Playful Pop Number from Kluster

One of my favorite Swedish labels at the moment is Rama Lama Records, and they’ve really gotten a winner by picking up Kluster. For a moment, I thought I had this song figured out completely, pulling in a vibe akin to Beach House by crafting layered pop. But, there’s this sharp turn of jagged guitars that toss the track in another direction, then they settle back in, albeit momentarily. The band jump right back into boisterous pop explosion to close out the tune; it’s a strong finish to an already stellar song. The group will release Civic on June 15th.

Always Enjoy a Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Jam

With the new Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever LP hanging out there, waiting to drop in June, it seems only fitting that they’d drop another tune. Of the batch of tunes we’ve heard from the group on this album cycle, I feel like this is the best of the bunch. There’s an openness to it, something reinforced by the driving visuals included in the video. Also, you can definitely hear just a hint of a Go-Betweens influence in some of the vocal pieces. Charming, thoughtful guitar pop always has a home here; look for Hope Downs on June 15th via Sub Pop.

The Ocean Party Announce New 7″

Ever prolific, our faves the Ocean Party are preparing to release a brand new 7″, with a slight catch. Rather than craft a couple of normal hits to squeeze into the format, they’ve opted instead to create twelve 1 minute songs. Below, you get to hear three of those forthcoming 12 minutes; you’ve got 25% of the album in your hands! I think I’m struck the most by the middling minute; it’s a slight bit different than what they’ve been working on in previous releases…maybe a tougher exterior. Regardless, we’re going to buy it, and you should too; it’s being released in July via Emotional Response and Spunk Records.

New White Fence and Ty Segall LP Coming

It’s been some time since we’ve had a Ty Segall/White Fence collaboration actually hit the studio for a release, but it looks like the two friends have reunited for a new effort, Joy. Our first listen to new music gives us precisely what you’d expect from a band consisting of Ty and Tim Presley; there’s hints of glam, psych and garage…but it’s spun in this ornate manner Presley seems to have perfected with his other project Drinks. It’s like a weird journey down a kaleidoscope of influences; it sounds an awful lot like our friends in Colourmusic in their early days. Joy is being released by Drag City on July 20th.

New Rosie Carney Tune

Rosie Carney‘s been in the music industry for a long time, but this latest single is perhaps her most honest work to date. Having battled her own demons, and the industry, for years, this song brings all of that to light, expressing a certain solace and acceptance, presented in the most gentle manner possible. Her voice, as always, is stunning, and the space left by the instruments crafts this perfect cocoon. Rosie will be embarking on a tour of the EU and returning to the States in June, with her debut album still in the works.

New Single from The Golden Dregs

The work of Ben Woods and his project The Golden Dregs has always been high on my list of acts I wish more people would jam. Today, we’re sharing this new tune from Ben in anticipation of his forthcoming debut LP, Lafayette. There’s a lot going on in this track that you’ll find enjoyable, at least in my opinion. For one, there’s a classic Strokes-ish guitar sound that operates just behind the vocals in the mix. Then, there’s just a slight energetic discordant moment, settling the track back into the gang vocals for the chorus that are sure to charm your socks off. Lafayette is being handled by Art is Hard Records and Krautpop, releasing on Friday the 25th.

Texas Record Label Bazaar at ABGB Tomorrow

There will be records. There will be pizza. There will be beer. There will be records. There will be t-shirts. There will be cassette tapes. There will be a bunch of record labels from across the state of Texas. There will be ATH Records. So, tomorrow, from 3-7, your job for the early evening is to set out to the ABGB, swing by the Texas Record Label Bazaar. You know how you always tell your friends how much you love live music, and how much you support it by going to shows? Well, you can also support the labels that hopefully serve as another cog in the Austin/Texas music machine. Thanks to Modern Outsider, ABGB, Texas Music Office and KUTX for the organization and support! For a list of the labels present, check the EVENT PAGE.

Red Red Eyes Release New Single and Video

The more time one spends with Red Red Eyes, the more you’ll find that their music is inescapable. It has this ethereal quality; it’s pop music that allows you to move beyond your immediate listening experience. Laura’s voice has this ghostly beauty to it, and the percussion is precise and light, never once detracting from the natural melody. In the cinematic version of the song, our protagonist seems to be on the search for something, milling about town from shop to shop; that feeling of search seems fitting, as I can’t help but let my mind wander in its own search while this song plays on loops in my ears. The group’s excellent Horology LP will be released on May 18th via the esteemed WIAIWYA.

Happy Release Day Marmalakes

Here at ATH, we like to follow the trends. Music sites like GFP and GvsB have their own labels, so we figured we’d do it too! Today we get to celebrate with you the very excellent Please Don’t Stop LP from Austin band Marmalakes. They’re currently out on the road, working hard, winning over the Americas. Here in Austin, they’re the KUTX Artist of the Month, which says a lot about how much everyone loves this LP. It’s early in the day, so sit back in your desk and rock this LP all day long! Oh, and if you’re so inclined, grab it HERE.

Michael Rault Drops A New Tune

There’s something in the way Michael Rault is presenting himself during this album cycle; the song’s somehow seem so friendly, somehow connecting with me as if Rault and I were old chums. On this song, there’s a ballad, with hints of a stomp, but the string work really adds that extra something; it’s weird but it takes you from a potluck dinner with friends to a high class soiree where you’re being serenaded by some great undiscovered talent. The accompanying video has a storyline on its own, so enjoy while the song runs in the background. Look for Michael’s new record, A New Day Tonight, which drops next Friday via Wick/Daptone.

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