Monteagle Wins Again with New Single

It wasn’t hard to convince me to play this new Monteagle track; I was stuck right away with the guitars ambling across the stick/snare percussion. Then Justin Giles Wilcox sort of moseyed on over with his gentle croon; I think the hidden charm is the slight vocal change during the chorus, offering up a slightly higher tone whilst still holding onto the natural sense of longing in the tune. It seems like Wilcox is hitting that sweet spot in his songwriting abilities, and we all get the benefit of those gifts; look for Midnight Noon on November 30th via Fire Talk.

Way Dynamic Share Video for Losing Touch

Not too long ago I raved about “Losing Touch,” the latest single from Way Dynamic, so today I’ll treat you to the video version, if only to reignite your interest in this great song. I don’t know how you can be a pop fan and not enjoy the feathery vocals draped over the strummed acoustic guitar and minimal rhythm section present here. And, don’t even get me started with how ridiculously good that chorus is. The band release their new EP, What’s It All for Now, this Friday. Shout out to our friend Lach whose playing drums in the video! Go listen to this song a lot, right now!

Upbeat Rocker from Rick Rude

I feel like RayRay should be writing about Rick Rude (the band’s named after Ravishing Rick Rude, right?), as he’s our resident wrestling guru, but I just love this new single the group dropped before the release of Verb for Dreaming on Friday. It hits you write from the start, jumping in with this rolling drum beat before the guitars completely envelope the listener. The vocals seem almost as if they’re gang vocals, giving each note this added dose of emphasis; they’re begging to be screamed en masse, however, feel free to sing along on your own! If you dig it, the LP drops Friday via Exploding In Sound.

Another Twilight Sad Track

B.Gray and I met at a Twilight Sad show, many many years ago when a land named Emos still existed. So, of course, we’re both still huge fans of the band. They’re currently in the release cycle for their new album It Won/t Be Like This All the Time, and now we got another listen. This number seems to take a slight emotional nod from their earliest days; it has that same softness that builds tension. It moves into a heavier pop zone, allowing for James to take control of the song and the listener, as he’s always done. Look for their new LP via Rock Action Records on January 18th.


Silent Forum Drop Dance Number

Welsh outfit Silent Forum are kicking it with my favorite genre of post-punk; they offer this shuffling danceable guitar pop that’s built to lift your spirits. It’s weird, almost as if the band stole some riffs from U2 and made them cool, throwing in some jittery cymbal work to round out the rhythm section. In doing so, they bring to mind the early days of Bloc Party or maybe even Foals when they were cool; I know that regardless it’s a sound that’s a whole heap of fun on a Monday. We should expect a full length debut from this group in the new year via Libertino.

Chorusgirl Share Another Single

I’ve already brought you one of the tracks from the forthcoming LP by Chorusgirl, so it only feel natural that I’d share the band’s latest single too. The opening minute of the track lulls you into pop submission; there’s a light pulse that works with the soft, R&B style vocals. Then the chorus hits, and it shimmers and shines like only the best of pop music can; it doesn’t go too far and too loud, staying right in that fuzzy wonder-zone of good times pop music! The band will release Shimmer and Spin on November 16th via Reckless Yes Records.

Red Sleeping Beauty Cover Zara Larsson

I have no idea who Zara Larsson is (though I remedied that with a quick google search), but I do know I love anything the Red Sleeping Beauty team pull off. They drive their synth-laden pop into overdrive on this cover, pulling back with the memorable chorus that starts with “I want you to ruin my life.” It seems like the perfect chorus for this band of pop enthusiasts, so it’s possible I might only hear it from now on as a RSB original. If you need a good pop song, I think you need this one real bad.

Hutch Harris Quietly Releases Solo LP

I’m not sure how much fanfare there will be in regards to Hutch Harris‘ solo LP, his first post-Thermals release, but I’m going to give him some love. The songs on Only Water are as catchy as anything Hutch kicked out with his old outfit, but the whole album is charmingly underdone, production-wise. It gives the whole thing this DIY aesthetic that reminds me a lot of Ted Leo’s Tyranny of Distance. Maybe it’s because I came of age with the Thermals, and I’m nostalgically listening in on one of its key songwriters, but I think if you listen through its entirety, you’ll find that Hutch still has that incredible gift we all appreciate. I know I sure as fuck do.

Indiepop Fans Should Keep an Eye on Jan Flu

It’s Monday, and it’s the end of the year, so this post isn’t our typical post, but worthy for indiepop music fans nonetheless. Japan’s Jan Flu reached out over the weekend to share a video of themselves recording their latest album. It took me all of about 13 seconds to realize that while I don’t know anything about the band, I absolutely love them. They sound like a prettier version of Literature, with a deeper vocal presence that actually gives it this indiepop timelessness. All they have available at the moment is this their debut After Image that you can stream on the Spotify HERE, but wanted you to just get ready for great things.

The Perfect Indiepop from The Perfect English Weather

The more I see indiepop used as a descriptor, the more I try to decipher what exactly it all means. In my mind, the music being crafted by Simon and Wendy (of Popguns fame), is the ideal indiepop sound, if only for those that appreciate the softer underbelly of the genre. As the Perfect English Weather, the duo have been crafting these songs of fond yearning; I love how the guitar work is textured and subtle, setting up Wendy for her beautiful vocal display. I always feel better having listened to the group, and I assume that’s the feeling I’ll get from the band’s next album, Don’t You Wanna Feel the Rain, released by Matinee Recordings next week.

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