SXSW Friday & Saturday in Photos

Forgive the version fail. My bad.

Team ATH went out and about to catch a few more bands at the end of last week. Friday in particular had some heavy targets. Among them were to evaluate some buzz bands, visit old friends, make some new ones and take in some comfort food of ripping classics. Along the way, we took a few photos and gathered a few thoughts. We came to some universal conclusions, divided and conquered only to get back together. Thanks SXSW.

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Top Albums for Nathan

Honestly, I thought about foregoing a year-end list this year. I mean, if you read our site, you know what we love. But, list making can be fun, especially if you really really love music. My criteria was simple, and not based on what I think is “best,” but rather looking at the stuff I listened to the most, and eventually bought (or was gifted). Popular locals for my Nathan Wrapped have me living on an island in between San Francisco and Australia; label of the year would be Trouble in Mind (congrats to Bill and family!); genre would be: most awesome. Again, this is one man’s personal tastes, take it for what its worth.

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Last Week’s Jam (7.10 – 7.14)

I’m sure you missed our weekly re-runs of all the fun stuff we post, but I was on vacation! So, I hurried this week to play catch up on all those tunes, then hurried with RayRay to get them up for your ears. We had tons of stuff covered, from ATX faves A Giant Dog to a premiere of the new track from Pretty in Pink; there was nothing short of a bunch of bangers to run…and some aren’t even up on the DSPs, so we couldn’t get those in the list. Anyways…peruse the hits below, go back and read what we had to say, or don’t, just be sure to enjoy yourself a bit.

Snooper Drop Running Video

As I ease back into consistent posting here, it only makes sense that I drop in with this brand new Snooper video. We’ve previously covered the group’s singles from their forthcoming LP, and while those pieces have been short and frantic, this new single allows for the band to build on their sound, expanding the sound as guitars feud and criss-cross, all while the rhythm section drives the listener forward. Their knack for tying in the artistic side to their sound also serves the band well here, with the video illustrating just how much attention they pay to every little detail. Super Snooper drops this Friday via Third Man Records.

Last Week’s Jams (6.19 – 6.23)

It was a pretty busy week around these parts, though on a personal level, the next two weeks are going to be a bit of a shit show. So, it was good to settle into that ride with some great new jams. New music from Colored Lights and Lola Tried got me super excited, so we’re kicking off last week’s jams right there. B. Gray shot some great photos of Love and Rockets, which you can scroll back into and find, thus their inclusion. RayRay ran a review of the latest from Elder Jack Ward, so you can get your soul fix in. I probably played it safe and close to home with new songs from Snooper, Swansea Sound and Film School, among a bunch of others. Unfortunately, the new Lewsberg tunes are streaming yet, so those aren’t here, but go back and listen, please!

Snooper Share Powerball Video

After catching the band live during one of their great SXSW sets, I’m really looking forward to hearing how the whole of the new Snooper record comes together. Their latest single is a pummeling piece of noisy art punk, filled with screaming guitars and thundering drums, while the vocals operate in this robotic mantra detailing the narrator’s view on this week’s powerball lottery. For me, the interesting thing about listening to Snooper is their ability to musically edge the listener; they take the tension all the way to the max point, then just drop out, letting you finish or move on to the next song, which we’ll get to do when we pick up Super Snooper. The new LP is out July 14th via Third Man Records.

Last Week’s Jams (5.15 – 5.19)

It was a busy week to start, then as usual at this time of year, I teetered out with our coverage; I blame the fact that I stayed up late to catch a great set from En Attendant Ana. We covered a lot of territory, bringing in an old school song from Heavenly, but with a new video to celebrate. Austin got some love with another great Feeling Small tune, plus some bonus Being Dead coverage popping up in there. ATH faves Melenas announced a new record, so really, we had an all out awesome week on our end. Feel free to stop in and check out what we had going.

Snooper Share Fitness Video

Having landed on Pitchfork’s Most Anticipate Summer Albums List, Snooper are ready to take on the world, and what better way than include a little “Fitness” in their routine. This is one of the band’s earliest songs, appearing on an early 7″ from 2021, but it’s been touched up a bit for their forthcoming Super Snooper LP. This video feels exactly like what we witnessed at SXSW: pros, humor and furious riffs ringing through the PA. Everything is at breakneck speed; it’s like they’re challenging you to keep pace…and if not, then “lift weights.” Fast, furious, fun…Super Snooper is out on July 14th via Third Man Records.

Last Week’s Jams (4.10 – 4.14)

Looking back at last week, there was tons of really great stuff out there, and admittedly, there are a few things we just didn’t have time to get to on our end. But, stoked for Austin, as there was great new music from Being Dead, Transy Warhol, Holy Wire and new project Feeling Small. My favorite track from the most recent Blues Laywer LP got a video treatment, so I had to have that one out. RayRay covered that huge banger from Night Beats, who will be in town for Psych Fest. And, one of my favorite SXSW acts Snooper announced their new LP too, so you get a bunch of winning hits!

Snooper Announces Super Snooper LP

I would like to formally apologize to Snooper as we’re currently too cheap to pay for the tilde key on general posts. But, I won’t apologize for my love of the band, who I raved about having caught a few delicious SXSW sets. They donned windbreaker tracksuits, which, having now heard the single from their debut LP, makes complete sense, as I’d like congratulate the band on being the first athleti-punks. Sure, other groups have played frantic tunes, but here, you feel as if you’re running full steam; the rhythm’s punishingly furious, and the vocals are like sharp inhales as your body begins to lose oxygen. Those guitar lines dashing through are like bonus points you get each time you pass someone on your way to a musical victory. I can’t wait until we get to hear the whole of Super Snooper, out July 14th via Third Man Records.

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