Body Of Light and This Conversation

ATH has seen Body of Light a few times as they have played shows with some of our favorite dark-synth-pop-jams over the years. Two legitimately nice people hailing from Arizona, we can hear in the latest material a bit of a swing towards an earlier era new wave, still dark, but the build up has well-located hooks layered in front and behind the vocals and underlying atmospheres create an anchor for the more percussive elements to flourish. The imaging on this track is lovely; headphones or well-placed speakers in your listening area, chef’s kiss.

The new record called Bitter Reflection is due 6/30, but a pre-order gets you two tracks now.

Underworld And The Colour Red

The absolute legends in electronica, to me at least, Underwold have released the video for “and the colour red”. The song uses a driving premise, minimal lyricism and trails off at the end hinting at the blend into another track, hopefully released soon. They are between performances at Coachella; those of you in the bay area should see them Friday at The Warfield.

While I have your attention about the band, be sure to listen to “Juanita 2022“, a reimagining of the front half of “Junaita/Kiteless” from Beaucoup Fish.

SXSW 2023 In Photos

Sure, we kept you up to speed the whole way through the conference. Sure, we have the big summary post. Now, I have the big gallery of pics from the week.

Lets get into it with a few highlights and the eye candy featuring shots from ATHvsSOTO, New Order, gravel pits, shiny backgrounds, bad lighting, temporary stages and new names for old favorites.

Click through, yall.

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ATH IT Department Returns

Time for a reboot.

Given all of the reimagining of classic characters (what are we on, the eleventyeth Batman?), I thought it was proper time to reset the ATH IT Department. Now, while I will pop some electronic jams up, there will be some new content. We’ll talk technology, how I listen to music to hopefully help how you listen to music, streaming, supporting artists, industry stuff. I used the Put Your Ass In The Know (PYAITK) tag in the past, a reference to one of the original technology bloggers from WAAyayayAaayyy back, and it will be a theme here. We can do simple things to make our enjoyment of music better.

Reach out, drop a comment, whatever path, what are some topics you would like to know on the tech end of listening to the music we love? In the meantime, here is a recently released track by Orbital featuring Penelope Isles. Optical Delusion, their tenth full length, is available today wherever you stream your jams, which by the way, for me is mostly Qobuz. Why? Lossless CD quality or better available for all tracks and high artist payouts per stream. Stream ethically and buy the tracks you love.

ACL 2022 – Weekend One Preview

We know ACL may not always be our cup of tea top to bottom, lineups drifting towards tiktok stars and Youtube trends in recent year. That does not mean you won’t be void of awesome goodness and refreshing moments of zen along with a big dose of nostalgia to come over the top and sneak up on you having a good time. Here comes a list of things you should consider if you happen to find yourself with a wristband for Austin City Limits 2022 Weekend One.

Nation of Language – Friday 1pm @ Miller Lite – First thing I will see, they might be my favorite band on the lineup. This duo, now fully fleshed out as a four piece, bring together so much of what I love about synth pop and 80’s wave hits. Songs sometimes build, sometimes simmer darkly, but their set at Levitation last year was so good.

Genesis Owusu – Friday 4pm @ Tito’s – I make it a point to hit the tent midday at some point to see something I wouldn’t normally pursue. Owusu blends elements of R&B, hip-hop, disco slow jams and straight up hype jams. I’m curious. Check out “Whip Cracker” and try to categorize.

Big Boi – Saturday 6:15 @ Honda – Big glasses, bounce.

The War on Drugs – Saturday @ T-Mobile 7:15 – These songs want wide open spaces to expand out towards, find a spot out by the chair line, reflect on the days events. This stage tends to deliver in the later hours somewhat isolated from the crossover of noise as Diplo floods the hill at Miller Lite.

Dehd – Sunday 1:15 @ T-Mobile – A tight trio delivering well-crafted lo-fi pop songs locked down with underlying synths and an ever present catchy chorus. The only bummer is that locals Darkbird and Caleb de Casper are at the same time. That would have been a nice one-two-three punch, but I am going to take Dehd this round.

Buffalo Nichols – Sunday 1:45 @ Tito’s – Carl “Buffalo” Nichols did some moving, both geographically and musically. Where it has landed him is Austin, trying to rebuild the foundation of the blues, a noble effort to connect the history of the music to a new generation. #tenttheory

MUNA – Sunday 3pm @ Barton Springs – Buzz

Spoon – Sunday 4pm @ Honda – Why not?

ZHU – Sunday 7pm @ Miller Lite – Who knows how this will go, but there are some really strong deep house jams by Zhu lately, so go check it out, get your shimmy on and I’ll report back for next weekend.

Here’s a fancy playlist with some of these artists and more —-


Two Nights of Sigur Ros

I have always admired Sigur Ros, a unique signature style that could only be hatched in relative isolation. Anytime a song would come across during get togethers, a good friend would offer that seeing the band live was one of the most cathartic and moving experiences, but the stars never aligned for me to see them. When the two-night stand at ACL Live was announced, my friend insisted on getting great seats and sharing that experience. The stars further aligned to allow me attend both nights, the first taking photos to be followed by the full show experience.

I have the gallery, I have the memories, I have the goose bumps, I have the memories of hugging friends at intermission…

Click through for a few more thoughts on the night some photos.

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Show Review: Turnstile @ Stubb’s (5/6)

We have some bonus coverage for you today. Friend and photographer, Nick Radcliffe, ventured out to catch Turnstile when they came through Austin to play at Stubb’s BBQ.

A quick excerpt: “For those of you that don’t know, Turnstile shows do not gradually escalate. You’re immediately thrown into a whirlwind of flesh, sweat, beer, and TLC (Turnstile Love Connection for the uninitiated). That said, the hardcore scene is known for its sense of community. Everyone is there for a good time and look out for one another. No matter the intensity someone’s got your back, or side, or whichever side happens to be thrown into the pit. I’ll give Turnstile some credit for this set though, they did try to ease us in.”

Click through for the full review and photos from the show…

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Show Pics: Good Morning @ Hotel Vegas (5/3)

Weve got a little show photo coverage action of another night that is part of the manic schedule right now. Good Morning is touring the US after the pandemic prevented travel in support BARNYARD that was released on October of 2021. The record has chill vibes and a few hits. In support, we also saw Packs, bringing back the dream of the 90s.

Click on through for a few thoughts and plenty of pics…

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Show Pics: Cut Copy @ Stubbs (4/27)

I mentioned in the Interpol review how busy it was last week for Austin’s music audience. The tours are touring again.

I’ll keep the review for this pretty brief. I have a big gallery of Cut Copy laying down the hits at Stubbs, trying some new stuff and refreshing the classics. Along for the ride was Suzanne Kraft, thoughtfully crafted songs that served to set the stage.

Click through for a few thoughts and pics a plenty…

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