check. Tilted Planet is out May 17th via Danger Collective.

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