SXSW Friday & Saturday in Photos

Forgive the version fail. My bad.

Team ATH went out and about to catch a few more bands at the end of last week. Friday in particular had some heavy targets. Among them were to evaluate some buzz bands, visit old friends, make some new ones and take in some comfort food of ripping classics. Along the way, we took a few photos and gathered a few thoughts. We came to some universal conclusions, divided and conquered only to get back together. Thanks SXSW.

Band Highlights for Nathan:

Perennial – There’s a lot of posturing and choreography (no offense Snooper!), but this show was all hooks and jumps and crowd participation; it was one of the most enthusiastic shows I saw all week long.

Ash – Catching one of my favorite acts from my youth was a must on my list this past week. What was even better was watching them execute a set filled with hits that had everyone in the audience singing along the whole way.

Band Highlights for RayRay:

Subsonic Eye – I finally got to see one of my top bands of the festival on Saturday and I was super glad to make the time for it. They don’t do as much to engage with the audience, but hot dang the sound can seemingly overcome any sort of stage and venue limitations.

Life in Vacuum – Giving off some strong, late mid-west emo vibes with a more hardcore twist is a surefire way to draw me into your sound. A wonderful stage presence and impressive, gritty vocals on the small King Bee inside set up to finish out my SXSW on Saturday.

Band Highlights for BGray:

King Nun – One of my favorite SXSW things is happening upon a band while waiting for another band. King Nun is a London-based five piece with a lot of guitars and punk/post/alt jams yielding a big sound with more energy than just about anything I’d seen at SXSW this year.

Snooper – Honest love of what they do. Just go to one of their shows. You’ll be a fan.

Night Drive – They played an unreleased song, banger. Probably going to be a summer single.

Overhype: c*mgirl8, pass.

BGray Pics:

RayRay Pics:

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