New Video from Way Dynamic

If you keep an eye on the Aussie music scene, you might recognize the name Dylan Young; he plays in Good Morning, Snowy Band and Cool Sounds…all bands we’ve covered. But, today is his day, as he’s just recently put up a video for his springy new single under his Way Dynamic moniker. For the verses, he certainly owes a debt to Garcia/Hunter, as the track has that classic folk styling that toes the line between rock and traditional blues. Inside the confines of the tune, however, the track doesn’t pay full allegiance to the straight-and-narrow, working some slide guitar and clarinet solos into the picture to give the textured bulk here. This song appears on the follow up to So Familiar; Spoilsport/Earth Libraries will release Duck on June 7th.

Martha Rose Offers Subtle Club Hit

As I see my summer break on the horizon, I’m anticipating late nights dancing about my house as my kids/wife sleep, but you’ve got to have the perfect soundtrack, right? Think I’m going to slide this Martha Rose hit into the mix, as there’s just something smooth and silky about the production that slides right up next to you and spins you onto the dance floor. It’s not over-indulging in the beat, so you can take pleasure in Rose’s voice even as there’s a primal urge to move in step with the synthetic notes echoing around the room. If you’re into this, slide right next to Close to Close, the new LP dropping on May 31st.

Good Looks – Self Destructor Video

As you wake up this morning, please do yourself a favor and spend some time with the new video/single from Good Looks that dropped yesterday afternoon. If anything, you should be rooting for the band to find success with Lived Here for a While, especially when you look at the last few years (exploding vans/head injuries). Still, if the first single wasn’t a warning shot, this new track only solidifies my opinion that the band are in the form of their lives; their sound is tight as ever (especially live), and they’re packing a huge bit of bite from Jake’s guitar work while Tyler’s offering up some of his most scathing pop lyrics to date. Hoping this is the start of a new chapter where hard work, good people and good songs finally take off. Grab a copy of Lived Here for a While from Keeled Scales before the June 7th release date.

Been Stellar Share Sweet Video

I’m diving into two straight days of administering standardized state tests, so I need a bit of balance in my life, which is why I was drawn towards this fresh Been Stellar track. Musically, it has this abrasiveness that faintly hints at the melodic core the band will bring into the folk, sort of like running your hand across a well-worn sheet of sandpaper. When those vocals enter, they tiptoe into the frame, careful not to disrupt the discordant chaos, and that’s where I fell for it, as they tightrope between angst and comfort…allowing the listener to embrace both sides as you sink into the jangling riffs in the distance. This tune appears on Scream from New York, NY, out on June 14th via Dirty Hit.

This Is Lorelei Share I’m All Fucked Up

Box for Buddy, Box for Star should certainly be on your radar as a pop rock masterpiece to jumpstart your summer, and today, you get to hear another tune from This Is Lorelei. There’s something in the song that seems to adapt to more traditional pop rock fare, with a driving rhythm that pushes the song along as a heavy strum holds it up with support. Two distinctive vocals run through the tune, with a heavier storyteller working the narrative of the verses; the chorus offers a softer tone to sprinkle in just a bit of gentle quality that soothes the whole of the track. The new LP drops on June 14th via Double Double Whammy.

Variety Offer Valentine Single

Clearly we’re big supporters of Variety, and they quickly threw up a new track the other day, which originated with another Austin act, Exercise. While the song’s technically a cover, the original version has never been released, so all we get to hear is the version below, offering a glimpse at where we might see Variety going as they finish up their debut LP. I love the way the rhythm guitar seems to crawl through the background, walking its way through the crashing of cymbals, whilst matching step for step the vocals from Rhys Woodruff. Ooh…and little string touches at the end? What a rad touch to this jam. Play it please!

Sudakistan Returns with Machine

Swedish rockeres Sudakistan have been out of the scene for a hot minute, but after a five year hiatus, they’re back at it, and as such, they’ve opted to celebrate by releasing a fresh single. You can hear the echoes of a past rooted in psychedelic sounds, fiery guitar licks dancing in the corners as the rhythm provides a bit more immediacy and depth to their new track. You can feel the rawness and live spirit bleeding through too, which makes complete sense as this single accompanies news that the band are back at live performances, with a show schedule for later this month in Stockholm. Track brought to us courtesy of PNKSLM.

Camerlon Leahy Drops From the Infinite Single

Woke up today in search of a great strumming pop ballad, and lo and behold, there was the latest track from Cameron Leahy. It’s a light-hearted ballad, something that feels like it’s wandering in the musical purgatory between Elliott Smith and the Shins. If you listen closely, you’ll hear the majesty of Leahy’s vocals, which at times feel like they’re barely able to make it out into the world, creating some sort of crystalline fragility. Corners of the tune get filled with little additional notes, though you’re mostly going to be drawn to the heavy strum that centers the track. A nice way to start your day I’d say, so be sure to keep any eye out for Dizzy Freedom, his new LP.

Motorists Share Call Control

If you kick your song off with a thumping groove you’re surely going to catch the ears of the audience, just like Motorists have done here. That motorik beat opening into swirling guitar noise before the vocals come in had me on board immediately…and then they drop in these casual group vocals that push in a bit of power pop sound. It’s an interesting plot twist, as the guitars, vocals and rhythm section all seem like they’re working from different musical angles, though tied together, you get this amalgam of effortless cool that seems to be the band’s area of expertise. Looking forward to hearing more off their new LP, Touched by the Stuff releases May 24th via Bobo Integral/We Are Time.

Maria Chiara Argiro Releases Floating

Not quite sure how many times I’ve hit play on this new Maria Chiara Argiro, but I must admit, this might be my absolute favorite of the singles off her new LP. There’s a lot that’s said about her experience in classical music training, and the way the craft develops throughout the first few minutes of this tune, it’s clear she’s well-versed in a creative build. A light autotune vocal creeps in, and as that tune gets electronically molded you can hear the faintest pulse working beneath the tune; I found that it kind of created this swinging movement within the tune that may entirely have been made up inside my brain. My love revolves around the fact that things don’t stop there, instead building and blossoming into this heavy groove that’s built upon this majesty of electronic movement. You better believe Closer is going to turn some heads when it drops on April 26th via Innovative Leisure.

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